like, basically the most exciting thing ever.

k, world.
my babies are sprouting!!!
{can you see 'em?}
and i'm SUCH a proud little mama.
dozens of teenies are poppin' up galore.
i smile every time i think about those happy little rows.
ya know: just when i was thinkin' arizona couldn't
get anymore beautiful right now-
it did.



this is my sister {in law} bridget:

yes, she is drop-dead gorgeous.
and yes, she is awesome.

she is SO awesome,
that she participates in cool things like this:

she is trying to raise money to support the climb to conquer cancer [which is this weekend]!

it would mean a lot to me {and her} if you could make a donation by clicking this link.

every {little bit} helps!!


i basically hate cancer.
*i know you do too.

let's show cancer who's boss
w/ our debit cards.



a february goal

my goal for february was to rekindle my
love/hate relationship with the treadmill.

so my man, his best friend, and their muscles
moved it's large-ness from my parent's house to our kitchen,
so that the treadmill & i could start dating again.

so far we've rendezvoused 4 nights in a row.

i told myself:
k, i'm just gonna do [at least] 5 minutes a night...no matter what.

*and then once i've been on there for 5 minutes, i always do more.

i'm extremely out of shape,
with no relief in sight....
so for now,
i'm doing one song walking, one song jogging.

*i kinda hate when the long songs are jogging ones.

me & my [pink] ipod shuffle jam to music that inspires.

& one of these days i'll lose a pound.
hasn't happened yet,
but it will.

with every step i feel myself getting stronger.
with every {gallon} of sweat i feel stress lifting.
with every mile mark i pass, i am healing.

i have a little picture of goal-weight angie propped up there.

i'm excited to work myself to that place physically again....but with better perspective, a healthier self-outlook, and an inner confidence that smaller-sized angie has never known.

but in the meantime,
i'll love where i am & who i am.

movin' forward,
"just keep swimming"-style.



today my mom
helped me plant zinnia seeds
in the front planter.

i can't wait for babies to sprout in 1-2 weeks!
*let's all have faith...k?

i'm pretty sure yard work is going to
become a new obsession of mine.

i ♥ it!


*the inside of the house
[on the other hand]
got ignored today....
{and it's obvious.}


reliving the 90s.....

i just discovered this gem-of-a-series on youtube.

i love 90s music with some serious passion.
and lisa loeb.

such a fabulous way to end a fabulous day.

[that rhymed.]


a simple pleasure of mine

cleaning the casa &
jammin' a newly created playlist.

such a joy to me.
i'm in the best mood, like, ever.

*even after jake's ridiculous decision
tonight on the bachelor.

what's on my new playlist?
[thought ya'd never ask....]

*just a bunch of songs
that remind me to
look forward & be happy.


be ok, ingrid michaelson

hard times [come again no more], eastmountainsouth

who i am, jessica andrews

dream, priscilla ahn

hey soul sister, train

wide open spaces, dixie chicks

belief, gavin degraw

gotta have you, the weepies

you found me, the fray

shine on, rascal flats

wishing heart, lisa loeb

better life, keith urban

mouthwash, kate nash

ordinary day, vanessa carlton

our valentines in pictures

the better part of valentine's day
was filled with cranky babies & copious
amounts of antibiotics & tylenol.

but there were redeeming, happy moments too.

pink roses from myron the night before.

love notes & small surprises for the
girls in their mailboxes.

pink mani & pedi for chlo'.

a kid-free
night with my man.

yummy dinner & the best company i could have.

picnic-style, on our wedding quilt, hand-stitched
[yes, i said hand-stitched] by my grandma dixon.



deja vu

why do i have a feeling
that this valentine's
is a repeat of last year's?

same story, different kid.
my poor little asthmatic can't catch-a break.

*at least chloe feels good, right?

happy valentine's day everyone!

*i have a little at-home dinner planned for my man tonight.

i'm excited!


things i love right now

i have this sweet {bluebird of happiness} that my friend cori sent me.
every time i see him chillin' in the window, he reminds me how content i am.

i have inevitable change looming right over me, but i am content in this moment.
it's a beautiful thing.

i love waking up to happy kids.
k, back up...i don't love waking up.
but because i
have to wake up, i'm grateful to be greeted with smiles and love that just radiates from my baby's window-to-the-soul-ish blue eyes.
i also love that chloe calls breakfast, "brefkast."

i love opening every blind, window, and door of the house to let the beauty of february-arizona fill my soul. i also love that my husband sacrifices his preference of the blinds being closed, so that my spirit can feel that light & warmth every day.

i love staying in pjs until whenever i feel like it.
and wearing eyeliner & lipstick only on the days i want.
and i love being happy about both.

i love the home we live in now.
i'm prepared for the possibility that it may not be forever.
but i am grateful for every second we have here - it's been such a gift.

i love the new perspective that i have been blessed with lately.
and the inspired people & god-given tender mercies that have helped that be manifested.

i love my trials because they are teaching me to really, legit-ly pray.
....and that "every-hour-i-need-thee" kinda prayer is bringing me peace that i've seriously never known before.

i love hulu.
i love that even though the economy is lame & i can't afford cable/dvr...
i can still watch my shows after my babies go to bed.

i love my family.
i love my husband's family.
i love my myron-chloe-livy-me, family.
i love that we all chose each other.
i love what we can/will/are teaching each other.
and i love that we have eternity together because i'm a pretty freakin' slow learner.

i love music.
i love how for every mood there's a matching playlist.
from mo-tab: you fill my spiritual cup, to billy joe armstrong: you make my heart swoon.
i love it all.

i love to create.
i am completely giddy at the thought that since i'm cutting back on work a ton.....i {might} be able to make time to do a few diddies for me & my fam/friends.

i love the gospel of Jesus Christ.
there isn't a piece of me that doubts it's truthfulness.

i love peeps.
ya know: that candy that people love or hate.
*i love.
and i'm going to eat some right now.



isn't it lovely how $1.29
{minus some hobby-lobby-30%-off-love}
can make a child's world so magical?

chloe is so excited to give her preschool
buddies valentines....everyday she wakes up-
"momma, is it valentine-day yet?"

she picked hello kitty.
*good choice chlo'.

she's still training to be a professional
name writer, so we attached this little touch
to the back, so she could get her practice.

tie on some conversation hearts,
and you're good to go, my love!


i have a.d.d.

six months or so ago i decided....
k, i'm gonna start a little at-home mommy biz.

studio angieinpink was born.

i made business cards.
i advertised.
i got the best/sweetest clients.
i made many-a invite and scrapbook.

i loved it & it's been SUCH a blessing to me & my posse.

{thank you from the bottom of my ♥ to those who supported my endeavors!}

as it turns out, it's not for me.
*not right now at least.

i'm steppin out of studio angieinpink for a while.

i might post in the etsy when i feel like it...

and i'm keeping a *few* of my regular clients,
as well as all my february commitments.

but after listening to that little voice inside of me....

i've come to the conclusion that i just
need to be a mommy and a wife right now.

& i'm prepared to make some hard sacrifices to do so.

i feel a need to focus more on these babes
that mean more than anything to me:

& dedicate more time to my monthly day of fun
@ my real job, scrapbooks etc.

speakin' of which....
i have a class tomorrow!
here are the pages!

*photography by porter house photography

i'm making a few extra kits,
so if you want to: sign up! :)

i'd LOVE to see you!



shop update!!!

since valentines is-what?...
a week away....

i put these sweet items
a few others in my shop today!!!

{check it out!}
tell your friends
[*if you want]

{no matter what}
just remember:
i love ya!



biscuits & gravy

does your family ever have breakfast food
on paper plates for dinner?

we do.


taking care of myself

today consisted of
lots of {awesome} angie-forgetfulness,
some *very-minor* humiliation,
the beginnings of a migraine headache.

but since i'm in the new business of being my own best friend,
i've decided to forget about all of that,
& treat myself to a night of things that make my heart swoon.

tonight =
an evening full of:

sorting vintage buttons
my boyfriend, simon cowell.

{with a side of dasani & tylonol pm.}

*i'm already feeling better. :)


february :: my favorite month

i love february.

perfect arizona weather month.

and the month that we

celebrate l-o-v-e, love.

january of this year

was among the best months of my life.

{no exaggeration.}

it was full of personal growth for me.

february will

prove itself

{that much better}

[i can feel it.]

i baked some heart shaped brownies

this afternoon

{just for fun}


i’ve written a little list of

things i’ll be blogging about

this month.

{in no particular order}

♥ a studio angieinpink valentine-y shop update, {very soon}

♥ a new dunn tradition

♥ an upcoming class @ scrapbooks etc.

♥ my little february goal

♥ details of a romantic date planned with my man

♥ cookie baking

chloe’s not-so-homemade valentines

♥ “things i love”

♥ an ode to abe lincoln


♥ a debut of a massively never-ending/almost-finished

project i’ve been working on....

can’t wait to share

it all.

heart ya lots!

{happy february}