a love story

when i picture the perf
valentine's day
in my head,
i see lovely images of :

*delectable frosted sugar cookies
*lots of pink & red
*smiles & hugs
*notes of love
*hot dates with a favorite redhead
*hand holding
*sugar by the bucket loads
*fun valentines for family, friends, and neighbors
*random acts of kindness
*breakfast in bed
*sweet texts

but i don't so much
think of:

the croup.

that's right:

our curly-headed toddler has unfortunately been stricken with a nasty bug here on the day/week of love.

yesterday, she even said to me
[in her sickie-mini-man-voice.]
"momma, i just can't eben smile today."
{sad face.}

my heart goes out to her & her runny nose.
[fer real.]

yesterday i started feeling sorry for myself too.
i sarcastically thought/voiced to whoever would listen:
"great, my girl is sick."
"great, i might get sick."
"great, she might get other people sick."
"fabulous, i'm going to get NO sleep tonight."

plans to frost sugar cookies &
make personalized handmade things for my fam
kinda fell by the wayside.

yesterday was [instead] dedicated to cuddling.
watching endless episodes of dora with my warm, shivering girl.
taking naps-a-plenty.
{and hand washing instead of holding.}


this morn around 4:03am we were up for tylenol dose #456.

i rocked my sad, miserable, croupy girl, cuddled next to the freezing open window.

and i think i had more love in my heart at that very moment
than i ever have before on any other valentine's day.

at that instant, i felt an OOC sense of gratitude for the opportunity i have to
love & nurture.

*we both fell asleep,
mid angie-happy-tears & chloe-sad-tears.


around 7:20, my man woke me up to say peace out.
he was off to work for 2-8hour shifts.
[and yes, that's a 16 hour day.]

he does it for us.
{because he loves us.}

and as i said goodbye back,
i felt the same feeling of gratitude for the
opportunity i have in my life to
be loved & nurtured.


this valentine's {may not} be filled with hot dates all dressed up, elaborate handmade cards, candle light dinners, and fun frosting sugar cookies...

but it is filled with love.
{and love is all i need.}

happy valentine's day!


Lisa said...

That so heart-breaking that she couldn't even smile. Tear.

That feeling when your overcome with love... Jared and I call "All filled up".

Unknown said...

A True and Lovely Love Story.
You are and incredible example of seeing.
I am sending you some sugar xoxoxo!!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Give Baby Gurl a kiss for me on each cheek.

Happy Heart Day!

reddladybug said...

Another "too cute" post for a "too cute" girl and fam. Heart ya!

rachbechep said...

angie, you're awesome.
think i tell you that often enough?! cause i really think you are.

hope chloe gets better soon!!!

Beth Curtis said...

poor Chloe! That is so sad. I hope she feels better soon. You are awesome!

Coree Adams said...

That touched my heart...sorry Chloe is sick! I hope she feels better soon and that you don't get sick and that you get to spend some time with your man! LOVE YAS!

Unknown said...

Angie, I am so sorry to hear Chloe is sick. She could never ask for a more wonderful, loving and caring Mom as you! You are truly an inspiration.

Unknown said...

What a great attitude. We've got a sicky-sick girl who was up more often last night than when she was a newborn, and I am happy to say that I was glad she was feeling cuddly. (Just not so glad it was when I wanted to be sleeping.) I hope she's on the mend soon and that you don't get sick either! xo

granny said...

Well said and well felt.

m = michelle said...


great post. I'm feeling the love girl

Unknown said...

sorry Miss Chloe is sick and yes the best thing for them is the outside weather. I know and it is freezing out now.

I told people my marriage advice is:
have faith in God(I would say this is numerial uno, mos importante)
, be honest to each other, most of all remember to thank them for everything they do for you,(we do this all the time and my husband thanks me for dinner every day, or everytime I cook, etc.) Very lovely!

remember the simple things matter most, remember to always love each other and open up communication and just be happy!

But, get some rest and I will make you some cookies. :)

The Wizzle said...

This is all true. :)

Give Chloe a kiss from Eve, who often has croup and knows it stinks.

Kaytie Brown said...

Oh MAN! Sorry you had a sick litte girlie :( SO true about love. It CAN be hot dates, cards, and frosted cookies (which is always fun). But its really great when its just plain for reals love.

Unknown said...

all you need is love
all you need is loOove!

you're such a sweet momma!

Sassy said...

I can't eben smile...how cute is that??? I ♥ your posts! What cute little gifts in your photo!!! YOU ARE EVERYONE'S FAVORITE VALENTINE LITTLE MISS ANGIE GIRL!

amy mo said...

That was the sweetest Valentine's post I've ever read. I love how you find happiness in everything. :)