calling all mommies, grandmommies, and anyone who knows little people

well guys, it's official.

pre-k aged children who reside in az, just got {a lot} luckier.

why you ask?

answer: because one of the coolest people i know is starting an at-home preschool.

and knowing "grandma goose" {aka the fabulous kayola skinner}...it's going to be the funnest, most creative, happy, loving learning environment ever.

kayola has all kinds of experience with kids. she's worked for years as an aide & teacher preparing kids for kindergarten. {and did a dang good job @ it} children & teaching are totally her passion & i just recommend her like crazy!

so, if you are looking for a preschool for your kiddo this year...this is the place, i tell ya:

grandma goose's alphabet cottage
{seriously: could that name be any cuter?}

*and here are the details:

registration begins saturday august 23rd @ 1:00

classes start september 3rd
{the wednesday following labor day}

classes are mon, wed, fri
tentatively from 9am-12pm & 12:30pm-3:30pm

class size will be no larger than six students
ages 3 1/2-5
{child turning 3 no later than march 2008}
*must be potty trained

if you are interested in this amazing opportunity for your kiddo:
please contact my friend kayola at

***on a personal note:
i just hafta say how awesome this woman is. she was my neighboor in my old 'hood & i just adore her. she's one of those people that instantly made the {kindred spirt list} in my book. she's honest, totally genuine, kind, hilarious, sweet, hard working, strong, inspiring, and just pure awesome. trust me: your kids will be in fabulous hands! my chloe's too little still {and it's lookin' like she might not be potty trained until she's 7, haha}...or else i'd be the first one in line, for sure!


i'm takin' the rest o' the week/weekend off blogging.

fun fam will be in town {my sissy, nephews & cousins!}

come back monday for a special feature post:
"21 reasons why i'm jealous of croatia."

until then...

{happy thursday}


Sassy said...

Angie...could you be any sweeter...oh my stars...what a nice surprise!!!! YOU'RE DA BOMB! Love ya!!!!!xoxoxoxo

stephanie said...

you are the nicest, sweetest person i know...that was so nice to do this post for my mom..you are a GREAT friend to do this for her..love ya!

and this will be the GREATEST preschool EVER thanks for spreading the word!

Natalie said...

Hello...the cutest package arrived the other day. Thank you so much. LOVE it all! I already put all the pages together. I will be down this weekend so we can talk $$$. Thanks also for the cute polka dotted clothes. I will always think of you. :) I'll have Lyns help me get in touch...
:) Many thanks!

Dewitt's said...

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the post! We had recently just moved and I was not happy with any of the schools out by us and hadn't signed Paris up for school and felt a bit panicked as Aug. is around the corner! Your post made me excited and I emailed kayola right away and needless to say Paris is on the list! ; )

Jenaye said...

So Miss Angie Dunn...
I finally made my stinkin' blog!

and the school sounds really neat..
too bad I'm only 18 and my mother would kill me if I had a kid right now