i wear yellow for em

on saturday afternoon, one of my long-time girlfriends, emily,
lost her young husband to his second battle with cancer.

she has two little kiddos. she has amazing faith & strength.
my heart seriously just bleeds for her.

we all want to help.
and my other girlfriend, michelle, had an excellent & generous idea.

you see: michelle has created this book.
it's a book about scrapbooking.

it's called lifted.
it teaches you how to "scrap-lift" ideas from other layouts, and make those ideas your own.

the book is full of fun layouts, great information, & lots o' creative inspiration.
[there's some of my layouts in there as well...]

the coolest part=
michelle is donating all profits o' lifted for the ENTIRE month of november to our EMILY and her cute little family.

each book is $19.95.
shipping for one book is $4.80.
shipping for two or more is $9.80.


i invite everyone who is able @ this time...
to buy a book [or five]...

together we can bless emily's life during this hard time.
[i know she'll feel the love.]

thank you michelle.
and thanks to all of you.


ps: *please feel free to copy & paste the sweet little "i wear yellow for em" button to your blogspot.
*if you want the file sent to you, email michelle @ michelle@papertherapy.com.
*visit her blog @ www.michellemeisenbach.blogspot.com.
*& pray for em. we love her.

oh! and pps: happy monday!


Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Michelle + you= so amazing! I love Emily! p.s. Are you going to the funeral/can I sit by you?

Sassy said...

Angie...I so appreciate you and the feelings you stir in me...I just read your friend Em's blog and oh my stars...all I can say is thank goodness for the comforting influence of the Holy Ghost...I ALWAYS come away from your blog feeling inspired and that I can do it...Life is a test...a test...a test....a test and I 'm supposing we don't gain a testimony without the test...DANG IT!!! Bless that little family and I will try to get a book this month...what a wonderful way to help them out...and YOU my sweet friend always there to be the voice for those in need...I ♥ YOU!

Unknown said...

Great Job Angie for always keeping us updated!
Also, Michelle that is so very nice of you to do this to help.

I want to help some way also. I feel so bad for Em and her children but, know that God will continue to help them find peace and comfort!

take care!