mom, are you so proud of me?

ever since i drafted my "28 things" list, i've been itching to get started on one of the tough ones.

turns out, the new "sophie" line of moda fabric was all i needed as motivation.
it was extremely hard to choose a print...they are all amazing.
those tiny-baby houndstooths in every color completely slay me: SO CUTE!

*if you didn't know, scrapbooks etc. not only has the best scrapbooking supplies,
but it's also fabric heaven. prettiest, yummiest fabric in town.

i did something i've never done.
i followed a pattern all by my little old self & made a fun new apron for work. :)

seems easy, but this kinda stuff tends to intimidate me.
so, i am kind of a nerd, and proud of myself for finishing this project in a timely manner.

yay for trying new things....and only having to unpick twice! :)


happiness project, step two

step 1 of my happiness project has been, well, a happy experience.

i started by making a list of feelings, patterns & behaviors that i would like to let go of.

like, officially, permanently, let go of.

i then took that list & converted it into a collection of beliefs that i have subconsciously taught myself over the years.
i took some time to recognize them as un-truths that were damaging my spirit.
and then i proceeded to, 1 by 1, let go of those beliefs because they are no longer serving me.

it took prayer.
it took conscious thought & breathing.
it took revisiting the scriptures to find truth that zaps those lies away.
it took having courage to believe i could live a different way.

i have tried to let go several times before,
but one thing i was really reminded of over the passed few weeks, is that letting go will {absolutely} have to be a
daily thing for me. daily repentance, to me, means relinquishing control of my will & desires, to god, one day at a time...being grateful for all the blessings & tools that he has given me & asking for his help to find my way for another 24 hours.

it's not going to take over night, or a mere 3 weeks, for me to un-teach myself these thoughts/beliefs that i have engrained inside, and frankly, become addicted to.

but i know that as i keep letting go & moving forward, i will develop momentum.

i feel ready to move onto step 2.

step 2: be genuine

i have become very aware recently, that one of my biggest weaknesses is
finding fault in others, especially when i feel insecure in a situation.

even though i know that gossip & judgmental thoughts are destructive to my spirit, i find myself giving into these behaviors more & more & i don't like it about myself.

i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm not perfect & i sometimes give into temptation,
but i am ashamed to admit that sometimes i don't even try to withstand.

and you know what? it's really hard for me to feel proud of myself & what i stand for, when i'm contradicting what i claim to be, with my actions.

i am quite good at loving people fully, unless they threaten my position in some way.
and that is the ugly truth.

so, step two is be genuine.
be the same angie front and back, left and right.
be the same angie to everyone around me.
handle problems maturely.
honor my core belief that we are all on the same level....all children of god...nothing more, nothing less.
make this awesome advice, my guide & goal:
starting right this moment.

i expect this change in my life to be a very refreshing, freeing experience.
i can't think of anything happier, than feeling genuine & sincere love for everyone.


a list


1. make an apron for work
2. french braid chloe's hair for school one day

3. try 10 new recipes
4. make curtains for the kitchen
5. read leadership & self deception
6. take my neighbors a treat
7. implement a daily skin regimen
8. visit disneyland with my family
9. learn 5 favorite hymns
10. clean out the craftroom
11. bake bread for the fam
12. do a family service project
13. keep christmas a simple, stress-free, and happy experience
14. start documenting our photos/history in a simple fashion
15. write a lovenote to someone
16. give the playroom a makeover
17. plant a small garden
18. visit the zoo with the girls
19. take a family picture
20. re-read the book of mormon
21. plan an anniversary weekend away with myron
22. create an exercise program that i enjoy
23. be halfway to my goal weight by may 17th, 2012
24. volunteer at chloe's school at least 5 times
25. clear out the garage
26. hold a simple & sweet fhe every week
27. finish my soul restoration book
28. host at least 1 party at our home



do yourself a favor:
hit play & kick back/relax & enjoy [this] for the next 4 minutes & 17 seconds.


pearl of wisdom

um, heyyy,
i'm still {technically} avoiding the internet at all costs.

but, per usual, i make my own rules...
& this mama is taking a {little break from my break}
to share the tender-est thing my 5 year old told me today.

[mostly because i don't want to forget it. ever.]

we were chillin' on the couch having an ordinary, normal moment
& chloe, randomly, out of nowhere, gave me the sweetest tight squeeze & said,

"mom, if you ever lose something,
don't worry. just look in your heart.
it was there all along."

for all i know, she probably heard that off a carebears episode {whilst i was being mother of the year & letting the television babysit her.}

but i will tell you, that her comment was incredibly timely, and much needed.

in the moments when i feel {a bit} like all is lost,

i'll remember that all i need, i have already.

my babies are my best teachers. ♥



as much as i {love} to dink around on the internet/facebook, blogger & pinterest,
i seriously need to
FOCUS this upcoming week on some exciting stuff.

i have
2 new classes coming up on the {brand new} scrapbooks-etc. calendar!
my new classes are called celebrations & baby's first year!

here's the 411 on what they'll be like:

baby's first year starts on september 9th {10:30am-12:30pm} & is a 4 part class.
each class we will do 3 layouts representing months of the baby's first year.
each month is $22.
you get to choose boy or girl layouts.
if you sign up for all 4 months, you will get a smokin' discount on a coordinating album.
if you can't make it to class, you can opt to pick up the kit & i'll just hold it for ya! ♥

celebrations is a monthly class.
first class is september 29th 6-8pm.
we will be doing festive pages representative of the theme associated with that month.
september: back to school/school picture/class photo pages.
october: halloween pages
november: thanksgiving/gratitude pages
december: christmas pages
*and if you {attend} class, you get a free make & take card too!

i'm working on getting my samples finished [by september 1st]
so that lots of fun people will want to come scrap with me & my buddies!

so, i'm officially
unplugging until all of my goals are met & my projects are d-o-n-e. :)
*and i think, with the magic combo of dedication & all day kindergarten, i [just might] be able to do it!

in the meantime, feel free to peruse this darling website & drool over it's photography. pie in the sky recently shot some [amazing] back to school photos of little chloe. amanda is awesome!

i'll share more when i get back off my little internet hiatus.
have a happy week.


on being a mom

is it just me,
or is packing lunches so fun?
i love it.

laundry though?
not so much fun.

and liv, thinking it'd be cool to bury herself in a brand new roll of paper towels....
is a little bit of both. ♥


kinder update

chloe is LOVING school.
and, well, so am i.

don't get me wrong, there is {definitely} a bittersweet factor that plays into my first babe being in all day kindergarten.

but there's also an [amazing, i love this] factor....

she's having fun learning & socializing,
whilst i have time to do things like....mop the floor & shower before 3pm.

a couple of days ago, she fell at recess & got some strawberry/road-rash-action on her knees.

she's said, "mama, i didn't even cry. 'cause i just love school so much."

yay. :)


speaks to my soul

today i'm going to share a couple cute pictures of my babes
{because they make me happy}
& a couple awesome links
{that also make me happy}:

every night, i receive notes/"daily truths" from
the brave girls club in my inbox.
today's just resonated with me.
enjoy. ♥

and yesterday, my brother in law re-shared a link
to the following message on facebook.
it was exactly what i needed to be reminded of
at the exact time he posted it....inspired-style.

there have been lots of times when i have prayed similar things as to "hope ya know, i'm having a hard time"...but, i truly believe that christ heals [all] wounds and through faith in him, we can find safety and security.
click here. ♥


today's pictures + captions

after school snack!

i ♥ pinterest. peoples' creativity = my benefit!

baby waa-waa cantaloupe from the garden!

chloe's $.50 job for the day: sorting!

soon to be curtains!

fhe= health goals & 1 enthusiastic round of "jesus wants me for a sunbeam!"


step one

i finished this book.
and, well, it changed my life.

i'm starting to work on my own {happiness project} now.
and it's exciting!
and inspiring.

i'm going to keep most of it [personal],
{just as it should be}
but i'll share [little glimpses] of my documentation of the experience
as i move forward.

step one has to do with letting go.

letting go of past perceptions of myself & others.
letting go of hurt associated to circumstances i can't control.
letting go, forgiving & moving forward with love & faith.

i've committed myself to a year of growth & endless possibilities.
so. excited.


baby steps to the elevator

our little family ate out this summer {a little} more than i care to admit....
due to the fact that:
a. i'm lazy/busy
b. the dunns can be fed for approximately $5 @ taco bell & little ceasers

i'm gettin' back into the swing of things...
makin' simple dinners/lunches for the fam....
been couponing for the past few weeks...
saving lots of money....
and trying to stock my shelves up in preparation for the upcoming/inevitable financial crisis.

just kidding!
*but [really] serious. {not funny}

i'm not very good at this stuff.
meal planning.
or meal budgeting.
or being organized about food storage.

but i feel heavenly father blessing me/helping me as i {keep calm & carry on} with it all.

just doin' my best.


the baby

liv is loving her only-child lifestyle during the day whilst chloe is busy learning at school. :)

she's a good little putterer when she has free reign of all the favorite toys in the household.

but she's always happy to see "coe-ee" when she gets home, too.

school is going to be a good thing for all three of us, i think.
makes our reunion @ 2:30pm so sweet....
love it.


girlfriend goes to kindergarten

it's hard to believe, but the day has come!

i am so excited for this girl.
it's hard to be emo when i know she is going to {LOVE} it!

sure tugs at the heartstrings to watch 'em grow wings though...
fly, baby, fly. ♥


cousin & niece {once removed?}

this argyle yarn-wreath my cousin katie made me pretty much
causes [death by happiness] every time i behold it's cuteness on my wall.

and it gets better: the colored felt blocks are interchangeable for the seasons!
i know! right? total genius.
love, love, loveitsomuch.

i also love my cousin katie. a lot.
and i'm expecting a little text from her any day now, saying that her firstborn has arrived!

i smile just thinking about it.
can't wait to wish the little girlfriend a happy birthday/welcome-to-earth-shoutout.
and tell her that she scored bigtime with kate bein' her mama.


a happy solution

this might make me kind of uncivilized.
and kind of not-normal. {as if i've ever been normal?}

but last week, i moved my girls' entire closet into the laundry room/craft room.
{hanging items included}

we have a small one-level house, so:
+ it's easy access for the kids to get their jammies/outfits/shoes
+ there is more room for toys in their closets [less clutter!]
+ i have so much less random laundry strewn about my abode....because they just put their dirty clothes in the basket for me to throw in the wash.

+not to mention, as i do laundry, i can just fold & put away on the spot.

we call it the {changing room}...

and i don't care if it's weird or seems lazy, because it works beautifully.

yay for happy solutions!

growed up

liv's been somewhat of a late talker, {just like her older sis was}...
but she's really starting to say stuff now! and make sense-ish!

and can i please tell you how adorable it is?
{beyond precious}

only trouble is,
day by day,
she becomes less of a baby & more of a little girl.

wish i knew how to slow down these days with my little toddler
sportin' nothin' but a crown & a diaper....it all goes too fast. ♥