bad news & good news

i've been working on a post

*an angie-critique
of AI's top 7

it was a long-ish blog,
stating my humble opinions of our
beloved american idols.

it spoke of things like:

* how i could listen to pretty boy
kris' rendish of "falling slowly"
over & over & over.

and gokey's stylish glasses
annoup-dawg's cockiness.

[and how adam reminds me of
japanese animation.]

{among other things.}


i worked hard on this post....

typing one handed whist feeding my child in the wee hours of the morn.


and guess what?

[it didn't save.]

it is nowhere to be found in the history of blogdom.



but the good news is:

they saved my matt g!!!

so: i love life again.

{happy thursday!}


mamamuniz said...

Don't you love it when computers do that! I'm sure the post would have been great.

runningfan said...

Aw, bummer! I would have loved all your opinions. Mom told me you'd like to vote off Paula, that had me ROFLing! So true.

•stephanie• said...

"adam reminds me of japanese animation" . . .
you nailed it ~ dawg.
good call angie!

p.s. go danny!

Coree Adams said...

AMEN to everything you just said! Kris makes my heart go pitter patter. I too am soooo glad that Matt got saved! I'm just scared for who is going home next week now.

Unknown said...

I love Danny also and Adam.
How are those girlies? How are you late nightish, morning feedings?
Think of you!
take care!

Unknown said...

i'm also glad they saved matt... but i'm rooting for kris. what a cutie! am i right? am i right?

The Roberts Family said...

i love Adam and Kris but so happy they saved Matt!!!

Anonymous said...

i am SO glad they saved Matt!!!! I think he deserved another chance :)

Holly said...

Angie, I am going to marry Matt.
So you can be related! Maybe we can invite his twin brother to the reception. Justin Timberlake always serves for good entertainment.
But I'm not gonna lie, the off-centered mole is gonna have to go before the big day. Just sayin.
i heart you Ang,
{and matt too!}

Ashley said...

Awww I wish I could see the whole post! I love AI posts, of course. Who doesn't? :) And I too was happy they saved Matt! Even though he had a rough week, I love him and didn't want to see him go! Lil should go next.