want 25 bucks & a new windshield?

several months ago, my man went into business with his buddy.

{and aces auto glass was born.}

*they do great work.

and have really cute business cards:

if you have a windshield that needs to be replaced...

{i know a guy!}

email him for a quote:

or call today:

*they work with all insurance companies!
*AND will PAY YOU $25 with your replacement!


spread the word...
{if you feel so inclined]

[*and have a happy monday!]


no one likes a frowny face

it's been a long, relatively challenging day.

but this picture {along with a side of dairy queen}...

just turned my frown [upside down].

thanks chlo'.


don't pinch me.

since a few of you have asked:

i am feeling fabulous.

like, fer reals, pretty dang good.

{ya know: considering i just had a human cut outta me & all.}


the c-section went awesome.

[a tad {h-core} nerve-racking]

…and i still have {mild} pain.

but pretty awesome.


{i LOVE my doctor.}

*and percocet.


i know it’s rude to toot your own horn:

but, i have showered & put make-up on everyday [minus one] since i arrived home from the hospital.

*even if it wasn’t til 5pm.

{and i’m kinda proud of myself.}

[this is a major accomplishment compared to post-chloe-birth.]


i haven’t worn a grey-hanes-pocket-T in 15 days & six hours.

{also an accomplishment.}

but i have worn really frumpy-n-large clothing items via the clearance rack.

incision friendly pants = not supa fashionable.


i am looking forward to when i can exercise.

can’t wait to burn calories & rev up my endorphin levels.

{remind me of this in 4 weeks…would ya?}

angieinshape {round three} anyone?


i adore being a mom.

i get tears just thinking about my girls.

[they are my world.]

i feel humbled to help them grow.

i feel undeserving & completely grateful at the same time.

{i am so glad they chose me.}


that being said: i’m still really new at the whole two-thing.

i’m looking forward to getting my groove back.

{and heavenly father blessing me with more patience.}

*i feel a tad overwhelmed….[sigh.]

{in a good way, though.}


i am not ready for playdates & outings quite yet.

but i look forward to happy days in the park with friends.

and visits with my most dear.

i am determined to stop being such a hermit.

i have been blessed with great friendships.


i basically couldn’t survive life without such a supportive family.

like, couldn’t survive.

i have been born of goodly parents, that is for dang sure.

{thank you.}


my number one, myron lee = my strength.

i love him beyond measure.

he works double shifts morning, noon & night.

mega-crazy hours style.

and yet: still has smiles, hugs, teasing, & cuddles left for his girls when he gets home.


so, to sum it up:

like i said, i’m feeling fabulous.

there are definitely ca-razy angie-moments.

and life still brings semi-annoying trials.


but through the lens of eternal perspective,

i have it all.

i am living a dream.

my dream.

{don’t pinch me.}

i don’t want to wake up.


dear bloggers,

my mom is kind of obsessed with me.

so, just to warn you:
this blogspot might just turn into a shrine of me & my sissy.

have a happy wednesday!


love/hate relationship

one of my very favorite things in this whole wide world is:
google reader.

i love that it lists all my blogs in a cute little alphabetical list,
and keeps me updated on which posts i have yet to read.

google reader = my entertainment.

it's so convenient, right there next to my email & all.


[but on the flip side]

google reader makes me lazy.

i LOVE to comment on all-y'alls cute posts,
but you have to click a whole extra two times-ish to get to the actual blog!

and let's be honest:
that's way too much work for me.


anyone know what i'm talkin'about?


in my opinion:

whoever said,
"having two kids is the same amount of work as having one."

[no offense...]
{...was kind of lying.}

*i heard that a lot when i was pregnant.*


whoever said,
"having two kids will be the most fulfilling/rewarding/tender/amazing experience you'll have to date."

{...was telling the honest-to-gosh truth.}


i love my girls.
i am so grateful.


happy monday!


curly sue & blondie

have a {relaxing} weekend!


best trade i've ever made

on day 2 of my hospital stay,
my cell phone was taken down to the dumpster with my food tray.

it went bye-bye,
never to return again.

this was highly annoying,
especially 'cause i didn't even enjoy the food.

{and i use the term food loosely.}

nasty jello.
nasty broth.
nasty herbal tea.
[okay: i guess i did enjoy the grape popsicle.]


so: if you've been trying to reach me via my cell,
that is why i haven't returned your call.
{i promise i'm not ignoring you...}

we went to the hospital with a red clam-shell samsung.
left with a priceless/ridiculously-lovable baby.

i'd say that's a great trade!


*happy one week old, liv!


just a quick blog-note to say:

thank you so much for all the sweet comments/generous presents/adorable packages/well-wishes/yummy treats/kindness galore/ & happy vibes a-plenty.

{i feel the love.}

the past week i've been [busy]...

welcoming our tiniest olivia into the world,

taking pain medication every four hours,

having gratitude beyond reason,

cuddling my 7 pounds of miracle every chance i get,

being thankful for such charitable family & friends,

and slowly {emphasis on slowly} learning how to be a mommy of two.

our newest addition just brings such joy to my days
{& the wee hours of my nights...}

thank you for celebrating with me.



i'm in love

olivia kate dunn
7 lbs 4 oz
19 inches long
sweeter than sweet can be


a reminder message for my chloe

"i'll love you forever,
i'll like you for always,
as long as i'm living,

my baby you'll be."




here are the rules:

*link the cute person that tagged you.
*write down six things that make you happy.
*post the rules; tag six more peeps.
*hollar back @ the person when your entry is complete.

{my six:}

1. {finally} having my tax documents collected, prepped, and ready to drop off to larry the accountant.

2. {starting} to pack up these babies as i wear & wash them for the last time this pregnancy!

3. {loving} this charming firecracker of an almost-3-year old...who hilariously watches her shows with massive headphones as to not wake her sleeping father [who works grave-shift & sleeps in the mornings]...

4. {enjoying} the blissful AZ weather & my mom's cutest springtime backyard.

5. {dying} over the adorable comparison in size between chloe's big-girl-nightime pull-up & olivia's tiny waa-waa newborn diaper.
[miniature bum=love.]

6. {being} half-way packed for a hospital stay in one week & one day!!

i tag:
you+five more blogsters that feel like it.

happy thursday!


a little dose of inspired counsel for a wednesday evening

i just discovered this happy little spot on youtube where there are a bunch of gospel messages put to music, words, and images.

[i beyond-love it.]

after watchin' a handful of 'em
i feel motivated to:

*clean my room,
*take a deep breath,
*try harder to be a more patient mommy
[& baby-grower],

*a loving wife,
*& just do the
best i can.

[funny how the spirit does that.]

*happy wednesday!