my *new* class

this next year i am teaching a brand spankin' new class @ scrapbooks etc.
{plus simplicity & a few others}

i'm really excited about it.
it's called seasons of love.

in class every month, we will create {three} layouts highlighting holidays, celebrations, and special occasions.
{+chocolate, and a couple other special surprises...}

this month we'll celebrate:
a new year & a new you!

if you are interested in signing up, here's the link to the store's website & phone numba!
cost: 21 bones.

it'll be a good time had by all, i reckon.

stay tuned for my january babylicious and simplicity layouts!

{ & happy new years eve...can't wait for tomorrow...it's my favorite day of the year!}


christmas basically rocked.

{happy girl in new jammies...}

{happy tree & wrapped gifts...}

{happy that santa found our house...}

{happy for the most perfect reaction ever...}

but...kinda {sad} it's over.



"for unto us a child is born...

and his name shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace."

{may the spirit of Christ be with you & your families
today & always.}

merriest christmas...
love, angie


a mongolian surprise

last night my fam got together for a special christmas fhe.
we had sloppy joes & an awesome lesson.
{& a mongolian surprise!}

eric, gramps, and c-hop gifted each of us an awesome mongolian get-up!

they are beautiful!!!
each handmade in our size.

{my mom asked us for our measurements like 6 months ago, and none of us knew why!}

*eric had them shipped over on a crate that came home w/ his mission pres.*

we went caroling to a few neighbors houses.
we were extra warm.
and the little ones were extra cute in their dells & hats.

we missed these dudes from portland.
{we love you h&g&z&t&g!}

so fun.

{happy christmas to & from mongolia.}


sanity and sleep are totally overrated...

{just kidding!}

greetings from crazy-town yos!

i've been a very inconsistent blogger as of late, only cuz december for me has thus far been a small slice o' madness.

babylicious class+4 simplicity classes+disney class+ my new class on the third of january+real life+the holidays=angie on the brink of a M/MNB. {mini slash major nervous breakdown}

despite all the busy-ness, i am consciously {trying} to savor the blessedness that is the christmas season.

*i love this time of year
*i love celebrating the birth of my Savior
*i love purchasing gifts
*i love wrapping gifts
*i love not counting calories for the entire month of december
*i love reading family yearly newsletters
*i love that a nice man helped carry my packages into the post office, and then said "merry christmas"
*i love christmas tunes, especsh the new josh g
*i love my tree
*i love my scentsy winter smells
*i love that my teeth chatter in the morning
*i love sbetc.'s holiday gift exchange
*i love target's seasonal isles
*i love that target stays open til 11
*i love the hymns in church
*i love jingle bells on the doorknob
*i love that my neighbors went all out with their lights, even though i didn't have time
*i love that chloe gets to wear hoodies for a while, 'cause she's cute in them
*i love oranges
*i love reading luke 2
*i love white elephants
*i love my bro david singing "oh holy night" in his high tenor awesomeness
*i love kelli & amy making amazing festive creations for me to adapt/copy
*i love red&green or pink&lime color schemes being everywhere
*i love opening jammies on christmas eve
*i love santa
*i love tradition
*i love visiting benson every year with my man and girl
*i love cinnamon pop up bread & sugar cookies
*i love elf
*i love singing "and i cried the day i took the tree down" when i take down the tree
*i love reading my friends' cute christmas-y blog posts
*and i just love anticipating another rockin' year...

that being said, i've decided that it's okay that i'm stressed {times five thousand} because this i know for sure:

*there is a Man upstairs who knows me & knows what i need at all times.

*my family {husband, husband's family, mom, dad, brothers & sisters} will continue to rock my world/bail me out of any crisis.

*no matter how hectic the day: my laundry, dishes, and chores will totally wait for me.
{including but not limited to the entire bag of popped popcorn that is dumped out on the kitchen floor}

besides simplicity, here's a couple things i've been up to:

on tuesday i had all the achievement day girlies over for our christmas par-tay! we stuffed stockings for some kiddos & then we decorated sugar cookies.

i really love these girls. they inspire me like crazy. each one is different & fabulous & unique.

i've been collectin' addresses, posting, sealing, & sendin' family christmas letters.
only to discover that the mail opens & ruins them in transit.
{oh well.}
as alanis would say,
"you live/you learn."

okay, bye. i'm gonna go take airborne and hit the sack {early-ish.}

happy, happy thursday.
love you kids!


rockin' the simplicity

no time to chat.
i'm just a {little} sleepy.

just postin' this month's layouts for y'all that are takin' simplicity this weekers.

{lots of boy-ish colors this month!}

see you wednesday or thursday dawgs!


finally busted it out

i like all kinds of christmas trees.

fancy ones.
crafty ones.
funky ones.
chic ones.
victorian ones.
bright & contemporary ones.
super classy ones.
simple ones.
decked-out ones.

but as for me & my house:
we do hodge podgey homeade.
just randomly random.

and i love it.

you see: growing up we had this fun & tender tradish.

every year my parents & grandparents would gift each of us kids an ornament, usually to be given to us while decorating the tree. we each accumulated our own little collection from over the years. and continue to collect.

when i got married, i got to take my 38+ ornaments for my own tree.
i am highly sentimental...so this is very fun for me.

this cute lil angel is the first one i can remember.
{i've had her forev.}

some are broken, but i don't care, i just perch 'em on a branch.

i have lots of fish ones.
i {really} love fish, if you didn't know that about me.

this is {by far} my favorite ornament of all time.
i'd say i got her in '88 or so.
{isn't she just so charmingly chubby.}
i'd cry if she broke.
and then i'd super glue her & put her back up.

myron & i are carrying on the fun tradition with chloe.
so far she has 3 ornaments & counting.
this candy cane is this year's installment.

{i just love christmas.}
it makes me happy.

more festive fun tomorrow!

happy sunday!


Stole this from EmZ

An Interview w/ Angie

What characteristics do you strive for most?
Being genuine, kind, positive, and non-superficial. DEFinitely don’t succeed at that all the time, but I put forth an effort. {Usually.}

How do you treat a headache?
If it’s a semi-bad headache: muchos whining and pepsi. If it’s a really bad headache: almost-two-year-old-left-over c-section pain meds, pespi, and even more whining, & usually a long nap.

How do you think birth order affected you as a child?
It made me the favorite. JK!!! We’re all the favorite! {reference: Dixon Family Fairness Doctorine}

What’s your worst habit?
Sweating the small stuff. {ie: counting my chickens before they hatch, still having piano recital-related anxiety, taking 10 minutes to decide which kind of marshmallows to buy, caring highly too much about matching or having things “go”…etc.}

What is your biggest regret?
Comparing myself to others…yesterday, today, and fovever.

What are you most proud of?
My awesome husband. My beyond sweet offspring. My knowledge of who I am & where I am going.

What are you good at?
Cleaning obsessively, making messes even faster, saying yes even when I want to say no with every fiber of my soul, baking rolls, tying ribbon, folding towels, and putting boxes inside of labeled boxes.

What are you bad at?
Reading comprehension, punctuality, remembering to schedule Chloe’s well visits on time, being patient, keeping track of things and keys, remembering birthdays, recognizing the difference between tsp & T in a recipe, managing my time wisely.

What is spiritual to you?
Being at home with my family just chilling, reading the scrips, being still, outdoor exercise, newborns.

What is depressing to you?
The thought of giving up refined sugar & hydrogenated fat. Politics. Confrontation. The dad on The Wonder Years.

If you could change only one thing about the world, what would it be?
I would want everyone in the world to recognize their worth and potential. How awesome would that be?

What does love feel like to you?
Just safe.

You have a time machine and can go back to change one decision in your life. What is it?
My haircut circa late 9th grade-early Sophomore year. Man+perm+Pat on SNL...no joke.

A lesson you learned early?
My mom & dad are my friends.

A lesson you learned late?
I can not control anyone elses choices but my own.
{Thank you Dr. Phil.}

What are you going to do today?
Wash pink marker off Chloe’s face and belly, clean my office a little, scrapbook, prolly watch Oprah, go on a stroll around the block, dance with Bow to "Apologize", Call Hitachi about our broken tv, consume at least 4 clementines, & make some progress on my blasted Christmas cards. {Hopefully}

{Happy Weekend!}


Orange you glad...

One of my {very} very favorite things about Christmastime is:
orange season.

I am one of those who {loves} to find a large orange in the toe of my stocking.

I try to have orange slices with every meal possible.

I'll even cut some orange rings when I'm feeling {extra} festive.

My hands smell like oranges 24/7 December-February...

We just purchased a large box o' some Cuties @ Costco.
{Love 'em because they are even easier to peel!}


{A cutie for my cutie.}

Happy Wednesday!


wouldn't you agree....

...that skinny jeans on toddlers might be the cutest thing ever?

busy BUSY busy working on:

*out of town packages to family & friends

*holiday cards

*bazzill assignments

*class projects for the store

*cleaning up the {pure carnage o' house} from last week

* doin' laundry up the wazoo


*opening the windows to enjoy the portland-esque type weather

*listening to my {beyond} awesome christmas mix from adorable cousin kate

...mannheim steamroller or bust!

{happy holidays}
*tty tomorrow*

ang, my, bow, & agi



blogger hasn't allowed me to post these all morning!
so hopefully you woke up, sometime around 10:46am.

and these pictures totally struggle, but you get the idea. (:

there is a double spread for each month of baby's first year.
on the left there will be an info page to fill out about your babe, and then on the right...a decorative layout featuring your favorite picture/pictures from that month.

i am working on putting together a kit for chloe right now.
i'll display that @ class, as well as a few other ideas of what to do with the rest of your pictures!

oh, and a cute 8.5x11 three ring album is included.

it'll be a good time.
see some of you friday!

{happy kitting to me!}