a place for everything {and everything in it's place}

february [thus far] has been pretty much amazing.

i've had time to do things that i haven't had time to do in a really long time.

1. relax
2. be lazy
3. over sleep
4. grow a baby full-time style

{it's been heaven.}

whilst paryting 24/7 @ the dixon res,
i've managed to get a couple lil projects/randomicity done.

and i have muchos more on my
[nesting season]
before baby olivia makes her entrance
exactly one month [minus 5-ish hours] from this very moment.

remember question #1 on this post?

well, thanks to you & your awesome.com advice,
i was inspired to rid my life of the above un-needed documents, statements, etc...that have filled 1/3 of my craft room closet forev, it seems.

i have saved {everything} since i got married 6 years ago
& office max boxes filled with papers were kinda plotting to take over our dunn-existence.

so....i shredded my life away for the better part of a saturday.
[it was extremely boring.]
{and annoying.}
[but suprisingly satisfying/theraputic.]

all i saved was tax docs, important house papers, 1 years worth of bill statements, and random files/personal stuff/receipts, etc...that i knew i'd need.

i went from 6+ boxes of semi-untouched paperwork, to this:

three happy little plastic organizational folders compliments of walmart.

*i heart polka dots, stripes, and bright colors.

[...and labeling things with stickers.]

my files are marked with
little bright baby post-its...

{...so i can change them if i need to.}

it felt [fab] having recycle-bin-man come & take away my shredded clutter.

as in: i am so glad to have this project


a place for everything
[and everything in it's place.]

...makes me feel like a new woman/girl!

{happy friday everyone!}


m = michelle said...

SO JEALOUS!!!! I wish my paperwork was even as organized as when you STARTED that project. I might not be able to breathe if it was all in super cute golders with bright post-it notes. :)

Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

I too, wish my paper work look like that all organized! :) That makes me want to go throught my file cabniets and get rid of stuff/junk! :) I can't believe your little one is almost here :) Time sure does fly! Good Luck with everything :) Have a great weekend and a great Valentine's Day! :)

Kaelene said...

So, if you weren't 8.5 months preggers, I would soooooooooooo bribe you to come over and motivate me to get to that same point with my papers! Jorge and I pretty much save every dang thing, too!
And how cute is Chloe?? She is losing her baby face and becoming a little lady! Good thing you've got another one on the way to be the baby, huh??

runningfan said...

Congrats on your catharsis. Glad to see you're enjoying your sabbatical so much! As for Friday the 13th, no worries for you! Ty's birthday has been fab so far, his birth rocked the house (also Friday the 13th), and Olivia is sure to make an amazing entrance no matter what day it is!

Cassie said...

So cute, I love it.

Dari said...

I am oober jealous of not only your organizing skills but the cute way that you do it too!! You are awesome ;)

P.S. I am bad at commenting lately because of google reader too. I am trying to make an effort, that way I can ask for comments back tee hee

The Wizzle said...

Beautiful! It's just beautiful.

Lisa said...

Ohhh... I bet that felt so good! Getting rid of stuff is so liberating.

VICKI IN AZ said...

Love you Ang. Thank you for the inspiration. Can you believe two months in a row with a Fri. 13th?
Thanks for the comment, it made my day!!

amanda p. said...

Um since you're nesting, could you come over? I need my kitchen and family room repainted, my closet organized and all the girlies toys organized and put way up high in the closet/or away to the attic. Thanks!

ps- let me know when you're on your way... I'll make brownies :)

becky said...

wow!!! what a big project! you should be a personal organizer while you're not scrapbooking or growing a babe. seriously. i'd hire you.

Jenn said...

Can you come live with me for a week? I need organization like no other!!!

Matt & Lynsey Evans said...

You've inspired me once again. I gotta get me some cute polka dot folders to organize my bills with! It's on my Monday TO DO list now!

Matt & Lynsey Evans said...

You've inspired me once again. I gotta get me some cute polka dot folders to organize my bills with! It's on my Monday TO DO list now!

Sassy said...

YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT EXAMPLE! I have boxes and boxes of papers that need to be reduced down...way down...I would ♥ having it all fit into three books...my goal is to be organized before our son gets home from his mission in August...let's hope anyway!!!