speaks to my soul

today i'm going to share a couple cute pictures of my babes
{because they make me happy}
& a couple awesome links
{that also make me happy}:

every night, i receive notes/"daily truths" from
the brave girls club in my inbox.
today's just resonated with me.
enjoy. ♥

and yesterday, my brother in law re-shared a link
to the following message on facebook.
it was exactly what i needed to be reminded of
at the exact time he posted it....inspired-style.

there have been lots of times when i have prayed similar things as to "hope ya know, i'm having a hard time"...but, i truly believe that christ heals [all] wounds and through faith in him, we can find safety and security.
click here. ♥


granny said...

Those are the cutest pictures! Loved that clip too...made me cry.

Jamie said...

I too am teary eyed. Thanks for always inspiring me to be better. You are awesome and I'm so glad we're friends!!!
PS - I ♥ when my girls are cute like that!