elder dix

tuesdays mean emails to the fam from ryan/elder dixon.

i very much look forward to this...and often call my mom at least once to find out if it's come yet.

his letters always make me:
a. miss him h-core.
b. realize, yet again, how deeply thankful i am for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
c. appreciate {even more} the importance of missionary work & what he is doing.

i wanna share a brief excerpt from ryan's email a couple weeks ago. president uchtdorf's message that he paraphrased in his letter has been in the forefront of my brain for days.


"a week ago today, elder uchtdorf came and talked to us.... he gave a CHOICE message. he is prophet, seer and revelator. the things that effected me the most were the words he said about prayer and sacrifice.. ill paraphraze-ish... he said something like this (or maybe this is just more of what i heard), 'before you go to bed @ night, give a report to the Lord of what service you gave that day. put the sacrifices of the day on the alter, and ask the Lord to accept your sacrifice. ask for forgiveness for what shortcomings you had. i promise that you will feel the love of the Lord as you sincerely seek forgiveness and repent with real intent. then, after you have offered your sacrifices before the Lord and asked him to be accepting of them and felt the love of the Lord, forget about those short comings. forget them. let your sleep be restful and rejuvinating. then wake up, and do your best the next day.' "


as i have {tried} to put this advice into action, my angie-soul has had more peace & my days have felt more fulfilled & happy. i am so grateful for the atonement of jesus christ in my life which allows us all to try a little harder & be a little better, every single day.

thank you little bro: not only for the service you are preparing to render to fun croatian peeps...
but also for the service you render to me every tuesday via gmail.com.

{happy middle o' the week!}


class today!

these = my simple-n-easy layouts for page kit paradise: september edition!

fyi for the peeps in class: first three are the included ones, second three are the extras.

the end.
{have a happy tuesday!}


green polka dot page kits

my cute friends kelli & amy {the polka dot chicks} are @ something awesome again! they are startin' a little kit biz on their blog,
so i thought i'd pass on the fun to y'all!

here's an example of one of the to-die-for layouts:

GREEN POLKA DOT page kits designed to {REduce, REuse, & REcycle}! kel & ames are using stuff up that they already own, combining it with fun new stuff and creating layouts for easy scrappin! double spread layouts are only $9 and singles are $7. all punching, stamping, die cutting and print work is done for quick assembly!!

go to their blog for more details!

be a {green} scrapper &

{and have a happy monday!}



my thoughtful mother-in-law gifted us these cutest pots filled with happy greenery/pink blossoms a few months ago.

we have definitely enjoyed them on our front porch.

and tried with all our might to keep them alive & kickin'.
{we promise.}

the highlight of chloe's day was feedin' them with her hello kitty watering can.

guess the summer heat just got the best of 'em!

sorry deb!
we didn't mean to be killers.

come late october-ish we shall recycle & plant something in their place.

rest in peace dunn foliage.

{and happy thursday.}


part me

i realize that chloe is myron's twin.
{which i love.}

but everyday i recognize a lot of myself in her.

her love of sleeping 12+ hours a night.
her passion.
her insane sweet tooth.
her crush on her dad.
her love/hate relationship with mr. miyagi.
her desire to be dressed up girly, but ability to chill all-natural too.
her little girl imagination & talent of playing pretend.
her perfectionist traits.
her obsession with wiping things down with windex.
her love of singing & music.
her neon-ivory skin.
& so much more.

so i'd say:
she's part me, & part her dad,
but definitely part herself too.

and that part is what teaches me how to be a better me,
every. single. day.

i love you chlo'.

{happy wednesday.}



woke up to bowie enthusiastically shouting "good morning!"

dialed my man to wish him a nighty-night. {he's workin' graveyard this week.}

sported my livestrong bracelet & prayed for this cute family, all day long.

took a stroll to the post office & enjoyed the happy-ish weather.

sent off many-a package to out of town customers! {thank you friends!}

killed five thousand annoying crickets. {time to call the bug man, i reckon.}

danced to the "shoe-whap-shee-doo" part on tarzan like 7 mil times with chloe.

emailed for a time: still catching up.

mopped the floor.

took a three hour nap. {never gets old.}

texted m-diz & professed my love.

had a prison break pizza party with my bff brother eric.
{an excellent ending to a relaxing afternoon!}

{sleep tight!}


sunday favorites

sunday shoes

i’d like to publicly thank my 10 dollar ross clearance footwear today: for making me feel somewhat like a girl despite my unfortunate barely-second-trimester frumpiness. they are very squeaky/sound like they need a healthy dose of some wd-40, but today these pointy flats tried to make me happy & i greatly appreciated them for it.

sunday entertainment

this morn was our primary program. the kiddos rocked it & sang their adorable little hearts out. note to self: sunbeams and microphones are ALWAYS an excellent idea. [does my heart good.] all of it just made me weep a small handful of grateful tears that i get to chill with those spiritual giants every week for a full 2 hours!

sunday naps

oh sweet bed, and dear child who still takes blessed 3 hour naps! i thought i’d have severe issues with 8 o’clock church because i’m very anti-alarm-clock…but crack-of-dawn churchy really is heaven in disguise! just get up, learn, {barf 3 times if it’s september 14th} sing, worship, and then sleep all stinkin’ afternoon. bliss.

sunday dinner

oftentimes sunday din-din is the only time my patient fam gets a real homecooked/eatible meal. [bless their hearts.] and since deb & clodhopper are the best cooks around…our tummies are n’er disappointed. i’m already dreaming about what we are having tonight. what’s going to happen if/when we maybe/someday move away?

sunday left-overs

this is referring to the applebees fettuccini alfredo that was re-heated for lunch today, ala mark dixon’s wallet last night. a special thanks to my cute parents who keep me entertained & well-fed on the weekends i am a single mom. i love you.

sunday fam

sunday equals chillin’ with our fabulous kinfolk. celebrating birthdays. [devy’s tonight!] visiting everyone’s houses. playing in the dixon playroom. dancing with grandma dunn. raiding grandpa’s candy dish! and being grateful we have so many fun peeps close by!

sunday milestones

every sunday that myron is away, there is always a celebratory phone conversation that marks his half-way point to coming home to us! this is a very exciting call and often involves a loud scream or happy yell of some sort! it’s always a good feeling to be on the down-hill slope of the trip.

sunday simplicity

anyday that work is optional is a great day for me! i love having a full 24 to collect my thoughts, ignore my papercutter sans guilt, thank the Lord, renew my baptismal covenants, find some sanity, learn about Jesus, for-sure shave my legs, perhaps paint my toenails, sing hymns, count my blessings, watch sports with myron {woops!} and make some time to just be still.

i love the sabbath!

{hope you had a happy one!}


i've got sunshine on a cloudy day.

things that brought me joy today:

*a happy-n-spontaneous invite to go birthday shopping with granny! so refreshing & enjoyable.
{got a buncha cute new maternity things too...}

*scrumptious gingerbread at souper-salad.
{i might have had two large-ish pieces!}

*coming home to a voicemail from our favorite miner/dad...with songs included: ya, he sings to chloe...tonight it was twinkle, twinkle. sometimes it's old macdonald.
{to which she first sings along, then says "nite dad, love you, and proceeds to kiss the message machine.}

*a dvr full of comedy night done right re-runs.

*chatting on the phone with debra

*a convo with my texas soul sister & confidant, kaytie.

*telling chlo' it's time to go to bed & having her drop to the ground, play dead & fake snore. [hilar.]

*a small whispering of the spirit whilst doing some laundry a few minutes ago that said, "ya know ang: sometimes life is a little unpredictable. but heavenly father knows what's up. hang in there."

{happy weekend!}


7 days on, 7 days off

every other week a giant chunk of my heart travels to morenci, arizona.

it carpools with a nice boy named julio.
it wears a hard hat.
and eats super gross cafeteria food.
and bunks in a small 8x8 room.
and drives a large truck that hauls dirt 13 hours a day.
and calls home every night.

and then, every other week that same giant chunk of my heart travels home to gilbert.

and it sleeps in til 9am with me.
and makes me yummy meals.
and plays, and works, and visits.
and does it's own laundry.
and watches all it's saved dvr'd goodness.
and runs my errands with me.

and makes me really, really happy.


my last couple classes!

the above six are my page kit paradise layouts.

[i have a {few extra} of these kits, so email me if you are interested in takin' them off my hands.]

*4 bucks a pop.


babylicious boy-ish kits:

{no extras of these dawgs.}

babylicious girlie kits:
{no extras of these dawgs, either.}

{happy tuesday!}


ceasing-ish to be idol.

dear massively full laundry baskets, extra long work to-do lists, random side scrapbooking projects, overgrown eyebrows, empty fridge, shamefully-dusty scriptures, packed g-mail inbox, birthday thank-yous that have yet to be all finished/mailed, angieinshape blog, bathrooms that desperately need to be scrubbed, and mail that hasn’t been checked in a week,

i hereby vow to stop ignoring you.

{confession: pregnancy related nausea is making me & my sweet side-kick supa lazy.}

but: we are tired of watching CNN & a bug’s life alongside our respective barf/popcorn bowls, in our pajamas all day.

SO here’s to a [happy] and PRODUCTIVE september...
{1.5 days late}

all my love,