blog-ya later!

me & google reader/blogspot.com are breaking up for the week.

we'll kiss & make-up in february.

i've just got {too much} to do:
& my unconditional love for the internet/YOU has been {too much} of a tempting distraction from my worky, here lately.

*see ya next month.



sweet child of mine

i've had a [serious] *lack* of motivation the past couple of days.
like: serious.

note to self:
not a good thing to have when there are deadlines-a-plenty looming over your head.

i'm not gonna lie:
my mood the past 48 hours,
{it's been gettin' me down.}

so, tonight i shall list three things that made me really happy today.

and then: i shall GO BACK TO WORK!!!
{until my man gets home from swing-shift.}

1. my amazing mom did all our laundry today.
[special wash pile included.]
clodhopper=my angel on earth.

2. the voicemail from my texas-bff on my answering machine.
[we play phone tag for at least 3 weeks before we actually talk]
even her messages just cheer me up.
{kaytie: i miss you!}

3. chloe telling me {repeatedly} the subject of her nursery lesson on sunday.
"heavwly fadder has a pwan"
[translation: heavenly father has a plan.]
*it's the cutest thing you'll ever see.

i love my sweet mom, my sweet friends,
and this sweet child
of mine.

{happy-hopefully insanely productive-weekend!}


dear cousin katie,

here is your "good reason to go out of town..."

*{az weather is gorge right now!}

[come visit me!]

all my love,


the puzzle queen

hi, my name is chloe & i'm addicted to working puzzles.

i am SO good at them...
{even better than my mom.}

[but, let's get real: that's not saying much...]

i spend hours with granny's cardboard puzzle collection.

i work them

and over.
and over.
and over.
and over.
and over.

and over.


granny taught me how.

*i look for the corners first.

*and i study each piece before i decide where it should go.

*and i cheer for myself as i put in the last piece.

i can do them all by myself now...
{even the big ones.}

[ya: i'm basically a professional.]

...and my mom says it's really {really} cute.

the end.

{happy wednesday!}


the suite life of myron & angie [+chloe]

we made it.

our gilbert house guests have arrived from the east.

and us dunns
{with the help of all 4
of our saintly parentals}

have successfully moved all our boxed-up belongings to dixon-suite #5.
{aka eric's old bedroom.}

it feels happy & good to be settled here for a time.

[i love my family: a lot.]

i promised myself i wouldn't blog [until] i had completely unpacked & organized our stuff.
{hence my MIA-ness.}

i am pleased to report, that has been accomplished, and now i can move on to my next project [read: crisis]...

i will be in scrapbook city
for the next 5 days if anyone needs me.

{happy tuesday, folks!}


living in the moment [or not]

top ten things i am
really really, really really really
looking forward to

...in no particular order...

5:23...aka [about] the time my security guard husband, will walk through the door {in uniform}, kiss me hello & ask me what i want to buy for dinner.

being totally [and completely] moved
and having my toothbrush, my laptop, my scrapbooking supplies, my deodorant, and my family all under one entertaining-dixon-roof.

meeting olivia kate {earthly body style} for the very first time.

putting on my nikes [post] c-section recovery & jogging my life away, [sweating a river], and exercising my guts out until i feel as though my heart is going to fail.
*and thus, a few months later, weighing less than myron.

completing, delivering, and being compensated for the current/massive scrapbook job/blessing that i am busily knee-ish deep in.

jack bauer [again] this evening.

the az summer sunshine, being able to fit my big toe into a bathing suit, and pool visits a-plenty with my 2 beach babes, come july-ish.

redeeming the muchos-appreciated pedicure gift card i got from cute jenny via the scrapbook etc. gift exchange.

checking the mail tomorrow. for no reason other than: i like checking the mail. [it's fun.]

but most of all:

hitting the pillow, closing my [very] tired eyes & leaving this day & all of it's totally unnecessary-angie-scatterbrained-related-drama in the pizzity-past.


happy tomorrow, yos!


itchy but cute

i love this clearance-old-navy sweater on chloe.
[for obvious reasons.]

but apparently it kinda itches & has a
tag that = her nemesis.
she HATES it.
"pweeze, i no wear blue, mom." she says.

so i told her to take one for the team & sport it for a picture,
and then she could change into her purple jammies, drink muscle milk, & relax to a DVR'd episode of wonder pets.


*yes: my daughter LOVES muscle milk.
[we have to ration her intake.]

*yes: wonder pets is a very odd show.

*yes: we often change into jammies in the middle of the day.


[happy-more packing, moving, and making more progress than i did yesterday-friday!}


i kind of like packing...

is that weird?

there's just somethin' about sorting through your stuff, organizing, minimizing, labeling, boxing up, and taping....somethin' that makes me happy and kinda calm-ish, believe it or not.

{we'll leave the actual [moving] part to the boys.}


so, today i am packing.
[my guts out.]

we are moving.
to claud & mark's.
{on claud's birthday.}
[wish her a happy birth here.]
[oh! and don't forget dave too!]

we found the kindest lil snowbird couple to stay in our home for a time.

while they enjoy shuffleboard,cards and the beautiful az winter,
we will be contemplating our future and where/what that will be.
[oh, and also giving birth to our second child.]

who knows?
we might come back to this very home in gilbert?
[that's the current plan.]

or we might make home somewhere else for ourselves.


[keep your eyes peeled, ryan...]

we're keeping our options open wide for the universe to freely tell us what the very best one is for our little fam in 2009.

we are embracing change this year.

and we are eternally grateful to both of our families for being so supportive re: our newest nomadic adventure.

oh! and holly: thanks in advance for making me your famous popcorn on a weekly-ish basis.
i love you.
"lots of butter & salt."


{happy moving!}


on becoming a big girl

if you're ever bored, perhaps you should come chill with the chlo-ster.
{she's pure entertainment.}

today she busted out an entire legitly-[secret] stash of binkies.
"mommy, i got seben binkies," she exclaims.


ya, so...she's still kinda addicted.
[and i pretty much don't really care.]

she's also not {quite} potty trained.

and to that i say, "she will be soon."

she totally still sleeps in her baby crib.



my new theory=

maybe if i don't force 'er to grow up into big-girl status too fast...
she'll decide to stay her adorably hilarious & charming 2-year-old self forever.

[or maybe i'm just lazy.]

which ever the case:
this girl's my daily dose of sunshine & always, always will be...

[w/ or w/out diapers & binkies]

[happy wednesday!]

oh! and ps: you can find REALLY fun, happy news here.

a golden spoon & a camera phone

there are two things in life that are certain:

1. chloe loves ice cream [a lot]
chloe loves her aunt audrey [a lot]

[good luck on your surgery baby ashlee...we love you!!]


i'm thinking butterfinger

remember my bff coree & her sweet baby ashlee?

if you live in az,
come on over to golden spoon fro yo tonight between 6-9pm!

ash has a big surgery coming up this week
and 25% of all proceeds this evening will help cover her medical costs.

{see ya there!}

oh, & happy monday!



this weekend i went on a date with my boyfriend.

i'm in love.

{the end.}


re: living my best life

i’m diggin[my plan] slash theme for 2009.

it’s simple & yet still challenging, kinda.

i feel like i have direction.

*me likey.

but there are still {a few} more specific things i’d like to fit in the cracks.

so i’m makin’ a blog-list of extracurricular randoms that i’d enjoy

accomplishing in the next 362 days or so.

keep in mind though: these aren’t resolutions.

*just angie-it-would-be-cool-if suggestions.

i’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself.

{i do that enough as it is.}

but setting goals and making lists is fun.

[and i like fun things.]


so, here we go:


*gracefully survive january & all it's anxiety-inducing-deadlines.

*let go of expectation.

*give your little fam the very best part of you.

*start tickling the ivories again.

*lose weight or stop crying about being large.

[one of the two]

*k, back up...how ‘bout just lose weight.

[like say, by christmastime.]

*once skinny{ish}: prep husband & then chop your hair like samire

armstrong just after her anna-on-the-OC days.

*breathe deeper.

*cultivate lasting friendships with fellow ward members & neighbors.

[read: stop being a hermit.]

*execute a non-dramatic olivia-delivery.

[via scheduled c-section.]

*execute a non-dramatically-hormonal first three months of olivia’s life.


*learn to fully embrace being a mr. miyagi owner.

*convince chloe that eating food/consuming calories is necessary to living past the age of 3.

[but how?]

*remember birthdays.

*have someone teach you the “i-before-e except after c” spelling rule & all related/annoying exceptions.

*work on punctuality.


*live worthy of the spirit.

[and allow it to guide you.]

*somehow become girly again.

*discover new cool music for your currently-stale playlist.

*pray for confidence & strength daily.

*spice up your blog header.

*crack open your year-old rebel manual & learn how to use it.

*cease to have sugar play a heroin-like role in your life.

*enjoy a few simple/cheap home improvement projects that will make your home more homey & functional.

*go on a hot date with your cute husband, monthly.

*become a confident-ish non-gormet-chef for your family of four.

*continually clean out car/cut down on your white-trashy-ness in this department.

*con someone [who is an attractive redhead named myron] into resurrecting your hard drive and then print/organize 2008 photos.

*maintain a clean downstairs so you don’t want to kill yourself every time an unexpected visitor arrives.

*make your home a place where visitors WANT to unexpectedly arrive.

*“love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you.”

*stop gossiping altogether, ‘cause it’s self-serving & kinda ugly.

*purchase a small-n-frugal, yet fashionable-n-unique, new & improved angie-wardrobe.

[aka: grey hanes pocket t's everyday=unacceptable.]

*combine your cafĂ© rio punch cards, ‘cause you have like 72.

*email ryan every sunday & try not to be boring.

*stop making awkward comments.

*make darn sure certain my, chlo’ & liv know how much you love them on a daily basis.

[by word & more importantly: deed.]

*laugh more than you ever have in a year.

*stretch in the morning.

[excersize if you’re feeling ambitious.]

*live YOUR best life & no one elses.


happy saturday!


sometimes i like to steal pictures from my dad's flickr page & post them on my blog because they make me happy.

hollar in a large wig.

ryan trying mentos+diet coke.

clodhopper rappelling.

a glimpse o' the garden of eden.
{aka} my grandma & grandpa's BEAUTIFUL garden.

my adorable grandparents/owners of the garden of eden.

chloe @ 1-ish month.
[newborn perfection.]

perhaps the two cutest halloween costumes i've ever seen.
[eve & devlin as eve & wall-e]

elder dix hilariously posing w/ the large nokia brick in croatia.

dixon christmas eve [post santa's visit] circa sometime in the 80's.
[i was the one that scored the oven!]

ty helping gavin say cheese.
{i can't look at this picture without smiling.}

myron being entertaining at the park.


a tiny mongolian burrito.

granny, gramps & chlo' playing ring-a-round-the-rosey.

heaven with blonde fuzzy hair.

proof as to why chloe worships her aunt holly.


that was fun.
& i love my family.

[happy friday!]


clean slate love

my theme for 2009 is inspired by a comment my blog-friend susan
made back in november.

instead of setting five-point-seven million resolutions this year,
i have decided to just focus on the three things she profoundly listed in her sweet comment.

*be faithful
*lay up in store
*unencumber my life

at the beginning of each month, i plan to set a goal within each category.

throughout january, i shall be working on readin' my scrips daily, creating a much needed 30-day meal plan, & replacing some [not all] wasteful DVR time with more important/productive angie-b'ness.

2009 is my year to finally chill out,
prepare for the future,
and above all: really {enjoy} my days.