the girls & i enjoyed the sweetest FHE late this afternoon.
we had a delightful little picnic on the mesa temple grounds.

we packed up "special treats" that i {very rarely} buy
[lunchables & capri suns]....{+ baby carrots for good measure}
& chilled together on a blanket among the peaceful, beautiful green grass, daffodils & pansies.

we sang songs like this one,
this one, and this one.
{and yes: people probably thought we were crazy.}

we worked a homemade temple puzzle & talked about how families can be together forever.
the girls colored temple printables on clipboards for our hard-working daddy.
we went to the visitors center to see the christus & watched a short presentation about families.

i managed to snap this [semi-lame] picture before my camera battery died.
[story of my life.]
but it's okay, because i'm pretty sure my heart captured this sweet memory.

honestly, this fieldtrip was just what i needed.
my current angie-worries were calmed & my testimony was strengthened.

the temple brought that amazing perspective that it always, [always] does
& reminded me of what is most important in my life.

as we were leaving, chloe said, "i can feel jesus in my heart."

i could too. :)


never a dull moment

re: my last post,
[i just wanted to say]
thank you for such encouraging & thoughtful comments:
*whether on the blog, fb, in person, or via text.
means the world to me to have such a sweet support system in my life.


in other news, mr. miyagi is really hating life lately.
{see above picture}

i think chloe's trying to pay him back for this.


a goodbye to my inner drama queen

i've come to the conclusion that i take life way too seriously.
and people too literally.

and i'm learning that this tends to get in the way of me living the authentic, independent, self-sufficient, charitable, colorful, happy life i strive to live everyday.

i go in phases where i'm better at gracefully handling random situations
& then i ebb a little & fall apart.

here's to creating a new-found caliber of angie-lightheartedness.

*working harder to have the spirit, rather than my feelings, guide my choices.
*developing thicker skin against comments & opinions that pierce my sensitive soul.
*taking situations & people that i need to with a grain of salt.
*avoiding gossiping/venting-like the plague.
*facing my day with optimism & gratitude.
*solving problems with the lord & having faith that he can heal, help, and make right.
*seeking for opportunities to serve

a smart man [my dad] once said,
"life is an adventure to be enjoyed, not a problem to be solved."

when i leave this life, i want to say just that- i enjoyed it.
i had joy.

i feel joy daily,
but i want to immerse myself in it & not get hung up on random worries/fears.

i'm absolutely [done]
spending my time worried about who's going to judge me & why.
or who thinks i've gained too much weight.
or who thinks i'm a flake.
or whether i am ever going to be able to afford nice things.
or who got the blessing i feel like i "deserved."
or who has wronged me in the past.

*that is all self-serving worry, and i'm going [no where] with it.

i am who i am & more importantly I KNOW who i am.
i know i'm doing my very best with this stewardship god has gifted me.
i am celebrating my own individuality because that is what i was entrusted with.
i continually fall short, but i know that i have heavenly help.

life is really good.
and it's time to really, really believe it.


what helps you to REALLY enjoy life?

grapes had nothing to do with this post.

i just thought they were happy.


dance party

daddy cranked some sara bareilles via pandora.
the girlies sported their jammies + purple tutus that aunt heidi made them.
and it was dance party time.

it was highly entertaining.
i love love love my crazy kids.


talking about the weather

we enjoyed a very windy, extremely beautiful, overcast morning.

and then it pleasantly sprinkled & poured all the live-long afternoon.

the girls were dancin' in the rain & i heard chloe yell,
"thank you heavenly father!!!"

az winter for life.

you know you want him/SOLD!


guess what?
i have 3 fridges & i only need one!

i [think] i sold the little white one to a nice lady via craigslist.
but i have the above one for sale now too!

it's a bigger one this time.
[31in wide x 65in tall]

stainless steel
purchased new about 4 years ago.

a [little] bit of regular wear & tear,
but freshly cleaned & in awesome shape!

first come first serve status.
pick up asap. :)

email me: angieinpink@gmail.com if you're interested!
[or call/text if you have my digits]


my new favorite quote

i’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and i’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing i wanted to do. georgia o’keefe

*found it here


shameless{/full?} self-promotion time!

k, so,
i've posted these leftover kits from past randoms...
so check out my etsy shop if you feel so inclined!
$5 a pop. :)

i'm doing my regular & super-fun/ monthly workshop at scrapbooks etc.
[photo frenzy] on february 24th from 6-8 pm.
i'd [sososo] love to see anyone who can make it!
it's $23 & we do 3 double spreads.
sign up @ www.scrapbooks-etc.com or call 480-854-2303.
here's a sneak peek @ one of the layouts we'll be doing:

and lastly:

i'm gonna start taking on a little custom work too!
totally spread the word if you know anyone who is interested.
i charge $15/hour
+ the cost of product. [a layout takes about an hour.]
if you know anyone who is looking for simple, angie-style scrapbooking, have 'em drop me a line!


k, that's all.
thanks loves.


fridge 4 sale

wanna buy this fridge? about 2 years old....immaculate condition....pretty standard style but works great! [14.4 cu ft] $150/firm on price. pick up asap.
email me! angieinpink@gmail.com

ps: i'm on one of my clean sweep kicks [feeling claustrophobic] so i might be posting random garage sale type items for sale. ♥

pps: etsy update tomorrow! stay tuned!!


love is in the air ♥

i {love} celebrating love.

here's a peek @ our ♥-day festivities:

♥ baking day yesterday
♥ a no-kids cozy & sweet night @ home with my valentine
♥ some crafting
♥ being spoiled with gifts & goodies & outfits & babysitting from our families
♥ a special little lunch w/ ♥-shaped pizza
♥ traditional dollar-spot surprises in their mailboxes
♥ preschool valentine's party, sugar, sugar, and sugar
♥ and lots & lots of smiles, hugs & love

what i want to give my family & friends [you!] this year for valentine's day
is my commitment to be better & try harder.

i love my dear ones so much...especially my little troop of 4 & mine/myron's families.

i really want to develop a purer love...days filled with service, frank forgiveness, and seeking the very best in everyone.

i feel extremely humbled/blessed that we have such giving, generous family & friends...and my greatest desire is to {somehow} return the favor & become a more charitable wife, mommy, sister, daughter, ward family member, co-worker, visiting teacher & friend.

my goal/inspiration:

i [sincerely] love you all! ♥
happy valentine's day!