thank you!

saturday was a
great success!

aces auto glass
would like to say
thanks to all who
came and
supported in spirit.

a big
thank you

to all of you who trust
us with your
repair, replacement
& tinting needs!

pleasure doin' business with ya!


free fun

if you live nearby...come!!

kids games & free food!

and hello! such BEAUTIFUL weather!

me, my babes, my man, & our partners will
be there all day representin' aces auto glass!

see you then!



what can i say?

it's in our blood.


my construction plans

i'm a big fan of vision boards.

here's 2007's.

here's 2008's.

and i know it's a little late:
but i just finished my 2009-2010

this year
i decided to bust out the mags & create
a simplified & streamlined
lil collage of
my goals for my days...
my vision for my life...
the desires of my heart.

every image has a happy purpose
& personal meaning.

i'll love it & use it.


"all things are created twice. there's a mental or first creation, and a physical, or a second creation to all things.

take the construction of a home, for example. you create it in every detail before you ever hammer the first nail into place. you try to get a very clear sense of what kind of house you want. if you want a family-centered home, you plan to put a family room where it would be a natural gathering place. you plan sliding doors and a patio for children to play outside. you work with ideas. you work with your mind until you get a clear image of what you want to build.

then you reduce it to the blueprint & develop contruction plans. all of this is done before the earth is touched. if not, then in the second creation, the physical creation, you will have to make expensive changes that may double the cost of your home.

the carpenter's rule is "measure twice, cut once." you have to make sure that the blueprint, the first creation, is really what you want, that you've thought everything through. then you put it into bricks and mortar. each day you go to the construction shed and pull out the blueprint to get marching orders for the day.

you begin with the end in mind."

-stephen r. covey


to do

we made new little velcro chore charts
to help us dunns add some structure to our crazy lives.

i *hate* being married to my schedule,
but i also *hate* being disorganized & messy....
so this is a good half-way-ish system
{i hope.}

each family member has their own responsibilities.

& can i please say:
i'm totally jealous of livy.
*i wish "take naps" {plural} was on my
daily to do list.

we started today.
and *so far* i'm diggin' it.

ghandi [read: chloe] broke her fast
& actually consumed
every last bite of her cereal & cantelope
this morning....
just so she could drop it in her done pile. (:

so fun.


nothing but love

these girls,
i tell ya:

i've got nothin' but love for 'em.

little livy in the front.
she's just the most delightful 23-pound chunk of sweetness.
she's a four teether now, you know.
the little lady is just so happy.
SO happy, that when you hear even a peep out of her,
you know something's terribly wrong.
her big beautiful blue eyes speak to me.
they remind me of what's important.
they tell me of goodness & grace.
liv will forever be my miracle babe.
my baby that heavenly father sent me at just the right season.
and i'm her favorite.
i love that.
she dies laughing when i walk into a room.
she falls asleep in my arms.
my babe.
i've got nothin' but love.

and then there's chlo'.
the sweet girl who comes into my room in the morning & exclaims,
"wake up mommy! we going to china to see the baby pandas!"
she has the best imagination ev-er.
she's sweet, sassy, hilarious, and strong.
she's drama just like her mama.
in fact: i see so much of me in her.
she sings, she shows her "dance moobs"
she loves unconditionally.
she is my pride and joy.
my purpose.
my chloe.
i've got nothin' but love.


a happy debut....

the time has come.

i opened a little etsy shop
{of my very own.}

*and thanks to this talented girl,
i have a sweet banner.

i plan to sell
kits & other happy
hand made items
in my shop.

today i
all the extra kits
from the bootique.
[if you missed out]

{there's only a few}

*check 'em
out here
[*if you're interested.]

i'll keep you posted on updates.

{have a great weekend!}


the bootique was fun.

a warm thanks
to all who came/supported.

& thanks
to all the cute
girls involved.


if you will excuse me,
i am headed to

a. watch my dvr'd episode of the office
b. eat nielson's peach cobbler
c. brush my teeth
d. be in the 1st period of REM by midnight

stay tuned
{next week}
for a happy little
[studio angieinpink]


stars & stripes

i've been busy working
on a very patriotic
for an adorable client
that i have.

all the red white / blue
makes me happy.

the end.


sneak peek

it's here:

2301 E. University Dr. #240

Mesa, AZ 85213


here's a little sneak peek
@ some bows & kits
i'll have available there.
[studio angieinpink style]

come, k?
*i'm excited to see ya!


this just in

liv has baby asthma.