chloe talking = my free entertainment.

{waiting for me to come get her out of bed.}
"annnng-iiiie, i ready!!!!"

{after she destroys something.}
"it's broken. whatch-ya-gonna-do?"

{mr. miyagi is in her way.}
"pardon me..."

{singing 'maps' by the yeah yeah yeahs.}
"say, say, say, wait. say, say, say..."

{post-randomly burping.}
"bless me."

{granny helps chloe with something.}
chloe replies, "thanks babe."

{pointing to any man with a beard.}
"that's daddy. daddy at wook."

{me singing her a bedtime song}
puts her binkie in my mouth. "no; i tired."

{in the middle of sacrament meeting, on the top of her lungs.}

(i seriously love this age with all my heart!)

happy saturday night!


my vision board

several weeks ago i constructed a 2008 vision board for myself.

it was a very theraputic project.

it's just a little collage of happy reminders, desires of my heart, and all my angie-goals.

having a piece of my brain/soul hanging on the wall of my craft room helps me keep things in perspective &
remember daily that
[God is so good.]

{happy almost-weekend my friends!}


two pink lines!

so very grateful.
we are thrilled.

{happy march 21st!}



i join the rest of our little blog-world in
sincere prayer for this sweet family.

may the Lord comfort & bless them...