quack quack




{insert many tears here}

happy halloween!


scentsy love

and now for the unveiling of
my recent purchase that has changed my life forever:

{drumroll please}

...this adorable little contraption: aka, my scentsy.

for those of you that aren't familiar, this sweet little thing is an
amazing invention.

it is a wickless, sootless, flameless candle!
it melts cubes of wax that make my life smell so divine.
currently, like clove-n-cinnamon.

here are a few reasons i L-O-V-E love this system:

* i don't have to worry that it's going to burn mi casa down. keep it going all day, even if you're a paranoid freak like me!

* the wax is like just warm {not hot} so it won't hurt the kiddo, if she happens to mess with it.

* seriously, every scent is SO strong, and makes me really happy and sometimes hungry for yummy baked treats.

* it's an affordable gift giving option for birthdays or christmas & there are a ton of super cute warmers to choose from.

*it rid my house of cleaning-the-oven stench.

* no soot, no mess on my ceiling.

* it makes my semi-dirty house feel faux-clean because the air is ever-so delightfully fragrant.

*the refills are like cheaper than cheap...and i'm kinda cheap.

*and lots more reasons.

come and smell my house.
seriously, you're invited to come take a wif.
but beware: you'll be hooked.

get yourself a scentsy here, from this cute girl.
you definitely won't be sorry.

{happy tuesday}


be back soon

blogger's being lame.


all i have to say is:

T stands for Thank
G stands for Goodness
I stands for It's
F stands for FRIDAY!!

& I repeat, TGIF...fer reals.

been havin' scrapbook class all week.
and it was genuinely fun.
i {heart} every single girl that takes my class.
i really love my occupation.

and tonight, after a long week of no sleep & messy house, i plan to relax, hibernate, clorox wipe the universe, & catch up w/ my real family & fake tv family. can't wait to go to the park with chloe today. and have family haircut day @ rolfs w/ aunt aud. and maybe have a quick bite afterwards w/ our redheaded dad. can't wait to have a date with my favorite pie maker, my beloved biggest losers, addison & her private practice, jim/pam, hilarious j
ack donaghy, olivia benson, & of course, mcsteamy.

i leave you with yet another scrapbook page:

fonts & colors: 24 {ariel, r200g0b64} &
things {purple boxers, r87g161g216}

stay tuned monday to read about a recent purchase i made, that has changed my life forever.
{in a good way...}

happy friday


betta late than neva


and there you have it.

see you blogga's later!
{happy tues}


well said jack, well said

on my evening jig-ity-jog yesterday, i came to the conclusion that this is my new favorite song.
it always makes me run a little faster & inspires me to try a little harder slash be a better person.

upside down/by good ol' jack johnson

who's to say
what's impossible
well they forgot
this world keeps spinning
and with each new day
i can feel a change in everything
and as the surface breaks reflections fade
but in some ways they remain the same
and as my mind begins to spread its wings
there's no stoppin' curiosity

i wanna turn the whole thing upside down
i'll find the things they say just can't be found
i'll share this love i find with everyone
we'll sing and dance to mother nature's song
i don't want this feeling to go away

who's to say
i can't do everything
well i can try
and as i roll along i begin to find
things aren't always just what they seem

i wanna turn the whole thing upside down
i'll find the things they say just can't be found
i'll share this love i find with everyone
we'll sing and dance to mother nature's song
this world keeps spinning and there's no time to waste
will it all keep spinning and spinning round and round and

upside down
who's to say what's impossible and can't be found
i don't want this feeling to go away

please don't go away
is this how it's supposed to be?


i'm so excited...and i just can't hide it.

this post is dedicated to really happy things
that we are really excited about on this lovely wednesday afternoon:

for starters:
#1. chloe is more than excited about blueberries.

{in fact, she downed an entire carton in 17 minutes. and yes, i timed her. quite a pricey breakfast snack, but really funny & full of antioxidants!}

#2. i'm pretty excited about my new cute pink & brown skull-n-cross-bone pencils. don't you just love bouquets of sharpened pencils? me & kathleen kelly do.

{and i heart being festive too.}

#3. i'm mostly just beyond excited that this activity is over. it was a fun lil exercise for our adorable achievement day girlies, but i'd be lying if i said that making several meals *from food storage* wasn't a hardship for me.

but my whole wheat pizza dough did rise. and from this i know even more than i knew before that there are angels in heaven watching over me.

{we gave the girls a list of the foods we made, and they got to rate if they liked it or not. above is my favorite comment about my mac & cheese. note: has no taste.}

#4. i'm excited to show you what i did with pink thread & my sewing machine.

{it's almost done!}

#5. chloe is excited that i moved my ipod-deck-thing into my room, so while she's taking a bath, she can rock out/get down with her bubbly-self to mae & jack johnson.

{it gets very wet & kinda dangerous.}

#6. excited for letter magnets & the washer, instead of the fridge.

{great combo, because it means less chloe-prints on the fridgerator.}

#7. excited 'bout clean carpets.
matt, our carpet man came for a visit.

{clean carpets=me feeling like a new woman.}

#8. skippy being 10 for 10 @ bashas makes us so excited!

{hit it up, yos!}

#9. excited for tomorrow.
because it's the office.

& equally as excited about office paraphernalia in the dollar spot @ target.

& #10.
that grandma dunn gifted us jungle book!
or as chloe calls it: be-be.

{she calls everything be-be.}

oh ya, and i'm trying w/ all my might to be excited about this:
{aka my ironing pile}

but it's kind of not working.

{happy wednesday}


i scream you scream

by far
my cutest purchase of 2007:

look how cute & tiny!!
omg, i didn't know such miniature-waa-waa ben & jerry's existed!

pure adorable.

{have a tasty monday!}


my life the passed 48 hours

the black hole/our fourth bedroom is seriously coming along.

i have been organizing my guts out, shipping the world to DI, and enjoying every minute of it.

problem is, i'm supa ADD when it comes to cleaning & organizing. like, i'll be cleaning along & find myron's yearbook, and then next thing you know, i've looked through all our yearbooks, emailed a few friends from high school...got all teary eyed reminiscing about random memories o' childhood, etc.

then i'll start cleaning again, and i'll get hot. {temperature wise} so, i'll turn on the fan. and i notice the fan is dusty. so then i'll dust the fan & clean the fixture via soapy water.

back to organizing. and i'll miraculously remember to change the laundry... so i figure i better go do it, while i'm thinking about it. and there's no hangers. so i'll collect the hangers from upstairs. and then sort myron's shirts by color. and wonder *yet again* why-oh-why he owns a polo shirt covered in pineapples.

then i'll start up organizing again, and notice my "skinny" clothes sitting there in a box. so i'll try them on to see if *just maybe* they fit me. 75 outfits later, i am depressed. so i plan a new diet & exercise regimen.

you think i'm kidding.
i assure you, i'm not.


this weeks project:
organizing the food storage, relocating the food storage, get a workout transporting the food storage, hoping i never really hafta live off said food storage, and in turn:

clearing out the black hole's closet for other random storage items.
{ie: myron's gun arsenal, TN mission paraphernalia, my old doll collection, etc.}

i thought it was only gonna take the duration of a naptime.
{insert loud, loud laugh here}
and i was very wrong.

i sorted everything by food category.
then i put everything in order of date in their respective sections.
and then i snaked it under our beddy-by, for easy rotation.

and i put some under twin bed number one in the black hole:

and twin bed number two:

the sweet stuff is under chlo's bed, of course:

i labeled the oldest can, so i could remember where to grab from.

shortening or salt anyone?
i kinda ordered a lil more than i thought i had.

and then i used a few old cans to organize the office supplies.
{told ya i was ADD}

i'm so stoked this project is behind me.
i could/might barf if i see another #10 can.

i'm saving up for a grinder attachment for my kitchen-aid,
so i can starting using the massive amounts of wheat that lie under me & my as we slumber.

i'm gonna try a few food-storage-esque recipies this weekend to share w/ my achievement day girlies, & i'll post 'em if & only if: they are ediable.

anyone have any yummy-ish dessert ones?

have a superb weekend even though the d-backs lost last night.
k? k.
{happy friday}



my three
LOVES today:

first and foremost:
specsh in the morning.

she takes after her momma.

definitely inherited the infamous takes at least 45 minutes to-really-wake-up-gene.

second heart:

my decision to hibernate all day long.

and my decision to sport these socks all day long.

{chlo' & i are workin' on some organizational projects, that we are determined to finish TODAY.}

and third:
the best hour of television this week, by far.

i am basically obsessed.

{happy thursday}


chloe's lyrical: gold digga {edited version}

i bring you the bow & kanye:
aka dance party 10-9-07


our family vacation

instead of taking yearly family vacations, us dunns take a monthly trip to costco.

and inevitably/unfortunately spend as much as we would on a three day stay @ disneyworld.

k, perhaps that's a huge exaggeration, but it sure seems like it sometimes.

just a few reasons we love costco:

1. pepsi in large happy quantities
2. 96 nature valley granola bars for $9.56
3. chloe's christmas:
one stop shop
polishes-n-soda $1.50 combo for dinner
5. they carry gain detergant in super size
6. & the best baby wipes invented
7. one hour photo,
or if 'burn is there, 20 minute photo
my cute bright bowls that i love & make me feel like racheal ray
9. the book section
wholesome family recreation

{happy tuesday peeps}


jacket weatha

it's offically jacket weather.
socks @ bed-time weather.
teeth chattering in the morning weather.
wait a couple minutes for your shower to get warm before you hop in weather.
sweat-band over the ears while jogging weather.
pots & seeds weather.
windows open weather.
"oh ya, this is why we live in arizona" weather.

we made our way to tar-jay...to buy some lil hoodies/sweatshirts to celebrate the currently blissful temperatures.

orange for me.
(my second favorite color, sorry stephanie!)
and brown for bow.
(my fifth favorite color)

{happy-high of 91, low of 65-day!!}


kinda no fair

so, this is chloe one year ago today.

tell me this:

how is it fair that babies grow up so fast?

{well, it's not.}

not at all.

good thing she gets more & more fun by the second!


see you dudes next week when i'm not so bored to hear myself type. i'm having a severe case of blogger's block.

{happy friday!!}


messy girlfriend

this, my friends, is one of my least favorite things on the face of the planet.

{aka, remains of meal thrown overboard-highchair onto the freshly mopped tile}

and no, mr. miyagi doesn't like breakfast food.

and this, my friends, is one of my very FAVORITE things on the face of this planet.

{aka, the culprit.}

gotta love 'er.

{happiest wednesday!}


orange sugar

today marks the day that we send our final package to outer mongolia.

and yes, all i put in my packages to him is sugar, sugar, festive sugar, and more sugar...and a few pics of the niece he hasn't met yet!

that's right folks, elder dix comes home in a mere 52 days!

{happy october blog world!}