i {heart} general conference

so basically, i totally forgot that it was the women's session of general conference tonight.
until my mom so kindly reminded me.

i opted to stay home & watch it via BYU channel so i didn't hafta put on a dress or leave the comfort of my humble abode. or put make-up on. or smile. {lol} or iron anything. or bring the chlo.
{myron's workin'}

i totally love-love-love general conference & have been craving it lately. it always inspires me in all things.
and i have been needing some inspiration lately with all the craziness of life.

so, it's been 2 months-ish since this post. remember?...the infamous, "i'm unhealthily disorganized/kill me if i eat another totinos pizza/my love handles are plotting to take over my body" post?? since that venting session o' blog, and settage of goals, i have made excellent progess. since then i have learned what a difference a plan can make. my chore charts make me happy. vacuumed carpets and an occasional domestic dinner for my husband-n- babe really makes me feel pretty cool.

but i still struggle w/ my constant life nemisis: time management.
i am often overwhelmed by responsibilities & obligations, while tryin' my darndest to be the best mom & wife i can be.
thus me, calling upon the heavens above a-freakin'-lot lately, in my plight to be a more ontop of it/less flakey individual.

that being said, my mom's reminder call this evening was much needed & greatly appricated. i knew the meeting would uplift & inspire me in my efforts o' life.

per usual, the messages were rockin'. they reminded me of my purpose & priorites. they reminded me all of all things i know in my lil angie heart to be real & true:

after the session & two loads of laundry, i had this overwelming/highly out of no-where thought, "hmmm...i should file."
while filing, i came accoss my "church handouts" folder.
therein i found this awesome quote,

"when we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. our love of the Lord will govern the claims for our affection, the demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities. we should put God ahead of everyone else in our lives."
-ezra taft benson

moral of the story: tender mercies of the Lord are seriously the bomb.

{happy saturday night & sabbath morn, yos}


hot off the press

the kit-guts are to tammy to be assembled in a flash.
the girl is within her cute crib catchin' some zzz's.

please stand by while i get off my computer chair to do a quick celebratory jig.


ok, i'm back.

here's my ultra simple {hence the name} simplicity pages for the month o' this fine september:

i'll be back to talk about many other
non-ish interesting things about my life that aren't work related, like...tomorrow or something.

happy tuesday
HAPPY PREMIERE WEEK for all my fellow television gurus!!


manic monday

to do today:

design simplicity pages

make bazzill order

type simplicity directions

sketch double spread page suggestions

print pictures for layouts

pick up bazzill order

pull product at the store

make color copies

make copies of directions

die cut my life away

cut ribbon while watching prison break
{check, minus watching prison break. i have michael & linc recorded for later}

print titles

get everything ready for tammy to assemble kits

say hi to myron

maybe make cheese chicken for him
{apparently he's not hungry 'cause he had a cheese crisp...}

play with bow, bathe her, feed her, read to her, be a mom, etc. {check}

be in bed by midnight, no later
{i was done @ 1:32, but of course, i waited until 1:45 to go to bed. even steven.}


happy monday.


boring post, cute kids

exhibit a:
my happy child

exhibit b:
my happy child with her freckled twin

cute kids.

{happy friday}


relaxing is not my forte

today i realized i'm kinda like the creepy man in the julia roberts film, "sleeping with the enemy."
because THIS really really bugs me:

and then i made a list in my head of all the things i'm just as freakishly obsessed about.

here's just a sampling of things i thought of
aka, reasons why i'm slightly neurotic:

1. unless i am listening to very loud distracting music, i count my steps while running on the treadmill

2. it is physically impossible for me to put chloe's toys away
w/out assembling every stacking toy, puzzle of any kind, or anything w/ parts, FIRST. {a trait i learned from my mother}

3. i absolutely, unequivocally
can not start a diet, goal, or new life plan of any kind, unless it is a monday, the first day of the month, or new years day, or like an even number of days until something {like, my birthday}

4. i dust the top of the dryer &
clean the inside parts of my washer with every third load {danny tanner anyone?}

5. when commenting on blogs, i have to
start @ the top of my list & open each blog, even if i know i've already commented, or i know there isn't an updated post

6. i have
severe anxiety about losing pieces to chloe's cute quiet book @ church

7. every night before going to bed, i check the iron, straight iron, locks, and oven, and stove-otherwise, i
lay awake thinking about it.

8. i can not get out of bed or stop doing something if i know it's not an even time.
for example: if i wake up, and it's 6:54, I will either lay in bed for one minute. or six minutes. usually six. {or thirty-six.}

9. i check my alarm clock
{if i have to set it} 10 times, right in a row to make sure i set it right.

10. when making a deposit @ the bank, i will only deposit enough for me to have a very, even,
clean number in my account. even if it means I get 99 cents back.

and i wonder why i'm so high strung?!

happy thursday.


does my heart good

um, hon,

just in case you were wondering,


is why

i married you.

myron & chloe dance prolly once a day at least.

usually to "beautiful girls" by sean kingston. or "rehab" by amy whinehouse. {don't judge} or "1234" by feist. or "the pretender" by foo fighters. or if it's a slow dance, "samson" by regina spektor. {whatever they're feelin' that day.}

and i find nothing more attractive.

that's all.
{happy tuesday}


beckoning fall

us dunns are pretending it's fall.

even though arizona is totally in denial about it.

{happy monday}


vicious cycle.

friday evening @ our casa equals:

myron working hard for our fam @ insurance appointments.

and me watching what not to wear, as many episodes that are on.

and then the show will remind me how frumpy-esque my post-chloe-birth wardrobe is.

which inspires me to go shopping to remedy my fashion hopelessness.

and then, i come home with this:
{all on h-core clearance}

{and dairy queen usually}

and then i depressingly think in my most sarcastic mind-voice ever, "ya, these adorable shoes'll look fabulous with those classy grey sweats paired with that bleach-stained hawaii shirt in my closet."

and then myron comes home.

and he lovingly asks me what i made for dinner.

and i say, "um, sorta nothing, but i got some cheap-n-cute shoes...see!"

and then we order out.

and i am happy & overly content.
with a cute man, adorable sleeping girl & chilis take out.
in yoga pants & an oversized hurley shirt & a usually pink, sometimes red bandana.

i'm sorry clinton & stacy.
i'll do better next week.

{happy friday}


be excited folks...

i bring you:

so, this is my cute friend michelle.
and the rockin' book she has created.
and some layouts of mine are featured there in.

and SOON it'll be available for pre-order on papertherapy.com!!
{i'll keep you posted}

it's a good day.
{even though i'm still sick}

happy-don't forget to email eric & take out the trash-thursday!
but PS...we forgot to take out the trash.


i have a feva & the only prescription is...more cowbell.


i'm ninety-eight-point-three percent positive that i have the flu. and i'm kinda annoyed

could have guessed it was coming after my 7 days of no sleep/living off pepsi diet.

this is what my vantage point will be for the remainder of the day, until i get bored.
or until teletubbies comes on.
{which ever comes first}

so, i'll just be chillin' here w/ my girl & the ayginator...
oh! and our visitor sassy.

{my in-laws dog/k9-daughter, is bunking w/ us for a few days.}

and i'm learning that i really could become a dog person if my pet was this well behaved & this non-psycho-hyper.

just an observation, that's all.

{happy-ish wednesday}


morning musings

it's naptime.
and chloe's in denial about it.

this morning we attempted a morning of errands o' plenty.
attempted being the key word.}

we busted out my old cds for the trip
"into town."
between here & mesa, there are millions of stoplights aka
opportunities to be out-of-control a.d.d about switching from cd to cd.
we rocked to a randomly-delightful array of
musical snacks that i've decided need to be on my ipod sometime w/in the next 24 hours.

*that thing, lauryn hill {doo-wop}
*that summer {love me some garth}
*all things the cure {acoustic style}
*promise ring {say goodbye good}
*destiny's child {jumpin' jumpin'}
*dashboard confesh {number three over & over}
*collective soul {"sister don't cry, sista don't cry no more, sis-ta-don't-cry-anymore"}
*deanna carter {we danced anyway...}

...and i sang louder than the stereo, probably 90% of the way.
isn't chloe lucky?
i probably should be a good mom & bust out the wee sing silly songs one of these days.
and then my one year old probably wouldn't know the introduction to "drop it like it's hot."
which would probably be a good thing.
{but, too late.}

we made our way to sb-etc. to grab supplies for tonight's beloved relief society scrapbook night that i'm in chig-it-ity charge of...

and that's when specsh decided on our first errand that she wanted to be tired & mildly cranky.
which was enough for me to bag my carwash/drycleaner/oil change plans & go to einsteins to get daddy some breakfast.

so we did just that: got dad his fave shmear.
{and yes, chloe wears this outfit often}

and we took a lil visit to his office, where he was babysitting telemarketers & doing his other office duties before his insurance appointments today.

and then chloe pretended to be him...

and wanted to take a nap in the conference room.

and did a puz while dad ate his bagel {in one bite} apparently.

and then we went home.
because she started screaming.
because she was tired.
and now she won't nap.
isn't it ironic?
don't ya think?
a little tooooooo ironic.
yes, i really do think.
it's like raaaaiiiiiiiinnnnn....


in other news:
i can't find my keys.

yes, folks: i'm livin' off the spare.
i'm offering 8 doll-hairs to whoever finds them for me.
{oh, and i've already checked the freezer, the trunk, the front door, the pantry, and the garbage, so don't bother looking in any of those common spots.}

also: who knew that real simple has a family version?
not me.
until now.
and upon discovery, i squealed w/ delight.
{by myself, in walmart, at 1am.}

um, my muscles hurt.
{myron & i are on a qwest for perfect abs.}
and yesterday, the beginner boot camp did me in!
myron's not even sore.

i have a new plant called a pink polka dot plant.
and it is growing like crazy.

so...come to this okay?
it is a bake sale honoring my baby-bffl ashlee adams.
who just got out of the hospital post-surg!!
for more info & ways you can help, click:

purple towels & wash cloths were on clearance @ target last night.
i hit some up for the masta bath.

myron hung my curtain rods!
now if i just knew how to sew...

tonight for dinner, we are having something chicken-ish.
any ideas?

i think chloe's finally out.
time to get busy.

love to all!
{and happy tuesday!}


chloe's train of thought

{the following was an actual real life, non-staged event}

"who needs a book nook?" said chloe as she discovered the warm, secluded, comfort of the dryer.

"i'll just read here so my mom can't find me & will kinda freak out."

"and then when she does find me, she'll laugh her guts out & take five thousand pictures that all turn out pretty blurry."

{happy-back to regular blogging-monday!}

RGB font codes,

for the cute girls that took the happiest class on earth:

here they are friends!

blue: {r43g183b180}
orange: {r255g115b45}
green: {r115g157b77}
red: {r165g0b33}

thanks for coming!
happy completed disney album!

love, angie


playhouse disney

i didn't post the disney-ness yesterday because i was busy livin' it up old school style @ my former place o' full time employment: good ol' scrapbooks-e-t-c! creative escape is this weekend, and it was major busy, so they asked me to hit up a front register for a while! it was kinda fun chillin' w/ my pre-chloe-birth daily adult peeps. and cutting ribbon for people. and experiencing the joys/friendships of customer service. and working the middle reg, just like old times. i certainly love that place. i have been a very blessed girl to have worked @ such a rockin' job my entire working carrer. {minus my mid-life crisis when i quit to work @ the bank for 2 months. oh, and "the other job that shall not be named", for three days.} 11-5 was a joy yesterday.

but i missed the girl.
i really like my current full time job which = motherhood.
money shmuney.

anywhoo...back to disney.
here's the pages galore.
and ps:
i think i only see in five colors now:
raven black, lakeshore blue, maraschino red, hopi orange, & leapfrog green.

oh, and it comes with a cute black mickey album.
& refreshments.

sorry these pictures struggle.
i don't have time to be OCD about it, unfortunately.

do you think i can pull product, cut ribbon & paper, & kit 25 of these babies by tomorrow @ 10:30?

watch me!

{happy thursday}
may i sleep vicariously through you.