everyone should have a clodhopper handy

clodhopper {clod.hopp.er}
[claud-hop-er] –noun


1. rockin' wife to my amazing dad. {happy birthday pops!}
2. hip mom to heidi {garry}, david {rachel}, angie {myron}, eric, ryan, & holly.
3. awesome granny to zachary, tyler, gavin, devlin, eve, & chloe.
4. friend to everyone that breathes.
5. green thumb, seamstress, baby/bridal shower giver, project wizard, nurturer, voice of reason, spiritual rock, babysitter, YW president, piano teacher, blogger, parent volunteer, smartie passer-outer, senior cit, master of fairness, shopping partner, ironer, home decorator, pie maker, BFFL, etc.

also see: charity, self-less, sweet, really cute hair, waiting up for kids until 2 am, humble, genuine, thoughtful, supportive, and/or freaking hilarious.


and because i have a clodhopper in my life...

easter sunday {='ed}
TDF central.

in chlo's words: "i so tute."

thanks for having mad sewing skills
{we just love you.}

*happy april.


layouts slash blog break

here are my simplicity layouts for today/march!

fyi: this last one is subject to change because i'm having printed paper issues....

in other news:
i've decided to take a break from blogging for a bit.

reasons being:

a. i'm bored with myself
b. i need to get away from this time sucking machine
{too much to do}

happy march
see ya in april!
*i'll miss ya...


Spring has Sprung

Arizona is basically perf right now.

The weather is fab.
The sky is clear.
And granny's flowers are blooming.

My cute friend Michelle's hens are a-layin' eggs.
If you are interested in purchasing some, hop on over to her bliggity-blog.
They're $1.50 per dozen...
and oh-so-cute in this little real-life nest!

I also went over to my mom's today & picked some of these large & in charge lemons to kick off my master cleanse efforts tomorrow! I did this cleanse two years ago & it made me feel like a million bucks...so I thought I'd hit it up again!

Wish me luck...
{on this happy green day!}


the blaze

we were informed via letter from the HOA yesterday, that it is no longer acceptable to park any of our vehicles on the street next to our house.

and since myron & i are {FIRM} believers in paying strict heed to the rules & regs o' the CC&R's, we have decided to bid farewell to the fifth member of our family, our third ride,
midnight blue.
{formerly known as old blue.}

which brings me to the next portion of this post:

TOP 20 reasons why YOU and/or your white trash uncle need/want to be the proud owner{s} of midnight blue:

20. baby blue sculptured carpet.
{need i say more?}

19. you get out of it smelling like a real man.
{aka BO/gasoline/dust}

18. it's ghetto-wired for a bumpin' system.

17. it runs like a champ.

16. you can park it in front of your mom's house for nine-point-three months and it totally {won't} get stolen.

15. all inclusive rear view window bling.

14. it's fantastic for assisting in moving endeavors, bed/furniture relocations, and dump-drop-off extravaganzas.

13. it's totally perf for boy-ish type retreats including but not limited to camping, shooting, and/or four wheeling.

12. it will make your country-loving husband so happy that even YOU will start loving it.
{sort of}

11. because it's a little rough around the edges, you totally won't feel guilty just spitting your sunflower seeds directly onto the floor.
{they'll vacuum.}

10. it would make a happy little fixer upper project for any boy-buddy combo or father/son duo.

9. wood workers special: classy emblems & paneling.

8. rockin' prime/paint job compliments of dunn/adams incorporated.
{15 cans of $1 walmart spray paint + two hilarious husbands}

7. your tv repair man will be really jealous of it.

6. it has a removable back bench and a removable top, making for a stellar drive-in movie experience.

5. it only leeks power steering fluid.

4. {and a tiny bit of oil.}

3. it always passes emissions with FLYING colors.
{totally serious...go green, yo.}

2. you will only pay $54.23-ish per month to insure it full coverage style.

& last, but certainly not least:

#1. "75% of the time, it works every time."

if you know any awesome person who'd like to take this lovely '77 k5 4WD Blaze
off our hands for the low price of
{one single g} obo...

please email my man @

{happy thursday!}


freestyle wednesday

i'm just gonna type
{anything & everything}
about my day/life
that comes into my brain:

♥we are all health-i-fied; the night quill is polished off.

ed @ superstition toyota programed us 2 new keys for our corolla.
pricetag: $230.46

♥sandboxes are obnoxiously messy, yet {very} worth it.

♥my freshly painted scrapbooking sanctuary is becoming more finished & ocd-ly organized by the minute.

♥brooke rocked AI last night.
and i pretty much love the guy with the dreads too.

♥i no longer have a crush on simon cowell.
{david archuleta has taken his place.}

♥is my nose really as big as it looks in this picture?
{don't answer that.}

♥myron's freckles make me happy.

♥i have reserved the better part of tomorrow to clean things, surfaces, and clothing.
{i have so much laundry, i have a *blasted* yellow pile.}

♥i'm kinda cravin' ted's hot dogs for dinner.
*sorry if that grosses you out.

♥speaking of hot dogs: chloe pretends she's a dog, on all fours.
and pants.
[it's freaking hysterical.]

♥i'm getting mo
re sleep lately.
[insert hallelujah chorus here.]

♥chlo' also randomly prays in her little language @ any given time.
{be prepared to bow your head!}

♥i have taylor swift/track #5 set on repeat in my car.

♥if you are looking to get inspired for spring, go here.

♥ our new-ish ps3 is busted. we're bitter & we miss rock band.

♥i found $11 dollars in my jeans today.
{gotta love that.}

♥tonight=homemade pedicures & family time.

{happy wednesday evening kids!}


daddy's great idea.

lime plastic baby pool: $8

3 bags of sand: $6

make-shift sandbox + chloe:

{happy spring!}


Babylicious was today!

Thanks to all the fun girls that could come!

Happy weekend!


this is a picture of me being bitter.

i tried oh-so very hard to avoid gettin' the sickies this season.

but, it's official:
we've caught
{the crud}.

scratchy throats, warm foreheads, water eyes, stuffy noses, ears that won't {freakin'} pop, two-year-old molars, and bad attitudes a-plenty are visiting the dunn res this week.


but never fear,
i just visited dr. angieinpink
& she prescribed

*lots of naps & sleeping in
*many-a warm bath w/ "the secret life of bees"
*cozy flannel blankets/comedy-night-done-
right ala mode
*obnoxiously generous doses o' the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, sleep better, to feel better medicine.

{happy not-so-healthy thursday!}

oh, and ps: say "my friend" lost {as in never to be found again} her one and only key to her car...what should she do if she needs to be able to drive her vehicle eventually...or like, say saturday?


seasons of ♥ is today & here are the layouts!

should be a party!

{happy tuesday}


married to the schedge

i have one aspiration for march.

and that is to acquire {a lot} more sleep than i did in february.

me & the dark circles under my eyes have decided that it's really important that i take a little better care of myself/have less late nights.

here's how i plan to do so:
{starting now}

*go to bed early, wake up early
{heaven help me, this is a first}

*plan my days ahead of time
{on my new cute calendar: target clearance rack, folks! i've already started calendering stuff in, and it makes me really happy.}

*stick to my chore charts
{remember those?}

*pretend i have a real-ish job & take the phone off the hook during naptime so i can get down to business, uninterrupted.
{no exceptions}

*do fun things & play like crazy with my girl/ignore everything else on a daily basis.
{easy for me}

*make my best attempt at being less dramatic (:
{hard for me}

lately, i have been feeling spread way too thin & so very, very blessed simultaneously.

i have too much on my plate, but there is very little i feel i can give up.

as i was ponderin' my need for some serious {r&r} yesterday, i was continually reminded of this rad scripture:

"come unto me all ye that labuor & are heavy laden & i will give you rest. take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for i am meek & lowly in ♥, and ye shall find rest unto your souls."

true that matthew 11, true that.

in conclusion, schedules rock, but happy little scripts that remind you what's up, rock even harder.

{happy monday}