Fa la la la la, la la la la.

I did a little decorating for Christmas on Monday...

My Christmas wreath.
{Handmade by Clodhopper '03.}

We have a bowl of festive sparkles & cinnamon pinecones on the table.
{Chloe is all up in it's grill.}

I made three matching stockings the first year I was married.
{Mr. Miyagi used the third til Chloe was born.}

And one of my favorite things about the season:
WRAPPING packages!
Can't wait!!

{Happy Christmastime}


simp nov

today i worked on simplicity.

and chloe barfed on my mom & at my mom's three times.


um, here's this month's pages.

{the christmas one is secretly my favorite, because i'm SO excited for the season, and because i'm basically in love w/ that picture of bow,
taken by this talented friend.}

i'll see some of you cute girls tomorrow!

{happy tuesday}


so i lied

sometimes when i say i'm gonna take millions of pictures, i just mean that i'll forget to because i'm having so much fun.

hence me only having a {small-ish handful} of happy snaps to share from my turkey day extravaganza.

but that's okay, because they are all pretty tender.

i had an {extremely enjoyable} weekend filled with fun family, lotsa calories, and backing out of the turkey trot due to myron's entire bod being totally jacked since his accident. {single tear} but! we had a fabulous tasting breakfast at the dunn's instead!
{thanks debra!}

and then the next day:

eric came home from outer mongolia!

and he looks exactly the same, only even better.

it's SO good to have him chillin' in az/the same continent.

chloe loves him.
{i knew she would.}

thanksgiving dinner was extra special this year...
feasting+my's b-day+eric's arrival=par-tay!

hi gramps.
{you're a rockstar.}

and isn't this your favorite picture of ryan ever?!

visitors came from utah. we had cute houseguests that slept on our two twin beds in the black hole.

{it was delightful.}

{i told you we'd bust out a puzzle.}

*back to real life, yos.*

{happy 99.9 listening, setting up your tree, stringing christmas lights, wrapping & shopping, baking, and maybe stressing.}

and preparing simplicity if you're me...


A week of Gratitude!

I have a crazy/busy, super-fun week planned...
so I've decided not to blog for 7*ish days.

I shall return next week w/ millions of pictures, & plenty of blog material from our holiday festivities that = Eric's arrival home, turkey-trot endeavors & massive food consumption slash inevitable weight gain.

[Be safe, eat lots, watch football, and give thanks.]

I am so {extremely} grateful for all the Lord has blessed me with.

I acknowledge His hand in all that I have.

This Thanksgiving, I am am most grateful for:

1. My boyfriend/eternal companion Myron.

2. Our sweetest Chloe Mae.

3. My goodly parents.
{Mark G. & Clodhopper}

4. Garry, Heidi, and their amazing 2-soon to be 3! boys.

5. David, Rachel, Devy-n-Eve.

6. Elder Dix.

7. Ry-Guy.

8. Hollar {Holly}.

9. Awesome in-laws/my adoptive family.

10. Sweet Audrey.

11. Beautiful Bridget.

12. Rockin' relatives.

13. The best two sets of Grandparents.

14. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

15. The blessings of the Atonement in my life.

16. My knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.

17. A free land.

18. Technology.
{I love technology...}

19. Education & total opportunity.

20. Yummy food & a sorta full fridge.

21. A cozy abode.

22. A tenant in our rental who believes in paying rent on time.

23. Transportation.
{Not to be confused with freeways.}

24. All things cute.

25. The simple pleasures in life.

26. Clean clothes.

27. Cheap Entertainment.

28. Old friends.

29. New friends.

30. Work friends.

31. Blog friends.

32. Time.

33. Miracles.

34. Hilarious people.

35. Modern Medicine.

36. Comedic genius-ness.

37. Caffeine-n-bubbles.

38. Tradition.

39. Marthastewart.com.

40. My fabulous occupation.

41. Soft music, Loud music, Rap music, Mo-tab music.

42. The sunshine.

43. Color.

44. Inspirational & motivating influences.

45. Babies.

46. Green arrows.

47. Naptime.

48. Awake time.

49. Health & Strength.

50. New discoveries.

51. A living prophet.

52. Wholesome recreation.

53. A comfy bed.

54. Merle Norman.

55. Smiles when I need them.

56. Hugs when I want them.

57. Imagination.

58. This lil guy:

59. And these fun friends:

60. A beautiful world.

61. My camera.

62. Dance parties.

63. The scrips.

64. My testimony.

65. The blessings of tithing.

66. Pretty flowers.

67. Happy thoughts and memories.

68. Good times.

69. Rough times.

70. Burt's Bees.

71. Pinesol, lemon scent.

72. Happy afternoons.

73. Family time.

74. Motherhood.

75. Nate from the format.

76. Words of wisdom.

77. Edward.

78. Missionaries.

79. Learning expiriences.

80. The temple.

81. Creating, crafting, and memory keeping.

82. The brave men & woman who fight for my freedom.

83. Binkies.

84. Disposable diapers.

85. Companionship.

86. That I am warm.

87. That I am me.

88. For choices.

89. For Target.

90. For perspective.

91. For work.

92. For the holiday season.

93. A happy childhood.

94. The Priesthood.

95. Sweet things.

96. New beginnings.

97. Energy.

98. Love in my family.

99. Safety.

And you!
Thanks for being my friends.
{Happy Turkey Day!}

{Love, Angieinpink}