under the leafy treetops

right now i'm just tryin' to hardcore savor
livy's newborn-ness & the arizona springtime
while i can.

'cause let's get real:
{they'll both be gone before we know it.}

time is fleeting.
*and sometimes that makes me sad.

but yay for mini-moments...
[like this one under granny's lemon tree]

...that are tattooed on my angie-heart forever.

here's to:
growing babies,
simple pleasures,
a bright future ahead.

{happy weekend!}


recipe for a happy morning

one husband on his day off

two strollers

four nike shoes

a walk through the neighborhood to target

thirty-ish minutes to kill

three drinks for the way home

four smiles
[yes: olivia is starting to smile]

a couple hundred calories burned

[one sweet memory made]

{i love mondays...}
*hope you had a happy one too!


on this lovely arizona afternoon

me & my girl
[the bigger one]
baked daddy some homemade rolls
for his workday-lunches.

we bagged 'em up by twos &
stuck 'em in the deep freeze
for future retrieval.

they'll make delightful
mini-ish turkey sandwiches.

*the house smells
[pretty much] divine.

[happy saturday!]


maternity leave ends here

this little lamb turned six whole weeks today.

which means:
maternity leave is over, folks.

{i have}
lots of scrapbook work to attend to during
nap times
lots {
& lots} of pounds to shed
lots of fun
angie-plans/daydreams to make realities.

[time to get to work.]

i've been feeling inspired & extra-excited about life today.

*i love that feeling.

{i think i'm slowly gettin' my groove back.}

happy weekend!


yet another reason why i love him.

he believes in flying kites
on windy days.


bad news & good news

i've been working on a post

*an angie-critique
of AI's top 7

it was a long-ish blog,
stating my humble opinions of our
beloved american idols.

it spoke of things like:

* how i could listen to pretty boy
kris' rendish of "falling slowly"
over & over & over.

and gokey's stylish glasses
annoup-dawg's cockiness.

[and how adam reminds me of
japanese animation.]

{among other things.}


i worked hard on this post....

typing one handed whist feeding my child in the wee hours of the morn.


and guess what?

[it didn't save.]

it is nowhere to be found in the history of blogdom.



but the good news is:

they saved my matt g!!!

so: i love life again.

{happy thursday!}


my heart...

...is full today.

full of [love] for these two beauties.


*full of [gratitude] for a savior,
Jesus Christ,
who has made it possible
for me to live with
my little family
forever & ever.

[i know that my
Redeemer lives.]

{happy easter!}



3 years & one day ago,
this was me:

4 weeks & 4-ish hours ago,
this was me:

so far:
best two moments of my life,
"by a country mile."-as simon cowell would say.

oh, ya know,
with the exception of this moment:

{that was a pretty dang great day too!}


[happy 3 years], sweet chloe.

and [happy one month], little liv.

you both bring purpose to my life & joy to my heart.

*& you too, myron.


ps: for a festively-cute post about chloe's birthday extravaganza, go here.


i wasn't lying.

saturday's loves:

*baby liv
*almost-three-year-olds & her my-little-ponies
*general conference weekend!
*my favorite security officer getting off at 2
*starburst jelly beans


here's the plan stan

i don't really have the brain power or energy to blog anymore.

so, i'll just keep posting pictures of my
really sweet baby
until i think of something semi-interesting-ish to write about.


happy weekend everyone!