mickey mania

a couple of weeks ago,
i taught
mickey mania
*a disney class
scrapbooks, etc.

it was super fun.

so fun,
that i've decided to
repeat myself.

i'm teaching the
same class/same layouts
november 16th

10 single spread layouts
[double spreads to copy]

if you're interested,
hit up #480-854-2303


he loves me

most days
i realize
on an even
more hardcore
& deeper level,

that patience is a virtue.
[that i don't have.]

mealtime w/ ghandi [chloe]
bedtime with the
uninterested [chloe & livy]
are particularly challenging times
for my non-patient personality.


nearly every night,
post-tucking my babes in bed
{for the 4000th round}...

& after a loud,
heavy and equally obnoxious sigh...
i say a little prayer.

"k, heavenly father,
i'll try a little harder tomorrow...
i promise."

and then,
{a heaven-sent
reply *always comes}:

images like the
ones above
appear in my brain,
to simply remind me
that my efforts
are worth it,
give me courage
to try again.


i could be wrong,
but {i think}
that's heavenly father's
code-way of saying,

"i love you, angie"


my matching grills

my sister in law,
{bloggerly known as the wizzle}
made/sewed these sweet TDF dresses for my girls.

how generous, amazing, thoughtful, huh?
*ya, pretty much.

i absolutely
love them.
{& my babes wearing them.}

*thanks again
aunt rachel!


come be festive...

2301 E. University Dr. #240

Mesa, AZ 85213

it'll be fun.
[cute too!]

{mark your calendars, k?}


because i believe in the freedom of speech

this blog is about me.

my opinions.

my beliefs.

my convictions.

my family.

my favorites.

my bad times.

my celebrations.

my feelings.

my worries.

my joys.

i am so grateful to live in a country where i can blog

{in lowercase} about my little life.

i am so grateful to live in a country

where i can express my angie-self.

i am so grateful to live in a country

where i have a voice.

*god bless america.


because i believe in the freedom of speech, i have decided to post my concerns & feelings about our current america.

i am a lover, not a fighter.

but right now, i feel it necessary & appropriate to stand up for what i believe in.

i want there to be no question the principles and values i stand for.

i have dear friends, family, and acquaintances that disagree with me on political issues and that’s totally okay. everyone is entitled to their own beliefs! we can still love & appreciate one another.

i think it’s essential to remember that just because someone has a different opinion & concerns, doesn’t automatically make them intolerant, small-minded, a hater, a racist, uneducated, or unkind.


remember this post?

well, on that day in november i was feeling hopeful. i was cautiously optimistic when a man, who seemed to have {very} different ideas than me, was voted into office. i celebrated with america as wonderful history was made & change was promised.

and now, on this day in september, i am still feeling hopeful. but i have real concerns about the “change” that is coming to pass.

i respect president obama for the office in which he holds & child of God that he is. i think he is a very articulate, smart, capable person. i just have a hard time trusting him & his administration based on the decisions that have been made, the company that they keep, and the issues that are currently on the table.

i believe that the problems we are facing with this administration have been a long time comin’. i would agree that passed administrations [including bush] have made mistakes too.

but i also [know] that there is a better way to fix what is broken than to,

[quoting obama] “fundamentally {transform} the united states of america."

so: because the federal government works for me [and you!], i have decided to stand up for the things i believe in.

today i attended & enjoyed a very organized, peaceful, inpsiring tea party at the state capitol,

along with my awesome dad & a group of other concerned arizonans.

*i took a stand against the healthcare bill in it’s current form.

*i took a stand against the excessive spending in Washingtion.

*i took a stand against cap and trade.

*i took a stand against tax increases in a struggling economy.

*i took a stand against the shady czars working with the president.

*i took a stand against big government.

*i took a stand for the principles & values that I hold dear.

*i took a stand in defending the constitution.

*i took a stand for freedom.


9 years ago, i visited new york city.

i had no idea that within a year, the twin towers i visited would be there no longer.

on september 11th, 2001 there was great tragedy here in america- one that i pray never repeats itself. it was through that experience that i gained an even deeper testimony of freedom & appreciation for liberty. i saw a country that was hurting & scared, come together & be strong.

such memories inspire the guts out of me to cling to my belief that this country is unstoppable & that we ALL have a voice!

i am not some "right-wing-nut-job."

i am just a momma who wants her babies to enjoy freedom.

i am grateful to a God in heaven who blessed me to live in such an awesome country.

i believe he also blessed each of us with a heart to discern and a voice to be heard.


so, to my government, with my voice,

i boldly declare:

don’t tread on me.



i am remembering.

i will post my thoughts.


everything [but the kitchen sink]

is apparently what a
family of 4
has to pack for a
weekend overnighter

thanks for the good times

we love you!


it's preschool day

chloe LOVES preschool.
{ps: so do i.}

love that she's
learning new things
and experiencing socialization
away from her
hermit-ville mama.

and could her teacher
{grandma goose}
be any cuter?
no-she's amazing.

not very many things
have us dunn girls
& happy in the morning.

but preschool
{and a muscle milk for the road}
is something to always
look forward to.

can't wait to see ya @ noon, sister.