so, i've been a tad busy.

hence the lack of blogs this past week.

what have i/we been up to you ask?


most of my angie-time has been filled with keeping these two humans alive.

*i think i'm kind of a boring mom.
we watch a lot of tv & eat a lot of ramen.
it's kind of awesome.

the bigger one
is boycotting naps &
growing more energizer-bunny-ish by the second.

she belts her little primary songs,
pretends like crazy,
forgets she's potty trained kind of a lot,
reminds me that {crap} is a naughty word at least 5 times a day.
[ps: i love her.]

the smaller one
[soon to be bigger one]
is growing like mad.
she's perfectly chubby & quite the angelic babe.
does she sleep through the night like, ever?
do we love her anyway?
definitely yes.

i also played with my friends @ scrap it simple last week.
these are the 3 LO's we did.

click to make larger.
[or not.]

{this past weekend}

myron's mom/mike got married in my parents' backyard.

deb looked so beautiful.

it was a lovely day to end a lovely week.


{may this week be just as happy...}


J-mama said...

It was so great!! And so great to see you guys! I love feeling like I'm not totally out of touch with you when I finally see you just because it's been six months...thanks to the blogs!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Dear Martha Stewart:

The backyard looked fabulous; your mom-in-law looks so happy! Your sis-in-laws have eyes to die for.

Staci said...

I love her little chubs that she is getting! Too cute!

Sorry about the boycotting naps thing.
And the not sleeping through the night thing.

A MOM needs HER SLEEP!!! Why don't kids know that???

But...we LOVE them just the same!:)

runningfan said...

Just in case you were worried about traveling with a crazed three-year-old, I wanted to reassure you that you are coming to an official Safe Zone. Wild children of all ages are welcomed without judgment or criticism. :) Can't wait to see you -- all of you!

Mrs. Buv said...

Love your too cute girls! Even the one that forgets she is potty trained, cause my 3 year old does that some times too!

Love, Richelle

Kaytie Brown said...

Um... is that seriously your backyard these day?! It looks AWESOME/out of a magazine beautiful!

Kaytie Brown said...

Um... is that seriously your backyard these day?! It looks AWESOME/out of a magazine beautiful!

Ashley said...

You have been busy! Your backyard is gorgeous and I LOVE the pictures of your little girl in the red polka dot dress and the baby in the pink ruffly outfit. CUTE!