our weekend goal

myron & i recently decided that we wanted to make my workspace a happy/more inspired place.

nothin' too special: just a spot in the abode where I can feel happy, calm, & creative,
as opposed to:
obligated, cranky, & disorganized.

we are uprooting my current craft room down the hall, to the previous black hole.

the old craft room will be dedicated to chloe's big girl palace in the future, but for now, our guest retreat.

we picked out a lovely shade of light blue-ish for the walls in the new room.

i got home from work the other night to a happy surprise: myron painting away.
{honestly, that man, i could marry him 10 mil times over.}
i wept a few tears @ the thoughtfullness, in fact.

and now, he's doing some more, to hopefully be finished by tomorrow.
{i am so excited.}

updates to come.

*better go help!

{happy friday}


class again, class again, jiggity-jig

simplicity is tomorrow.
i'm excited to see my girlfriends.

happy wednesday to ya!



chloe's new thing is to say,
"mom, you okay?"

and three seconds later,
"mom, you okay?"

and four point five minutes after that,
"mom, you okay?"

and my question back is always:
"chlo'-let's get real...who wouldn't be okay having a daughter this special/amazing/adorable?"

answer: no-one.

i love you sweet, sweetest, sweet offspring.

{happiest tuesday to all...}


silver lining.

blogging's kinda taken the back burner this past week,
{if ya haven't noticed.}

but, i think we can all agree that chloe & her cute new get-up deserved [at least] a week's worth of blog air-time.

not gonna lie, my life is sorta kickin' my trash lately.
until it slows down, you can prolly expect just short-n-sweet tid-bits o' this bliggity-blogger.

i have tags to respond to, comments to make, emails to reply to, and lotsa future post ideas...but oh-so-little {free} computer time.

i must say that even though things are a little busier around these parts than i'd prefer, i can't help but acknowledge that i'm blessed beyond reason & ever so grateful that time marches on. silver lining can surely always be found, even if it takes you fifteen minutes to think of a list of 7.

tonight i am most thankful for:

1. a helpful husband
2. a growing girl
3. the juno soundtrack
4. my bathtub
5. midnight pomegratate flavored bubbles
5. two-point-five tylonol
6. a nine o' clock bedtime
7. that tomorrow is indeed, another day.

{happy monday blogworld}
catch ya on the flipside...


an early birthday present

dear amy,

it fits perfect.
i really love it.
and so does my mom.
and, i'm obsessed with the shoes.
in fact, i am sporting them right now, with my pajamas.
thanks again for bein' so thoughtful.

much love,

{happy monday}


an invitation...

remember this post?

well, because i ♥ this product so much,
i have decided to have a little par-tay celebrating it's gloriousness!

my cute friend lynsey evans is a scentsy
demonstrator & she's gonna come chill @ my house with me

this comin' thursday
february 21st
from 7-9pm
come & go

{seriously all of you}

if you are my blog/work/church/life acquaintance & would like to join in the fun/check out the scents-n-warmers...please EMAIL me @ angieinpink@gmail.com & I'll send ya directions to my casa!

[i sent some of you legit invites, but I didn't have all your addy's!]

NO pressure: just totally come & chill, kick-back, chat, relax, talk, laugh, meet friends, check out the product, and purchase if you wanna!


lyns is gonna bring over the basket of scents to my abode a couple of days early...so if you can't come to the party, but still want to order...just email me too!


but to further entice you into coming:

*EVERYTHING scentsy will be 10% off!!


*i will be making my MIL's *tasty* salsa & a few other yummy refreshments!


eat, sniff, & be merry!!!
mark your calendars...


see you then &
{happy weekend}


for the love of february....

my month, thus far:
has been {slightly} insane/crazy/insert synonym for psycho-busy here.

between my lil family life, sparatic work projects, custom scrapbooking jobs, church stuff, and american idol watching, i've found little time to be doing all the FUN february-ish, happy, lovey, pink, festive type things that I oh-so enjoy, such as:

decorating the abode here & there with pink & red & sparkle, making yummy sugar heart-shaped cookies topped with lottsa frosting-n-red hots, sporting my tdf apron from ames {chloe has a matching one}, creating custom heart-ish surprises for my family, leaving cheesy love notes for my husband in his car, heck, let's get real...even doing enough laundry in time to have chloe wear something red today...

i was feeling a little down about this when i woke up realizing that it's already the big holiday & i haven't even made time to celebrate! while i should have been soaking in this amazing lovey time of year, i was in turn growing golf-ball-sized stress knots on the tops of my shoulders!

but: i have made a decision.

i am still going to decorate for valentines. i am still going to make said heart-shaped cookies. we're still gonna sport our sweet aprons. i am still going to create something for my family members. i am still going to leave cheesy notes to my husband in his car. i am still going to do the laundry, and see if chloe's red outfit still fits.

{just not today.}

today is for going to the park with cute friends.
today is for buying a new outfit @ target for chloe because nothing is clean.
today is for visiting granny.
today is for saying happy birthday to rachel & arizona!
today is for watching oprah & crying when patti labell came out & made some cute man's dreams come true.
today is for eating sugar, even though you are on a sweet strike.
today is for saying "word up" that the writers strike is OVER.
today is for loving pink.
today is for watching no reservations for the second time this week.
today is for putting the girl down @ seven & ordering take out.


we are gonna celebrate all freakin' month, i say.

and: myron just informed me that his present to me is that he's vacuuming & mopping the downstairs today.

thank you heavenly father, for sending me a valentine who knows that mopping rocks roses anyday!!!

{happy ♥ day}
may the month o' love begin!

oh! and i'm having a par-tay...stay tuned tomorrow, for the details...


Self*Control {Sort of}

2008 marks the year that I bid farewell to
my crippling addiction,
my beloved friend & associate:

I have made *such attempts* in the past, only to fail miserably & become even more dependent upon it's divine goodness.

My endeavors have been going {fairly} good, considering the fact that my husband continues to stock pile our fridge with a 12-ish pack on a weekly basis.

I do have set backs, particularly during my all-night-scrapbooking rendezvous.

But to that I say: C'est la vie.


Perhaps in the next life this lovely can of scrumptious bubbliness won't have 150 calories & the sugar equal to FIVE krispy creme donuts, per serving.

{A girl can only dream.}

Until then: the battle continues....
{May the force be with me}

[Happy, happy Tuesday friends!]


"...and on a sunday, i'll think it through"

so people: here's my story.

it's been a crazy week.
achievement day.
scrap sale.
3 all nighters/no sleep for me.
calorie counting.
a migraine.
leaving my sweet girl & my sweet man too much.
a million projects.
a busted tv.
very little blogging time.
a sad-n-cluttery abode.
& life again.

needless to say: i was ready for my fave day of the week: sunday.

sunday means church, happy feelings, family, very little pressure, naps, singing & learning, and no stress on purpose.

and myron makes biscuits & gravy.


this fine sunday, i have had this lovely hymn in my head for no particular reason at all.

each life that touches ours for good,
relfects thine own great mercy lord.
thou sendest blessings from above
thru words and deeds of those we love

what greater gift dost thou bestow?
what greater goodness can we know?
than christlike friends whose gentle ways
strengthen our faith, enrich our days.

lately in my life, i have been very overwhelmed {in a good way} by just that:
the goodness of all the people around me.

good friends.
blog buddies.
church associates.
work commadres.

after spending the week among so many fabulous women @ the store, chillin' w/ amazing girlies i've gotten to know through my church calling, chattin with the nice stranger in the line @ voting on tuesday, missing my out-of-town family that went back to oregon, missing my in-town family that i haven't seen all week, sitting next to dear friends @ a scrapbooking late nighter {thanks again for your help tam}, shootin' the breeze with my mom on the phone tonight, and spending saturday morn from 7-noon with some of the most delightful women i know...

has reminded me, yet again:
life is amazing.

i love that every single person we meet, we can gleen *at least* one fabulous attribute or lesson from.

no matter our differences, we can all find amazing qualities about each other that we'd like to incorporate into our own lives & existence.

i could spend all night listing specific people & what a difference they have made in my life.

by a sweet gift.
a kind comment.
a thoughtful gesture.
an act of service.

but if i went in alpha order, it'd take me a decade to even get through the a's!
i'd spend five years on amy totty alone!

i love that everyone's different and unique. i love that everyone has their own talents & strengths to bring to the table. i love that we all have specific gifts from god that are given to us to bless the lives of others.

this reminds me that there is absolutely NO reason to compare ourselves to the people around us...because we ALL have something to offer. we are all special & unique. we all have a place, even when it doesn't seem like it.

i love that we are all together here on this crazy earth to "mourn with those that mourn & comfort those that stand in need of comfort." i am so appreciative of all the fabulous people in my life who "strengthen my feeble knees" and help me to grow & become.

i'm so grateful to the heavens above for sending that song to my crazy brain this morning.

just ponderin' that for a quick uno-momento has liberated me from my occasional/not-so-occasional feelings of self doubt & insecurity.

a sincere thanks goes to all of you: for being each life that touches mine for good.

{happy sunday, almost monday}


calling all crafters: SCRAP YARD SALE

Me & my cute friends are selling {a ton} of our scrapbooking supplies!
Paper, notions, ribbon, GALORE!!


Saturday February 9th

There will be lottsa GOOD stuff & great prices!!!

3950 E. McLellan Rd #12
#12 is all the way to the back, first house on the left

email me at angieinpink@gmail.com


seasons of lovey love love

greetings from the delightful land of procrastination!

i hope your world is filled with warm sheets, comfy pillows & happy dreams @ the moment.

class is in 8 short hours, & i just glued down my last piece of happy cardstock...

last minute?...ya, i know, {sigh}...what can i say?

it's just how i roll.

here are the heart-ish layouts for this fine month of february:

and can i please say?:
i do appreciate this lovey-love time of year oh-so-much.

i plan to blog about my severe liking for the month of february as soon as i have a quick second!

♥comin' up on spring♥valentines
♥just everything about this month
....is so my style!

blog ya later,
{and happy tuesday morn}