i'm so excited...and i just can't hide it.

this post is dedicated to really happy things
that we are really excited about on this lovely wednesday afternoon:

for starters:
#1. chloe is more than excited about blueberries.

{in fact, she downed an entire carton in 17 minutes. and yes, i timed her. quite a pricey breakfast snack, but really funny & full of antioxidants!}

#2. i'm pretty excited about my new cute pink & brown skull-n-cross-bone pencils. don't you just love bouquets of sharpened pencils? me & kathleen kelly do.

{and i heart being festive too.}

#3. i'm mostly just beyond excited that this activity is over. it was a fun lil exercise for our adorable achievement day girlies, but i'd be lying if i said that making several meals *from food storage* wasn't a hardship for me.

but my whole wheat pizza dough did rise. and from this i know even more than i knew before that there are angels in heaven watching over me.

{we gave the girls a list of the foods we made, and they got to rate if they liked it or not. above is my favorite comment about my mac & cheese. note: has no taste.}

#4. i'm excited to show you what i did with pink thread & my sewing machine.

{it's almost done!}

#5. chloe is excited that i moved my ipod-deck-thing into my room, so while she's taking a bath, she can rock out/get down with her bubbly-self to mae & jack johnson.

{it gets very wet & kinda dangerous.}

#6. excited for letter magnets & the washer, instead of the fridge.

{great combo, because it means less chloe-prints on the fridgerator.}

#7. excited 'bout clean carpets.
matt, our carpet man came for a visit.

{clean carpets=me feeling like a new woman.}

#8. skippy being 10 for 10 @ bashas makes us so excited!

{hit it up, yos!}

#9. excited for tomorrow.
because it's the office.

& equally as excited about office paraphernalia in the dollar spot @ target.

& #10.
that grandma dunn gifted us jungle book!
or as chloe calls it: be-be.

{she calls everything be-be.}

oh ya, and i'm trying w/ all my might to be excited about this:
{aka my ironing pile}

but it's kind of not working.

{happy wednesday}


•stephanie• said...

the ONLY reason to be excited about skull & crossbones pencils is if they are pink & brown. otherwise . . . too piratey. i'm excited to see what you've been sewing. hurry. (please)

Alisse Baldwin said...

Ok, so weird. As soon as I saw the title to your post, I immediately knew that my comment was going to reference Zack and Jessie in Saved by the Bell, and then I was so sad to see you already mentioned it at the bottom!

I'm so excited for The Office, too. And yes, we've already hit up The One Spot at Tar-jey.

Oh, and I have that same iPod speaker, but haven't been able to find the same one since I bought the last one. Where did you find yours? And how much was it? I want one for work and home. Mine was $25 at the CA Swap meet, so I'm hoping to find one a leetle closer.

cori said...

you wanna know why i am excited?

it's my birthday. and i feel the love...

now..ahem.. here we go for a long comment.

i love blueberries. in fact, had some this morn in my birthday b-fast.

skippy is the best peanut butter around. JIF? i would rather eat glue. where is basha's? is that an az. store, or is it short for something. just mon. when i spread out some PB i thought oh, i am getting low on my supply.

YOU SEW TOO? what are you making?

iron... i hate it. i get all hot and steamy when i do. but, we gotta do what we gotta do.

we are getting our carpets cleaned the first week of nov. who do you use? we use chem-dry... the best. and there is nothing like having clean carpets.

just a day just a NOT so ordinary day. it's my birthday...

glad you got my email. we have to laugh don't we... i mean its so necessary.

and i can't remember what else you posted about, but know i love ya too and you have to listen to eddie sing to me on my blog.

you are the best!

The Fletchies said...

I really like the lamp on your side table. It's very classy. I'm glad chloe listens to jack johnson and mae. It's good for her. Congrats on making all of those things out of food storage I'm very impressed. And I am excited to see what you are sewing.

Mark Dixon said...

Well, I'm pretty excited that you're excited!

Stoddard Studios said...

I must admit, all those things are pretty exciting.

Unknown said...

i started dying laughing when i read the label on this post! that is one of the BEST episodes of saved by the bell! ha ha! i love lists like these! i can't remember everything, but i do remember thinking about my very own office paraphernalia that my friend jessica got for me... it's the i love jim white board. and i really do love jim, so it was the perfect gift for me!
anyways, i'm glad you're excited about so many things! you're cute!

chris+amber said...

Ha ha ha...that's a classic Saved by the Bell episode. You SHOULD be excited! All 10 of those things are newsworthy. I'm with my ma...can't wait to see what you've been sewing!! I'm gonna take a wild guess...Chloe's Halloween costume?!

Lucia said...

Hey I got your message, I hope myron doesn't have to work. I'd love to meet you and chloe and we haven't seen myron for ages! actually i did meet you once as you were entering the temple on your wedding day! I think that's when it was. by the way, cute photo's are you a professional photographer or what?! They're always so picture perfect!

The Wizzle said...

OMG, I've never timed her but it would be The Funniest Thing Ever to have a blueberry eating rave between Eve and Chloe! When they're on sale I stock up *bigtime*.

I'm so glad your pizza dough rose, and your activiy is over! You are more woman than I.

Ohm and your ironing pile has a twin. My ironing pile. You are so not alone. I've been ignoring I and I have to say it's working just dandy for me...

The Wizzle said...

Hmm, I'm not sure what a blueberry eating rave would be like, but what I was thinking of was actually a RACE. Why can't we edit these comments again???

ForeverSarahLee said...

I freakin' love that you listen to MAE... I love them tons!

runningfan said...

I laughed out loud at the last line of your blog. ah, the curse of good parenting. Iron 10 anyone?

Coree Adams said...

Ok soo...I loved your post, as always...I need to go to Target and get me some I love Jim parapha...but what made me smile the most was your LABEL! I LOVE Jesse Spanno and Zack Morris...and the rest of the SBTB crew for that matter...FOR LIFE!!! And really...that scene where Zack totally comforts her was like one of my all time fav SBTB moments...that and Zack Attack...FRIENDS FOREVER! LOL I am laughign so hard inside right now (Since Bry and babes are asleep)

MeL said...

I'm jealous that you know how to use your sewing machine.

The*Evans*Family said...

Let me know how you feel about Chloe loving a whole carton of blueberries after you change her diaper. Ha. You make me laugh once again! We need to get together and play or do lunch!

granny said...

Well, maybe we can all iron while watching The Office. Hahahahaha. The curse of good parenting, eh? Why don't you come back home and iron 10? I have about that many...

amy mo said...

Oh man, Chloe is so cute. I watched the Office for the first time tonight. Definitely not what I expected.

Kim said...

Hi Angie I found your blog the other day and just wanted to say Hi. Chloe is soooo cute. Later!

shabbyscrapper said...

ok, i can't think of very many things grosser than whole wheat pizza dough! ewww!!
but i love the "you've got mail" reference. i absolutely heart movie-isms and longingly await every opportunity to quote one myself. go you!!