love notes

dear fall,
early arrivals are underrated.


dear box of cheerios that liv spilled on the floor this morning,

let's pretend you don't exist.


thank you,

dear carlson,

thanks for taking my husband shooting this morning.

killing small birds put him in a really good mood.

[should that concern me?]

dear coconut m&ms,
just when i was starting to ease back into a no-sugar lifestyle,

evil & conspiring men invented you.

not fair.
all my love,

dear floor,

i'll mop you today.
"is that a threat?
no, it's a promise."

[name the movie!]

love, angie

dear washing machine,

your loud & obnoxious shaking/convulsing is waking up the neighbors.
you're at a 10, i need you at a 2.
gracias, angie

dear skin,
why dost thou hate me?


dear chloe,

sorry i forgot dance [again.]

i'm awesome like that.

your mom


Jamie said...

Dear Ang,
I ♥ you - this made me smile!
Thanks for making the world a better place - just by being in it!
Your Friend,

granny said...


Love your perspective.

Marie said...

That movie reminds me of Jr. high lunch. Coconut m&m's? Where have I been? That's brilliant.

Bev said...

One amazing post after another....your creativity is over the top!! I'm so glad you have touched my life....maybe some of your cuteness will rub off on me!! Love it! !

Durfee Family said...

Angie - you are amazing.

Alison said...

Oh the joys of coconut m&m's. We met two weeks ago and my life is forever better.

J*a~{s}n°a said...

i love you!

Mitchellaneous said...

Oh, just tell me Myron wasn't shooting birds over by Signal Butte and Elliot, mere feet from my bedroom where I've been awoken by gunshots between 5-6 am every morning this week. Uncool. :( My whole neighborhood is in a horrible grumpy mood during quail hunting season. And PS do you really eat the little birds?

runningfan said...

Dear Ang,

I can always count on you for a belly laugh. Keep 'em comin', k? K.


Emily Moffat said...

CUTE! I love this!

Unknown said...

I just want to put the mystery to rest... It's the Buttercream Gang. Pete is such a good bad guy.

amy mo said...

DANGIT! I was so excited reading all of the comments because no one had said the Buttercream Gang and then Ryan got it at the last second! Sigh. Great movie.