21 reasons why i'm jealous of croatia...

dear croatia,

i’m not gonna lie, i’m finding myself {a tad} bit jealous you. ‘cause for the next 365+365 days, the citizens of your country will be enjoying the company of this boy:

1. a boy who has been my cute freckled little bro for the past 19-ish years.

2. a boy who is selfless.

3. a boy who loves to work.

4. a boy who is so stinking hilarious.

5. a boy who is without guile.

6. a boy who lives life to the very fullest.

7. a boy who is incredibly talented.

8. a boy that is service oriented.

9. a boy who is humble.

10. a boy who is wise beyond his years.

11. a boy who hearts his family.

12. a boy who has a million-point-nine friends.

13. a boy who can do hard things & proves it.

14. a boy who stands up for what he believes in.

15. a boy who is genuine.

16. a boy who is sensitive to the needs of others.

17. a boy who is fun to be around.

18. a boy who always knows the right things to say.

19. a boy who prepared his whole life to preach the gospel to you.

20. a boy who has faith.

21. a boy who loves the Lord.


so, it’s okay croatia. I know he’s visiting you for the right reasons. i’ll totally lend ya this boy while ya make ‘im a man. {and what an awesome man he’ll be, no doubt.}

but take care of him, k? don’t feed him {too nasty of food.} and please remind him every once in a while that his big sis ang is cheering him on every step of the way. { i love you r-dawg!}

♥, me


calling all mommies, grandmommies, and anyone who knows little people

well guys, it's official.

pre-k aged children who reside in az, just got {a lot} luckier.

why you ask?

answer: because one of the coolest people i know is starting an at-home preschool.

and knowing "grandma goose" {aka the fabulous kayola skinner}...it's going to be the funnest, most creative, happy, loving learning environment ever.

kayola has all kinds of experience with kids. she's worked for years as an aide & teacher preparing kids for kindergarten. {and did a dang good job @ it} children & teaching are totally her passion & i just recommend her like crazy!

so, if you are looking for a preschool for your kiddo this year...this is the place, i tell ya:

grandma goose's alphabet cottage
{seriously: could that name be any cuter?}

*and here are the details:

registration begins saturday august 23rd @ 1:00

classes start september 3rd
{the wednesday following labor day}

classes are mon, wed, fri
tentatively from 9am-12pm & 12:30pm-3:30pm

class size will be no larger than six students
ages 3 1/2-5
{child turning 3 no later than march 2008}
*must be potty trained

if you are interested in this amazing opportunity for your kiddo:
please contact my friend kayola at

***on a personal note:
i just hafta say how awesome this woman is. she was my neighboor in my old 'hood & i just adore her. she's one of those people that instantly made the {kindred spirt list} in my book. she's honest, totally genuine, kind, hilarious, sweet, hard working, strong, inspiring, and just pure awesome. trust me: your kids will be in fabulous hands! my chloe's too little still {and it's lookin' like she might not be potty trained until she's 7, haha}...or else i'd be the first one in line, for sure!


i'm takin' the rest o' the week/weekend off blogging.

fun fam will be in town {my sissy, nephews & cousins!}

come back monday for a special feature post:
"21 reasons why i'm jealous of croatia."

until then...

{happy thursday}

july scrapbooking...

for those of you that are interested/
need to see what kits were available in class this month...

here's what went down:

page kit paradise


thanks to all of you who came/got class kits!

{happy scrappin'}


one quarter o' a century

in keepin' w/ the tradish,
i present {to you} this year's birthday memoirs:


24 things i’ve learned while being 24

1. i have learned that i shouldn’t drop off mr. miyagi @ the groomer when chloe’s in tow ‘cause she will think i am giving him away forever & will cry “agi, agi, no, agi, agi, no!” for a heart-breaking half hour.

2. i have learned that staying up all night for 1.8 nights in a row, will cause very deep slumber the third day, resulting in sleep waking to the mailbox down the street & consequently having a minor panic attack upon waking up & not having a clue how i got there/where my child is/etc.

3. i have learned that starting a blog dedicated to healthful living doesn’t magically make me motivated or skinny. and i might have only lost 9 pounds in twelve weeks. {and that’s okay and happy.} *read my success story here.

4. i have learned that i’m not a procrastinator; i simply have a hard time deciding where to begin. [this continues to be an empowering discovery for me!]

5. i have learned that there is life after pepsi…but, i can however go 7 weeks without it, take a sip in a moment of weakness, and fall directly back in love. {don’t try this at home…it’s painful.}

6. i have learned that i will always cry {at least a few} tears of disappointment when i find a pregnancy test to be negative…even on the months i don’t necessarily desire to be preggo.

7. i have learned that the comfort of gap {long&lean} ankle-length jeans are sooo worth the money to my short & awkward-waist-to-butt-ratio-ed self.

8. i have learned that life is crazily unpredictable. {in a cool way.} unemployment is super crappy & stressful, as well as other trials o’ life. but necessary & important for growth. and if ya just make it through: there’ll be bucket loads of silver lining to be discovered.

9. i have learned that being in the primary presidency is only 1/2- 1/3 as scary as i expected it would be.

10. i have learned that kaboom {rocks the house} and is the only cleaning agent that will make my cheap-ish, plasticy shower look somewhat clean.

11. i have learned that as soon as it’s humanly poss, it’s my greatest dream to be a super-full-time stay at home mom. i plan to sacrifice any house or amount of money to eventually do this.

12. i have learned that every time i try to pay my bills online, i mess somethin’ up & pay the wrong person/account. and that i should just stick to the old-school way of paying bills ‘cause i’m cool slash lame like that.

13. i have learned that my man would go to the end of the earth {if necessary} & move mountains {literally} for his girls.

14. i have learned that I have no business {or fun} shopping at scottsdale fashion square. ghetto-fab superstition shall always remain my favorite mall. discount racks + 2 wetzel pretzel locations = my kinda shopping joint.

15. i have learned that i’m not a consistent/good texter or emailer or cell phone charger-ist.

16. i have learned that when i ignore how much gas costs, my quality of life increases dramatically.

17. i have learned that white bed sheets are super boring but beyond practical…and i’m totally converted.

18. i have learned that if i continue to say {yes} to every extracurricular assignment & opportunity, i am sacrificing a heaping-handful of sanity and at least three years off my life.

19. i have learned that chloe will eventually be potty trained & ditch the binky. but she’ll only be two once…so there’s no need to be in such a hurry. {i don’t care what the doctor says.}

20. i have learned that this year i want to start planning for christmas {much earlier} than i did last year.

21. i have learned & finally acknowledged that the lemon cleanse is sort of extreme & kinda stupid. {for me @ least}

22. i have learned that my fam & the gospel are my only true assets.

23. i have learned that “bees” are airplanes, “barbie” is audrey, “mommy” is granny & grandma, “pin-cess” is princess, “bebe” is jesus, “bu-bye” is car, “li-einsens” is little einsteins, “ju-ju” is juice, & “angie” is mommy {in chloe-language.}

24. and...i have learned that i really don’t know much at all & thus stressing just isn’t worth it.

this next year of life…i’m strivin’ to put it all in the Lord’s hands, baby!!

happy belated july 10th!

{thanks to all who made it such a happy day!}