today's pictures + captions

after school snack!

i ♥ pinterest. peoples' creativity = my benefit!

baby waa-waa cantaloupe from the garden!

chloe's $.50 job for the day: sorting!

soon to be curtains!

fhe= health goals & 1 enthusiastic round of "jesus wants me for a sunbeam!"


The Wizzle said...

Oh, that's a happy day! I'm dying to see your curtains!

Unknown said...

Cute. All of it!

granny said...

So how did that cute little cant taste? Love.

Bev said...

Another day in paradise at the Dunn home.....you rock!

Leslie said...

Ooh, me likey your to do list page. Did you make it up? I want one!

Emmy Z. said...

Your cantaloupe looks delicious! You're such a fun mom, Angie!