step one

i finished this book.
and, well, it changed my life.

i'm starting to work on my own {happiness project} now.
and it's exciting!
and inspiring.

i'm going to keep most of it [personal],
{just as it should be}
but i'll share [little glimpses] of my documentation of the experience
as i move forward.

step one has to do with letting go.

letting go of past perceptions of myself & others.
letting go of hurt associated to circumstances i can't control.
letting go, forgiving & moving forward with love & faith.

i've committed myself to a year of growth & endless possibilities.
so. excited.


The Candlands said...

What...I need more info...I NEED to do this too! Let's talk!

The Wizzle said...

Well, that sounds just awesome! I'm so bummed now that I just started a huge big fat book a couple of days ago, because I would really love to read that one! Curses. I'll just have to read fast, won't it?

granny said...

So excited for you.

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

angie,you so inspire me! i want to do this too..keep my self moving forward ! :) p.s. LOVE your layout

KP said...

you're so awesome, angie!!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

YAY! i'm so glad you read it! i knew you would love it. isn't it just awesome?! good luck. and i think i'm going to use letting go as my first month's happiness project next year. that's one i really {REALLY} need to work on!

neeners said...

Good luck!! Happiness projects are a good thing. I want to read your project!!

Bev said...


Cadi said...

funny- I haven't checked/or posted to blogs much this summer. today I randomly checked yours and I posted about happiness myself. seems so simple but it isn't always in this confusing world. Good luck with your happiness project. their something to it.