today's happy list

baby orajel
lunch with lindsee @ sauce
a clean-ish abode
costco prizes from deb
my fave laundry detergent on mega-sale @ fry's
plans for a chill, spiritually uplifting weekend
big bang theory season premiere


feeling cozy

decorate for halloween,
warm up some pumpkin pie scentsy,
& {whatever you do}
DON'T go outside....

and it'll actually {kinda} feel like fall.

ps: thanks for the pumpkin granny;
we love the little guy.


clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere

last week a miracle occurred at the dunn household.

our entire house was clean, all at the same time. [insert shock & awe here.]

bathrooms were scrubbed, barbies & barbie accessories were picked up, vacuuming...everything.

*and yes, i took pictures.

i needed proof. {it was THAT miraculous.}

*and, it felt totally amazing for the nineteen minutes it lasted.

and now we're resuming the regularly scheduled program:
sippy cups in the sink, livy carnage galore [we NEED childproof locks], couch cushions paraded throughout the house, and a mysterious sticky substance on the laminate floor {dr. pepper perhaps?}.

i really don't mind cleaning...like, i like it. i really do!

i try to find a happy medium between perfection & chaos, haha....but {most always} end up at the latter.

a very cranky liv just went down for a [much needed] nap...so i'm going to try {really hard} to recreate last week's phenomenon.

me and pandora + windex, murray's wood cleaner, magic eraser, pin sol, clorox, and comet will be busy for, ahem, {a while}.

and then i'm going to shower & go see if this book is at the library {i've heard it's fabulous}. *i'll do a book report after i read it.

'cause i just [know] there's a better way to maintain a clean-ish house with kids in the mix.
*i just know it.


try, try again

every so often,
i have to recommit to my dreams.

ya know,
study my life...
celebrate the successes
and try, try again.... to get rid of the junk that holds me back.

i am today.

come join me here.


so i'm a dog person, whatyagonnado?

this afternoon, i had one of those {out of body} experiences.

*i was watching myself cuddle {yes, cuddle} my pet, mr. miyagi.

*i watched myself rub his ears & enjoy a brief session of fetch.

*i watched myself give the little guy a full-on pep talk about how it's okay that the groomers had to shave his ears....

"it'll grow back buddy-it's only hair," i encouraged in obnoxious baby talk.

*i was witnessing myself, treating my dog, like a small furry person.

upon viewing this scene, my highly confused out-of-body-self thought:
"who is that, where did she come from, and what did she do with angie?"

and it was then, that i realized.

i am a dog person.

i love my dog.

i love him when he's shaggy and raggamuffin-esque.
and i love him most when he's buzzed & looks like a hyper asian kitten.

never thought i'd {really} admit it.
after 7 long years of cursing his existence, i truly can say, i'm grateful for the little yipper.


favorite way to start out the day

one of my very simplest pleasures in life is taking my girlies for strolls around the 'hood.

i love everything about it:

the wholesome recreation.
the birds chirping.
the break from {most} forms of technology.
livy's chubby legs dangling & kicking.
chloe's entertaining commentary about the "decaying cactus" & the spelling out of every street name.
the semi-aerobic exercise.
the peaceful vibe of my sauconys hitting the pavement.
the passing around/sharing of the headphones/ipod shuffle.
the constant stream of this song in my head as i enjoy the beauty around me.
the time i get to reflect on my many blessings, particularly the two choice ones that sit in the contraption that i'm pushing.

with sippy cups & snacks, two thirds of us in pjs & the other third with her dress on backwards, we head out-we meander where'er the wind takes us. ~for about a half-hour or until someone starts whining {whichever comes first}.

i'm so obsessed with walks...
i love them.


uno problem:
az's weather has been slightly "spicey" for the passed, well, forever,
making it {virtually} impossible to endure such a tradition.

so imagine my excitement when the overcast-ness this morning
allowed us to pretend that summer is {FINALLY!} coming to a close.

today on our morning walk i was dreaming of sipping hot cocoa, fall wardrobes of leggings & belted sweaters, and plans of walking to preschool & fry's for an occasional morning donut [with sprinkles!].


someday, arizona, we won't have to pretend.
but, i'm not gonna lie-it was fun to have a mini taste of fall this morning.
thanks for that.



i flossed.
i brushed.
i flossed again. {i'm weird like that.}
i bobby-pinned my bangs.
i washed my face in lukewarm tap water.
i exfoliated. {*not that it does a bit of good.}

i took a hard look in the mirror.
at me. [with no makeup.]

i saw a girl who has recently started recognizing herself for the first time.
i saw a girl who is still a little uncomfortable with that vulnerability.
i saw a girl who is desperately trying to remember that what other people think of her is none of her business.
i saw a girl who is learning from her setbacks.
i saw a girl who truly believes in her heart "all things shall work together for {her} good."
i saw a girl who knows both fear & faith, heartache & joy, insecurity & confidence.
i saw a girl who's hopeful.

i saw me.


this inspires me

"i have come to the frightening conclusion that i am the decisive element.
it is my personal approach that creates the climate.
it is my daily mood that makes the weather.
i possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous.
i can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration.
i can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.

in all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized.

if we treat people as they are, we make them worse.
if we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming."

- goethe

giving me a run for my $

meet tornado olivia.

it's a good thing she's so sweet.


feels like home

i decided my home letters needed a little face lift
since i kinda changed my decorating color scheme to mismatchy/eclectic-bright.

i haven't done tons of decorating in this house yet,
but i'm starting to add randoms here & there to spice up my surroundings.

a little paint, modge & the new line of october afternoon paper & i've got me some
bright, clean & simple {new-ish} home letters.

makes me happy today.

ps: photography {in the frames} done by {the one & only}
pie in the sky photography.

to: my chloe

it's all about your heart
{by mindy gledhill}

i don't mind your odd behavior
it's the very thing i love

if you were an ice cream flavor
you would be my favorite one

my imagination sees you
like a painting by Van Gogh
starry nights and bright sunflowers
follow you where you may go

oh, i've loved you from the start
in every single way
and more each passing day
you are brighter than the stars
believe me when i say
it's not about your scars
it's all about your heart

you're a butterfly held captive
small and safe in your cocoon
go on you can take your time
time is said to heal all wounds

like a lock without a key
like a mystery without a clue
there is no me if i cannot have you


to: my liv

she is love

{by parachute}

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i've been beaten down,
i've been kicked around,
but she takes it all for me.
and i lost my faith, in my darkest days,
but she makes me want to believe.

they call her love, love, love, love, love.
they call her love, love, love, love, love.
she is love.
she's all i need.

well i had my ways,
they were all in vain,
and she waited patiently.
it was all the same,
all my pride and shame,
and she put me on my feet.

they call her love, love, love, love, love.
they call her love, love, love, love, love.
they call her love, love, love, love, love.
she is love, and she is all i need.

and when that world slows down, dear,
and when those stars burn out, here,
oh she'll be here.
yes she'll be here.

they call her love, love, love, love, love.
they call her love, love, love, love, love.
they call her love, love, love, love, love.
they call her love, love, love, love, love.
she is love, and she is all i need.
she is love, and she is all i need.
she is love, and she is all i need.
she's all i need.


don't miss it!

my cute friend is moving super soon,
so she's having a big backyard
"crap & total crap-sale"
[her words]

THIS weekend...

friday & saturday! *17th & 18th

6am{ish}-whenever EVERYTHING IS GONE!


let's CLEAR her yard out, k guys!!?? :)

valvista & southern area
3430 e. emelita
mesa, az 85204

*see you there! :)


good times

cousin rachel.
bachelor pad finale.
so fun.

ps: whoa on the results.


on the brain

this scripture = the ultimate comfort to me.

i have {many} loved ones that are experiencing trial/heartache/sickness right now.

*i've always had a hard time with the whole {bad things happen to good people} thing.
it hurts my feelings.

but i find great solace in knowing that we have no reason to fear,
because christ has "bourne our griefs & carried our sorrows."

we're not alone.
i'm so thankful.



tonight we had a family date night @ a super fun little ice cream shop.

it just opened it up here in mesa: it's called subzero ice cream.
{stapley & baseline *shares a parking lot w/ old navy}

it's a totally fun concept! it's not just ice cream out of a box/freezer. they put your ingredients {ice cream batter, flavor & mix-in} in a bowl & then you get to watch them blast it with liquid nitrogen - which freezes it into ice cream. totally exciting for the kids {and big kids too!}. *you can learn more about it on their site here.

i tried to withstand temptation, but i did indulge in a few heavenly tastes of myron's mint oreo & it was so yummy! i highly recommend.

my friend macey's doing a subzero giveaway for 2 FREE small ice creams on her blog! {ps: the smalls are huge.} you should enter!

*on our way out, we noticed there was pepsi-flavor.
needless to say, the dunns will be back. :)



today was a wee-bit crazy.

but the evening ended super happy.

i had an [awesome] time hangin' with the girls at class tonight.

and now i'm home sweet home, unraveling from the {slightly intense} past 24 hours.

feels good.

because sometimes i forget

breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.
breathe in.
breathe out.


fun while it lasted

myron & i played an awesome game last night.

it was called "pretend food has no calories."

you should play it sometime. and while you're at it, make these.
[guilty pleasure indeed.]

{you won't be sorry.}


a note to self:

"if {you} love god,
do his will,
and fear his judgment more than men’s,
{you} will have

{ezra taft benson}


things that make me smile today

my shaggy, adorable dog.
[not to be confused with my shaggy adorable dog's footprints on the freshly mopped floor.]

birthday pedicure gift-card style.
{thanks roberts!}
ps: fabulous service & massage! tracy *480.766.9298

livy looking so, so grown-up. {in the line for emissions testing}
*hurts my heart & brings me so much happiness all in the same picture.

sweetest eric & jentry {or "jench" as chlo' calls 'er} having chloe {+ mr. mcbutterpants}
over at their place for a special movie/date night.
*they watched chloe's choice of "my little pony" {bless their hearts} & "cloudy with a chance..."
[jentry hilariously pointed out, eric = fleet lockwood]

31 new library books.
& reading to my girls all the live long days.


mama said there'd be days like this

some days i wake up with a chip on my shoulder,
most days i'm just grateful for another day of sunshine.

some days i think i'm a pretty lame mom,
most days i remember to just have fun, love 'em like crazy & do my best.

some days i feel defeated by my chubbiness,
most days i have hope for a healthier tomorrow.

some days i'm pretty sure i have no life,
most days it's obvious that i'm living my dreams.

some days i feel like the messes never end,
most days i just [know] that the messes never end & i'm okay with it.

some days all i can notice are the used, stained, and broken things,
most days i'm completely content with my cozy, loved, fingerprinted life.

some days i curse money, bills, and necessary expenses,
most days i just have faith that the lord will always provide enough.

somedays i am ready to check myself into the looney bin,
most days i can recognize & appreciate god's sense of humor.

some days i daydream about having a fashionable & fancy wardrobe,
most days i'm cool with just having a sweet spirit.

some days i'm a little freaked out by the unknown details of the future,
most days i remember that things have a way of working out.

some days are kinda crappy.
most days are just really, really, really happy.

love notes

dear fall,
early arrivals are underrated.


dear box of cheerios that liv spilled on the floor this morning,

let's pretend you don't exist.


thank you,

dear carlson,

thanks for taking my husband shooting this morning.

killing small birds put him in a really good mood.

[should that concern me?]

dear coconut m&ms,
just when i was starting to ease back into a no-sugar lifestyle,

evil & conspiring men invented you.

not fair.
all my love,

dear floor,

i'll mop you today.
"is that a threat?
no, it's a promise."

[name the movie!]

love, angie

dear washing machine,

your loud & obnoxious shaking/convulsing is waking up the neighbors.
you're at a 10, i need you at a 2.
gracias, angie

dear skin,
why dost thou hate me?


dear chloe,

sorry i forgot dance [again.]

i'm awesome like that.

your mom


my thoughts exactly

everytime i run
i make excuses why i shouldn't.
everytime i run i wonder why i do it.
everytime i run i struggle for a half-mile or more trying to find my pace.
everytime i run my mind is allowed to aimlessly wander.
everytime i run i settle into a rhythm of my breathing against the stride of my feet.
everytime i run i think about God and his creations.
i notice little details that you would never see on a bike or in a car.
everytime i run i'm thankful to be alive & i can't believe how good it feels to move.
everytime i run i know that no matter what else happens that day, i've accomplished something worthwhile-something good for me.
everytime i run i wonder why everyone doesn't run.

-stacy julian
author of big picture scrapbooking

*just insert walk/jog everywhere she says
RUN and i couldn't agree with her more.