so, i'm a week late {and a dollar short}.

but happy six years to us!

i still vividly recall that february evening of '03...
i had OH so much homework,
but i decided to ignore it...
{who needs school, anyways?}
& i drove over to your cute little twin home...
with a circle-k brown paper bag filled with
two cartons of ben and jerrys & two sporks.

and we sat on your *ugly* mauve sectional.
ate our respective half-baked & fudge brownie.
and talked.
for hours.
about our dreams, relationships, hopes & goals.
we talked about our future & beliefs.

and laughed.
{a lot.}

and then i drove home.
(smiling ear to ear, mind you.)

{and proceeded to have a mini-panic attack.}

because i realized
then & there
that i had accidentally fallen in love with you.

*i was in love with my best friend.

that was the night.
[and it hit me like a ton of bricks.]

it was the night i knew that you were the
boy i was suppose to chill with for forever.

three months-ish later we were sealed for time & all eternity.
and i look back to that day with all tenderness of heart.

and now, six big ones after that...

we celebrated our milestone
in our pajamas,
on a different *ugly* couch,
taking turns holding our baby livy,
over take-out macaroni grill.
{and then i fell asleep during the opening credits of yes man.}

maybe not romantic to some.
but to me, it was kind of perfect.

perfect 'cause it was real.
i know we have that real kind of love.

the kind of love that survives & thrives through
crazy honeymoon stories,
challenging & humbling trials,
difference of opinion.

you love me for me.
{even the 30+ pounds of me you're not sealed to.}

and i love you for you.

and truthfully,
i don't know if i could love you any more than i do.

...but i look forward to tryin'.

your girlfriend angie


granny said...

And many more to come! Happy Anni, kiddos. That couch ugly? I'm so offended. LOL

granny said...

Oh, and P.S. one of my favorite anniversaries was when we got take out from Wendy's and watched a movie at home.

m = michelle said...


you guys rock!!!

runningfan said...

Fabulous anniversary post. I tried beaming my congratulatory thoughts on the right day...but I was a little indisposed and didn't think about that thing called a telephone.

I might have to copy you in a week or two (what day is it?).

J-mama said...

The small, chill, celebrations always end up with more special memories than the big fancy ones, don't they! Happy 6!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Happy Anniversary, Angie!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Wizzle said...

So sweet. Ours is coming up too and I probably won't manage such a lovely post (not least in part because I think it embarrasses him) but I sure did enjoy reading yours. Happy Anniversary!

MeL said...

Oh congratties, you guys are seriously too cute, and I love love LOVE your darling fall in love story. Cheers to you!

rachbechep said...

i LOVED it. my anniversary post wasn't near as good!

Kristen said...

You made me cry. Congrats!

joeyship said...

Awww! That brought tears to my eyes. Keep that feelin' honey! :o)

Vicki Johnson said...

Sweeeeet Anniversary kidos!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Good morning!

I have signed up for your Scrap It Simple class. I will be in the store on Wednesday. Would you bring any sampler/other kits that you have?

Love ya!

heather said...

sweetest post ever. congrats to you. and a very happy 600 more!

Kaytie Brown said...

I rememeber when you called me in Utah to tell me you were gonna marry your perfect boy. I was so freaking happy for you, and I am still. Yay for your little Dunn fam!!!

sandalloons40 said...

happy Anniversary Kidos! YIPPEE!!!
and you forgot to say two adorables later!
And more on the way one day, I am sure!
Gotta have some blue in that casa. LOL
Miss ya.

bettina said...

Angie your blog is the cutest! what a sweet post! Hilarious(but sad) vacation/honeymoon stories! I ran into your mom at forever 21 a few weeks ago, she is so sweet and still looks the same! I'm going to add your link to my blog! You have the most gorgeous little girls too!

Ashley said...

Awwww this is the sweetest post! You are such a great writer and I'm so glad you found such a wonderful man to share your life with. :)

Emily Moffat said...

Happy, happy 6 years! Your blog is bursting with sunshine and happiness! I love the sweet little stories you tell about your daughters! And the high-strung thing: I totally get that! You're a doll Angie. Thanks for making all of us smile so big.

lynette said...

Angie- So beautifully spoken! Aren't we so happy that love is forever.Enjoy every moment of it and always scrap those special memories along with it. Miss your classes will have to start again this fall.Happy baby #2!- Lynette Schultz

mademoisellechitchat said...

My Dear Gardner in Training:

I visited your sweet sis-in-law's blog and saw the BEAUTIFUL photos of the wedding! The backyard looked divine!

Commend yourself! ;)

angiedunn said...

thanks lynette! love ya!! [and miss ya!]

Unknown said...

You have such a way with words. What a touching way to share what you're feeling. Happy Anniversary!