in my opinion:

whoever said,
"having two kids is the same amount of work as having one."

[no offense...]
{...was kind of lying.}

*i heard that a lot when i was pregnant.*


whoever said,
"having two kids will be the most fulfilling/rewarding/tender/amazing experience you'll have to date."

{...was telling the honest-to-gosh truth.}


i love my girls.
i am so grateful.


happy monday!


kacee said...

Look at you three! All dressed up cute and matchy! I love it!

Amen to your post - it ain't easy!

•stephanie• said...

dang . . . i was going to say what kacee said.
you look beautiful, angie.
and so do your little ones!

cori said...

love this. you look SO happy as always. so beautiful! i mean it.

and btw: i love the color of your lips...

tell me your beauty secret. what color is it, and where can i get me a stick???

what little doll's you have.

m = michelle said...

what no one tells you is how incredibly cool it is to watch the first born fall in love with the baby, and visa versa. THAT'S THE BEST PART, I think.

and yeah. two is WAY HARDER than one. but it's got to be, or we'd all be crazy spoiled with all the other cool parts! :)

runningfan said...

Glad you're seeing the good side! You are all so cute together.

granny said...

No matter how many you have, they take all of your time. :) Love ya, pretty girls.

Staci said...

ditto to exactly what you said....except insert "boys" where you said "girls"

J-mama said...

Whoever said that two was no more work...also must have said "labor is not that bad." Well, it does take some getting used to, but it is so sweet to see them form a relationship as they grow!

Amanda Jane said...

It makes me feel better to know somebody else was lied to too! It's hard when they are that little but wait until you catch your grove back, soon enough they'll be best friends and it'll be worth the demand. You guys are all so beautiful. I'm glad everything went well she's an angel.

Jackie said...

I so agree! Just wait until the are a little bit older! :) It does get a little better, as the older sibling can be a lot of help!!

You three Dunn ladies are beautiful!! I hope you are doing okay and are still experiencing postpregnancy pampering.

I still have your little present! I promise to get it over there soon.

mom of fab five said...

No way--two is way harder than one and then when you have three you realize how easy two was--after that is when it just doesn't matter anymore--because you have lost all sanity--that's the key--sanity or lack of it. They best part of multiple kids is their interactions with each other--that is the best part of being a mom--when it is good that makes everything worth it--even the rough times. You look like you are a pro at two--enjoy these days--they are fleeting!

Unknown said...

Wow, yes true that! I think that sometimes it gets harder when you go out in public all by yourself only if they both are cranky at the same time but, you won't have that. {:)} It is funny how most say things like when I had my 2nd I was in labor and I was asked if I was going to have more??><:)&%
Ok,well your doing great and really dont' look tired at all.

how are you feeling?
When I have my stuff for you all together, I promise not to wait till I waited with Chloe's stuff, that I will call your dear mom as she gave me her ringer, and then I will bring over or drop off, some cinammon bread, homemade that is with duck eggs and rich and fresh and oh so yummy k?
You are cute and I miss seeing ya!

The*Evans*Family said...

Being a new mom again looks wonderful on you! Your girls are just plain adorable too.

Billie said...

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful.

Coree Adams said...

3 of my favorite girlfriends in the world! Can't wait to see you all!!

Tanya Leigh said...

Precious picture! I can't believe people told you it wasn't any more work... luckily nobody told me that! ... but I *am* crossing my fingers that ALL those people who said "Once you have 3, you don't really notice it getting any harder" were telling the truth!

And my favorite, "If you think my hands are full, you should see my HEART!" :)

Happy adjusting!

Colette Goodman said...

2 was harder for me then 1. That might be why we haven't added #3 yet. 2 is still hard.

Congrats on your cute family.

The Wizzle said...

K, I've been totally absent from the internetz for the last week, but THANK YOU for all the wonderful pictures! Your girls are too previous for words and I can't wait until I'm no longer sick as a dog and can come over and gush in person.

mamamuniz said...

You and your girls are beautiful! I am sorry anyone told you going to 2 wasn't hard. I felt like it more than doubled the work, stress, etc. However, going from 2to 3 was easier, and 3 to 4 easier still! Not that you are thinking about that yet.....Anyway, congrats on the beautiful baby.

Kaytie Brown said...

I TOTALLY agree with "No matter how many you have, they take all of your time". I kinda REALLY wish we lived closer btw

Unknown said...

I haven't been blogging in like forever, so I just saw that you had Olivia! Congratulations! She is so adorable!
You have the cutest girls!!! Any idea when you guys will move back into your home and the ward?
Take care!

Sassy said...