on becoming a big girl

if you're ever bored, perhaps you should come chill with the chlo-ster.
{she's pure entertainment.}

today she busted out an entire legitly-[secret] stash of binkies.
"mommy, i got seben binkies," she exclaims.


ya, so...she's still kinda addicted.
[and i pretty much don't really care.]

she's also not {quite} potty trained.

and to that i say, "she will be soon."

she totally still sleeps in her baby crib.



my new theory=

maybe if i don't force 'er to grow up into big-girl status too fast...
she'll decide to stay her adorably hilarious & charming 2-year-old self forever.

[or maybe i'm just lazy.]

which ever the case:
this girl's my daily dose of sunshine & always, always will be...

[w/ or w/out diapers & binkies]

[happy wednesday!]

oh! and ps: you can find REALLY fun, happy news here.


mademoisellechitchat said...


The Wizzle said...

It will all come, it's true. They really do grow up very fast.

(Says the wise, aged mother of, um, a 5 year old).

Unknown said...

Hurray for diapers, binkies, and cribs! My three year old Sofia still isn't potty trained (maybe after the parentals return from our date-weekend later this month?), still loves her Binky (except during Nursery/Primary and at the dentist), and will be in her crib until she climbs out (again--I scared her to death the one time I saw her trying it...bad mommy!). Don't sweat it, sistah. All these will be gone by Kindergarten, for sure. (I hope.)

Marilyn said...

Don't worry-my baby had a binkie too FOREVAH... and she is 15 and doesn't need it any more and she also potty trained too! It will happen....And congrats to your sister on the girl...I think it is the year for girls-my DIL is having a girl and most of my nieces too!

m = michelle said...

the girl can count to seven and talk about it. OH PUHLEEZ. who cares if she wants a binkie or doesn't wanna pee in a scary white bowl. SHE'S BRILLIANT!!! Cute uber-smart girls can get away with a talking threw a paci. :)

granny said...

Wouldn't change a single thing about that girl if I could. Give her a Granny hug.

kacee said...

Naptime binkie is turning to all-the-time binkie at our house, erg!

But happy-pais is much, much better than onery-pais and lets be honest, I'm just not up for the fight!

cori said...

i loved this post.

once i caught cannon sucking his binkies, one in each hand. hiding in the closet.

he put one in, suck, take it out, put the other one in.

so cute of her to count them, and still use them.

and my kids never potty trained until 3 years and one month..

no accidents that way. brilliant.

i LOVE that pic of you two cute mother and daughter.

Lori said...

Don't worry about the potty training . . . like you said, she will be eventually. And how smart is she that she even knows how many binkies she has - pretty smart. Don't worry about that either, she won't be walking down the aisle at graduation with one in her mouth!

Ashley said...

Mine still has a binkie, a bottle, and sleeps in her crib too. And it's okay!!