talking about the weather

we enjoyed a very windy, extremely beautiful, overcast morning.

and then it pleasantly sprinkled & poured all the live-long afternoon.

the girls were dancin' in the rain & i heard chloe yell,
"thank you heavenly father!!!"

az winter for life.


•stephanie• said...

i enjoyed this when i read it earlier on facebook.
i enjoyed it even more just now with darling photos.
your girls are adorable.

rachbechep said...

so cute!
the rain was quite refreshing today...haven't seen it for awhile!

Lindsee said...

Oh, how sweet. Don't you love those moments when your kiddos do something religious or good mannered and your motherly confidence goes up because you must be doing something right?!? I sure do.

Durfee Family said...

Cutest kids! Awesome Mom!

Cadi said...

Sweetest thing ever. Love it.

Bev said...

Those kids are growing up way to fast.....especially Liv! What happened to your baby?

Katelyn said...

oh! please let us come visit! we had another 4 inches dump on us today!