as political as i get

today i voted.

[and it felt good.]

i voted for the people & propositions that i feel {best} represent what i believe in.

i am a conservative.

i believe in small government.

i believe in spreading opportunity.

i believe that people [myself included] need to earn their piece of the american pie.

i believe in the importance of succeeding in iraq.

i believe in the second amendment; i am against gun control.

i believe in protecting marriage between a man & a woman.

i believe life begins at conception; i am pro life.

i believe we need to go back to what our founding fathers envisioned for this country {life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness} & not move forward & change into a socialistic society.

in conclusion:

i wasn’t thrilled with my options today.

but I will say this:

whoever wins the white house

may god bless & help him,

fer reals.

{happy seeing the light @ the end of this seemingly endless-election- season-tunnel!!}


Coree Adams said...


Coree Adams said...


Unknown said...

Remember Ms. Angie that times have been a changin'....and to a degree in which our founding fathers could not have envisioned even in their wildest dreams. When times change, so must the way we view things. Now I think it takes a lot of courage to write the things you did on your blog....I don't have that courage which is why I am choosing to remain annonymous(sp?) But just keep in mind that thousands of years ago no one could have thought of the world we live in today. People who are gay are spiratul, giving, honorable members of society and above all are human. Those who have decided to end their child's life because of circumstances....is a hard thing for any mother to do. You may not know who has had one or needed to have one and thanked the Lord every day after that for allowing her to have that choice. They could be your friend, church member, or quiet possibly someone who takes your classes and scrapbooks next to you. If you believe in the pursuit of happiness then it should be for everyone...not just the "the righteous ones". I think that if our world focused its attention on helping others in need and taking care of our own messed up America and government then we can start worrying about how to help others. You are a brave brave woman and I thank you for letting me comment on your blog. This is why America is so great....you can post a blog and have others disagree with you and have the peace that you won't be hunted down and killed:)

runningfan said...

Way to put yourself out there...again! I so admire you!

granny said...

It is so true that we are completely blessed in this country to be able to share our beliefs and opinions without fear. Thanks, Angie, for sharing yours. If our anonymous commenter knew you just a little better he/she would know that you would be the very last person on earth to judge anyone else for having a different opinion, making a different choice, or living a different life style. You are the kindest and most sensitive soul I know. It is good that we can all agree to disagree and vote according to our beliefs.

Kate said...

Word. I agree with Granny. An opinion, or point of view, is not a judgement. Believing doesn't mean not loving those who believe differently. (I love my family, for example, even though I totally disagree with at least half of what they think!) :) Thanks for being brave enough to share.

Unknown said...

Way to go!
Just remember to Teach your kids the constitution because when the country falls apart, and it will, we will need a generation to be able to stand up and LEAD!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for putting into a few words my thoughts and beliefs and hopes for our nation. And I hope you are not too distressed over the anonymous poster-for I know you are sensitive care a lot about what people think and wouldn't hurt a soul. And guess what-I met your super awesome mom at the funeral the other day. It felt like I was a movie star fan! ;)

MeL said...

Holla! I too wasn't in love with our options this year, and I'm not going to lie, am a bit nervous for the next four years. Sighhh, I suppose now more than ever we all need to get our ducks in a row!

Marisa and Rob said...

Amen to everything you just said!!! We were not too happy either with the options today. But your right may god bless them and help them.

Have a great day!!! :) Love picture too

•stephanie• said...

I agree with all you said, and I'm thankful to live in a country where you CAN say whatever you feel.

The most important thing we can do right now, is pray, Pray, PRAY for our country and its leaders.

I am a little jealous of Drew when he gloats about being glad he'll be out of the country for at least part of the next four years!

Unknown said...

well I too believe you are most caring, kind, and compassionate human being around! If I was going to state my opinion on your blog right or wrong Angie, I too would not remain annoyomous. I would speak my opinion.
I believe in ever issue you do!
God is pro-life, he wants us to be free and in the beginning,
God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Amen!
You go girl!

mom of fab five said...

Just because you believe in those things doesn't mean you are against those who disagree with you. It seems that people are always concerned with being "right" and are not willing to listen to others opinions. Way to stand up for the things you believe in--and for being strong to state them in no uncertain terms to the world--that is one of the many blessings we have by being born and living in this country!

Leigh Ann

heather said...

so very very true.

angiedunn said...


[i hear ya, girlfriend/boyfriend.] i didn’t expect everyone to agree with me, and i’m cool with you having different opinions.

however: i don’t accept anonymous comments on my blogster for a reason.

and that is because: anonymous comments aren’t really fair.

so: i’m gonna attempt to set a couple things straight & then call it a blog-night. (:

i have friends from many diverse backgrounds, political parties, lifestyles, and religions. i believe that we can acknowledge each other with sincere compassion & peacefully coexist despite our deepest differences.

i think certain things are right. and certain things are wrong. those standards remain constant in my life, regardless of a changing world.

i also firmly believe there is always room for tolerance, respect, & love. i don’t consider myself any more righteous than the next mother, girl, human, or blogger. i would hope all those that come to know me understand that.

if you want to have a healthy real-ish e-convo, i invite ya to shoot me an email. [angieinpink@gmail.com]

[oh! and ps: thanks for not hunting me down & killing me…’preciate it!]


back to regular-non-political-angie tomorrow, promise. (:

KP said...

i love what you stand for because it is what i stand for! and way to go for sharing that! i am sorry to say that yes, the options were not what i would have hoped for either.. and the winner (because we now know) is not who i would have wished for. but...i believe in some way our country will be benifited from his election. must stay positive i guess, right? :)

Unknown said...

Just to clarify I meant people coming after me to hunt and kill....not you!!! And like I stated earlier I think that you are brave where I am a coward. And I do not have the courage to write to the world what I think or feel for fear of being judged. I have read your blog often and think that you truly are amazing and really an inspiration. I usually do not comment on blogs since I am not a very good writer and usually babble. I had a long day and had to deal with kids attacking other kids at school about Prop 102 and then a good friend of mine made a pro-choice today. Needless to say it was a long day, I get on your blog for a smile and read this and just got fired up. I think this is the reason I do not blog or write very often....I suck at it:) Keep bloggin and inspiring those around you. You obviously have a strong backing behind you based on the comments:)

angiedunn said...


i vote NO hunting & killing [you or me] because of my blog! hahaha! (:

thanks for your response.

take care...

Sassy said...

Wow....your comments have been an interesting read today for sure...Angie girl...you've got guts this is true and I love you for it...you have shared deep feelings and thoughts on here and I love it and remained open instead like me...I go private at the least bit contention...keep it up and I agree with granny and Stephanie...if anyone knew you and how truly compassionate you are they would know you would NEVER JUDGE them and YES!!! We need to pray! I've started weaving my handbasket...


i voted, too...and it felt so good!

i hope our new Pres. prays about his decisions and follows what Heavenly Father tells him to do.

i am glad this election thing is OVER and DONE with!!! it was hectic!!!

Tanya Leigh said...


Very well put, Angie. Very well put, indeed. :)