kill me

myron is growing a mustache against my will.


to test out his halloween costume.

4 months early.

we already know that this is possible from the infamous kip experience:

why is this necessary again?

i quote:

i have to make sure i've still got it,
before i rent a segway."

while i agree that dressing up
as paul blart/mall cop is hilarious....
[i mean, he has the exact-ish uniform, so why not?]

i STILL think it would be better to go with his original idea:

dj lance of yo gabba gabba:

orange jumpsuit
{no facial hair required}



today was one of
THOSE days.

ya know
those days?

days where
after a long,
emotionally exhausting afternoon
you passively opt to have
mac-n-cheese for dinner,
{per the 3-year-old's request}
'cause you just can't think of anything to cook,
nor do you want to spend 10 precious doll-hairs
on equally-as-barfish fast food.

and then,
when you go to pour in the milk...
the jug annoyingly reads: use by june 7th.

ps: it's june 23rd.

it's june 23rd!
*car payment is due.

so you visit your laptop to pay your car payment.

and then you head to granny's
to borrow 1/4 cup of blasted milk.
['cause all three of you are sporting pjs &
you may or may not have dried baby barf on your shoulder.]

during the 1/2 mile jaunt to granny's,
your beautiful curly headed daughter
{of course} falls into a deep pre-bedtime slumber.

ya know: 'cause she's given up naps.
{the honeymoon is indeed over.}

but she
needs to eat her dinner,
or else she'll inevitably wake up at 3am:
"mommma, i soooooooo hungry.
my tummy hurts.
you make me some mac & cheese?"
{you know this from experience,
after experience.}

{to avoid middle of the night mac & cheese parties}
you lovingly yell:
"chlo! wake up!
let's get some milk so we can make your m&c!"

she wakes up.
you pull in front of granny's.
chloe gets out of the car.
and proceeds to sprall herself in the grass & fall asleep.

granny to the rescue!
{she gives you a half gallon & a hug & lots of motherly encouragement.}
+smarties for chloe to keep her conscious.
*tender mercies are real.

back to grandpa dunn's where you're housesitting.
bust out the mac & cheese.

chloe wants to sit in the high chair.

you run upstairs to change the other babe's

and come back into the kitchen to this:

i love my life.
i don't love mac & cheese.

tomorrow will be a better day.
{i promise.}


quiets all my fears

we have a "tradition" at our house.

it's called
chloe refuses to go to sleep
so you sing to her &
tickle her back
until she does"

typically, i act
pretty put off by this routine.
[i mean: just go to bed

*but i am
often quickly humbled
by instances like tonight
when she says:

"mom, i sing, k?"

and her
sweet little mini-mouse voice
proceeds to sing me this:

"i see my mother kneeling
with our family each day
i hear the words she whispers
as she bows her head to pray
her plea to the father
quiets all my fears
and i am thankful
love is spoken here."


i have
so much to work on as a mother.

i mean,
sometimes i lose my
patience, temper, and sanity
all at the same time.
fyi: it's not pretty.}

but i know,
all of us.
as in:
mothers or not.
have a purpose.
a plan.
and a
reason for our struggles.

small struggles like bedtime.

big struggles that seem
more than we can bare.

know that we have a heavenly father
help us & guide us.

i know that.
i'm so grateful to
for reals know that.

...and i just had to
take a sec tonight to
let the world-
ish know via my blog
that i
acknowledge his hand
all that i am & hope to become.


atta girl.

this little gem
decided that sleeping
through the night is cool.

{and i love her for it.}

3 moons in a row, baby!


knock on wood

to celebrate her 3-month-birthday today,
little olivia kate
decided to:

{drumroll por favor}


bless. her. adorable. heart.

*would a repeat be
too much to ask?

'cause let me tell ya,
sleep for more than 3 hours at a time:
it ain't overrated.

{happy weekend!}


chillin' out max & relaxin' all cool

home from a delightful weekend
in colorado springs.

arizona is hot.

the end.


like mother like daughter

me & my olivia have something very in common these days.

[our clothes keep getting larger.]

only for liv chunky thighs & double/quadruple chins are charming, normal, super healthy & scrumptiously adorable.

and for me:


not so much.

for me it all just equals depressing, expensive, and bad for my heart & self esteem…


*i’m done with this.

and i’ll be blogging about it here, if you’re interested.

while my beautiful baby is growing & becoming cuter by the second…

i shall be shrinking & becoming happier/healthier @ the same rate.

[wish me luck!]


so, i've been a tad busy.

hence the lack of blogs this past week.

what have i/we been up to you ask?


most of my angie-time has been filled with keeping these two humans alive.

*i think i'm kind of a boring mom.
we watch a lot of tv & eat a lot of ramen.
it's kind of awesome.

the bigger one
is boycotting naps &
growing more energizer-bunny-ish by the second.

she belts her little primary songs,
pretends like crazy,
forgets she's potty trained kind of a lot,
reminds me that {crap} is a naughty word at least 5 times a day.
[ps: i love her.]

the smaller one
[soon to be bigger one]
is growing like mad.
she's perfectly chubby & quite the angelic babe.
does she sleep through the night like, ever?
do we love her anyway?
definitely yes.

i also played with my friends @ scrap it simple last week.
these are the 3 LO's we did.

click to make larger.
[or not.]

{this past weekend}

myron's mom/mike got married in my parents' backyard.

deb looked so beautiful.

it was a lovely day to end a lovely week.


{may this week be just as happy...}