{all in a days work}

tonight was my
[scrap it simple] class @
scrapbooks etc.

per usual,
i did my pages last night over idol....

and kitted them this afternoony during liv's routine-snooze.

i'm definitely a last minute-er.

& i don't even apologize for it anymore.
*it's just how i roll....

i do my best with what i got.

we had a good time.

thanks for coming ladies!

i really ♥ you!


Sassy said...

I would so ♥ taking one of your classes......what cute pages.....you are so talented!

Kristen said...

I love that your "scrap it simple" pages are way more complicated than anything I would ever even attempt in my life. You're so stinking talented! Way to go!

runningfan said...


And I love that you "don't even apologize" anymore. :)

granny said...

Love that...love life and life will love you back. Really cute pages, girlfriend.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

oh my goodness. you make the CUTEST pages ever. i need to take one of your classes. i always say i'm going to...but then i don't. sigh.

Megan said...

As always I LOVE your pages!! I am so sad that I never get to come to your classes! Maybe one day when the girls are older (hopefully you will still be doing it) :) Love ya Ang!

cori said...

i want your head. for reals. how do you do it? so amazing. so cute!

Heather said...

I was home studying and couldn't attend. These are my favorite pages of yours so far. Any chance you have extra kits available I can purchase?

angiedunn said...

heather! i wish i did for you! i'm so sorry i don't!!! ♥ [sad face]

have a great weekend!

Bev said...

Love them!!! I came by today with $$$ for you....what a nice surprise to come home and find goodies on the porch. I'll bring $$$$ tomorrow to church for you. You'll have to check out one my grands did for their mom's birthday....it's on my blog. You are one talented lady!!