angie lately

i am so happy as of late.
*if you don't count my 2 paper cuts, sort-of broken toe, and 3 mini-rug-burns i acquired torpedo-ing down a banana slide at makutu's island today. [don't ask]


i want to cut my hair.
but i don't.
but i do.
but i don't.
but i do.
but i don't.
{but i do?}


i heart television. i have a crush on jimmy falon & never miss an episode of parenthood. the come-back of glee is highlighted on my calender in pink ink. community is also a never miss. and-in case you were wondering-crystal, andrew, and lee are collectively, my american idols.


i dig my ward so much..it's pure gold-style.
*particularly thankful for these sweet neighbors.


tia rosa's baseline edition...
could be a scary thing for me.


speaking of addictive behavior...
i am quitting soda,


i am thrilled it's general conference season.
*SO excited for this weekend.


my best friend's birthday is tomorrow.
she lives in texas & probably thinks i died because i never return phone calls.
but nevertheless, i wish i could jump on a plane and meet her for lunch.
i love her so much.
always will.


ps: i teared up writing that.


so, guess what?
i know the first 20 presidents of the united states of america.
*chloe taught me.


i hate dieting.
heaven help me.


something more

i printed/framed this lovely
that i got borrowed from this cute blog.

*it's a line from this hymn:

Have I done any good in the world today?
Have I helped anyone in need?

Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad?

If not, I have failed indeed.

Then wake up and do something more
Than dream of your mansion above.

Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure,

A blessing of duty and love

(Hymns, 1985, no. 223).

i used to kind of hate that hymn.
am i allowed to hate hymns?
am i going to hell?

...but as an adult, i seriously love it.

i, angie dunn, can often be found
"dreaming of my mansion above."

*focusing on my own problems
*listing my needs & wants all day in my head
*expecting to be loved exactly how i want to be shown love
*feeling sorry for myself
*longing for days when things will be easy/perfect for me

but the hymn speaks truth.
secret-of-life style.

it's like the savior says,
“he that findeth his life shall lose it:
and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”

i want to practice that more.
i want to be better than i have.
i want to overcome selfishness.

i will wake up and do something more.

*and i'll start with this service project,
so that my family has clean underwear:


wee wee wee

last night, i totally jacked my
"this little piggy had none" toe.

this picture does not do the pain justice,
but trust me....it kind of kills.

don't even ask me how i did it.
i don't know.
all i know is one minute i was walking down the hall,
and the next minute i was doing a ridiculous flamingo-jump,
holding my left foot & trying not to curse.

and then chloe laughed at me.
*my performance was rather entertaining, i'll give 'er that.

but NOW my new pedicure is all messed up,
& my fourth toe is crying wee, wee, wee,
all the way home.


had this song in my head all afternoon

"even though we ain't got money...

i'm so in love with ya honey...

everything will bring a chain of love...

& in the mornin' when i rise...

bring a tear of joy to my eyes...

....and tell me everything's gonna be all right...."



all over my home,
i have mini reminders.

little notes to keep me on track.

to help me remember
god is in charge.

today i learned,
in a very practical way,
that these reminders are indeed helping me
overcome my greatest temptation
which is:

god is good, people.
the atonement's real.
the savior helps us change.
he helps us calm down.
he helps bring clarity.
he sparks creativity.
he gifts mercy at every needed moment.

and because of this,
i am so happy today.

and there is hope i will be tomorrow, too.


eric is a husband

jentry married my little brother on friday.

the wedding was beautiful.
and the celebration-of was 100% fabulous.

the decorators & coordinators
of this party did an awesome job.

pink + purple + orange + zebra...

a magical atmosphere
where good friends and happy family could celebrate....

in, the garden of eden
(aka) my mother's backyard....

ryan was there in spirit/cardboard!....


tender moments...

peeks @ the little sign-in book....

it was a happy, *really, really cute day.

[happy eternity, you guys!]


kiss me, i'm irish

chloe rocks the leprechaun look,
wouldn't ya say?

thanks goes to her
preschool teacher
for being genuinely awesome 24/7.

*because this picture, will forever & always,
make my day.


little artist

are showing up everywhere
around our house.

*it makes me happy.


pie in the sky photography

remember the genius who took these photos of my little family?

well, she&her husband lee started their own new business!
i'd highly recommend!

so talented & so fun to hang out with @ your shoot...

check out their new site & enter the giveaway for
A FREE somethin' somethin' that they have goin'!



livy turns 1

our dear livy turns one tomorrow.

so our family-of-4 had a mini party honoring her.

we had cupcakes.

and prizes.

{and cafe rio!}

happy birthday blondie.
it's been a blessed 365 days.


{all in a days work}

tonight was my
[scrap it simple] class @
scrapbooks etc.

per usual,
i did my pages last night over idol....

and kitted them this afternoony during liv's routine-snooze.

i'm definitely a last minute-er.

& i don't even apologize for it anymore.
*it's just how i roll....

i do my best with what i got.

we had a good time.

thanks for coming ladies!

i really ♥ you!