married to the schedge

i have one aspiration for march.

and that is to acquire {a lot} more sleep than i did in february.

me & the dark circles under my eyes have decided that it's really important that i take a little better care of myself/have less late nights.

here's how i plan to do so:
{starting now}

*go to bed early, wake up early
{heaven help me, this is a first}

*plan my days ahead of time
{on my new cute calendar: target clearance rack, folks! i've already started calendering stuff in, and it makes me really happy.}

*stick to my chore charts
{remember those?}

*pretend i have a real-ish job & take the phone off the hook during naptime so i can get down to business, uninterrupted.
{no exceptions}

*do fun things & play like crazy with my girl/ignore everything else on a daily basis.
{easy for me}

*make my best attempt at being less dramatic (:
{hard for me}

lately, i have been feeling spread way too thin & so very, very blessed simultaneously.

i have too much on my plate, but there is very little i feel i can give up.

as i was ponderin' my need for some serious {r&r} yesterday, i was continually reminded of this rad scripture:

"come unto me all ye that labuor & are heavy laden & i will give you rest. take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for i am meek & lowly in ♥, and ye shall find rest unto your souls."

true that matthew 11, true that.

in conclusion, schedules rock, but happy little scripts that remind you what's up, rock even harder.

{happy monday}


Coree Adams said...

You know what rocks even harder? YOU Angie, Y-O-U! Hang in there sweet cheeks. You are amazing and doing such a good job helping to provide for your adorable little family. I envy your diligence and hard work. I appreciate your example of endurance and selflessness. But most of all...I MISS YOU and NEED to spend some time with my girl. I truly hope our plans for the zoo are realized this Saturday. Hugs and kisses!

Unknown said...

Hang in there girly and remember you need to take time for you and yours first and foremost. It is hard sometimes as our life is so fast moving.
See ya!

Unknown said...

You are hilarious! I love this post. We all need to recommit every now and then. I need to try this out myself. Since this extra bean has been in my body I have had a hard time getting much done around the house... I will work on that as well :)

Staci said...

You are amazing.

Your calendar is already SO FULL...but I didn't see any "Angie's naptime" notes on there. Maybe you should pencil a couple in:)

Don't overdo it! I'm always amazed when I get on your blog & see HOW MUCH you are doing!!!

Scheduling is always a huge help & going to bed early, getting up early...not my kind of thing, but I know it is good for you:)

katie said...

i totally agree about getting some more r&r! [paisley's been teething a bit the past two weeks. i don't mind much, except at 4 in the morning when she wants to get up and i've only just laid down an hour or so before. then she wants up at 6 and 8... she used to sleep for 8 hours straight, then get up, eat, get her diaper changed, and go back to sleep for another 3 hours. it was nice.]

good luck on keeping up with your schedule and chores and such. :)

katie said...

ps-i'm officially in love with your handwriting!

the end.

chris+amber said...

True dat! My children & I ♥ routines/schedules. It's the only way we survive! :o) My, my, Myron is da man...I can't wait to see the finished product of your room formerly known as the black hole. :o)

The Candlands said...

Once again I am reminded how much we are alike...in the most ironic ways. After a great fast Sunday and awesome relationship inventory with my husband, I made a massive calendar of things I "want" to accomplish each day, and things that "need" to get done each day. I have made a schedule/routine that I'm totally diggin'! Plus, we're going back to Utah this weekend so things will be changing anyways. I too have felt like I'm stretched too thin and I'm not accomplishing things I should and putting off the more important things - which keep me up half the night analyzing. So here's to a new week, and our rad new calendars!

•stephanie• said...

you are one amazing chick & i love that you have ♥s in your scriptures!

granny said...

Go you. May your sleep dreams come true.

amy mo said...

I LOVE schedges. Lists make me happier than they should. My phone calender was workin out nicely for awhile but it's been on the fritz lately, resulting in lots of unproductivity. I'm pretty sure a brightly colored planner would get my back on track...so I'm basically out the door to Target as I type this. I wish the pens came with!

Unknown said...

i can learn from this post a little bit! sleep & i don´t know each other very well. thanks for the uplifting scrip & thoughts! you also rock angie!!!

The Roberts Family said...

sis i love you! im going to keep trying to be like you! i know you have so much going on and you just can always keep up! let Myron help you... he is good at that!

Sassy said...

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man ooops! woman healthy, wealthy and wise...

I love how you comment about the scriptures "True That"...
I'm going to say AAAAAAMEN!!!

If you don't put your self first who is?
You're just the best inspiration for me... HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU AS WELL!!!!

Kaelene said...

Angie -- you rock, too! You have such an amazing way of reminding us all about the simple, yet VERY important things in life! Make time for you!
♥ ya!

Tanya Leigh said...

Sooper dooper! I am also battling with my night-owl self and trying to stick to a nice, organization, sanity-checker-thingy (planner;). May the force be with you!

Lisa said...

I've been wanting to get a cute and fun calendar to plan my week out. You've inspired me. Sometimes I feel my day is one long tangent. I need a plan so I can be sane. Thanks for the nudge.

Missy said...

That scripture was a fave of mine during my Newspaper Carrier years...it got me through some sleeping/tough times. I really think we are on the same wave-length...chore charts/scheduling. Except you stay up late being productive and working and I...let me think...do NOTHING (so lazy over here). I have to say...you are a great motivator. I admire all your great skills...and they are many! I hope you get some R & R very soon.

The*Evans*Family said...

Love the calendar! I'm inspried to go purchase one for myself.

I always tell people...If you call and my phone is busy I am purposefully ignoring you. Don't be offended. I love ya and I'll put the phone back on the hook when my work is done. It works well. Uninterruped work time is a must for me and my busy schedule!!

See you tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I think I am now changed to sandalloons44.blogspot.com ok?
I can't get sandalloons40 to work anymore. So, try this if you can and see what happens. Can youlet me know? the 44 blog is cupcakes theme when you open it up then.
Nice to see you last night and your sweet child. Oh she is both you and your husband. how adorable.
I loved the house. Oh and I am going to purchase a A and do the mode podge on it, do you want me to pick you up a D if I see one?
Didn't you just love the L, how huge and unique.