to do

we made new little velcro chore charts
to help us dunns add some structure to our crazy lives.

i *hate* being married to my schedule,
but i also *hate* being disorganized & messy....
so this is a good half-way-ish system
{i hope.}

each family member has their own responsibilities.

& can i please say:
i'm totally jealous of livy.
*i wish "take naps" {plural} was on my
daily to do list.

we started today.
and *so far* i'm diggin' it.

ghandi [read: chloe] broke her fast
& actually consumed
every last bite of her cereal & cantelope
this morning....
just so she could drop it in her done pile. (:

so fun.


runningfan said...

Oh. my. gosh. That's the cutest dang chore chart I've ever seen! (And hooray if it makes Chole EAT!)

Absolutely put that on etsy, girl!

Annie said...

Adorable AND brilliant. LOVE it!

AND I love, love, love my kits, Angie. I'm so excited to get started. :)


granny said...

And it is even cuter in person.
Do it. (on etsy.)

The Roberts Family said...

too cute! i think i need one!

mademoisellechitchat said...

You. Just. So. Crack. Me. Up.!!!!

Love ya!

Natalie said...

you are just too cute for life, lookit you!!

one day when i'm married my chore chart will consist of "be as cute as angie".

true story.

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I love everything about it. (Especially that it looks like polka dots!)

Staci said...

LOVE IT! I love being organized as well! I thought Parker was too young for a chore chart, but if it helps him eat his meals...I might have to dive in and make one! But, mine will never ever be that cute!

The Wizzle said...

Can I please be in line to buy some from you on Etsy? My kids would LOVE those, and they are cute enough to display for sure.

The*Evans*Family said...

Cute idea! Add those to your shop. They would be a total hit.

Marilyn said...

So SO darling Angie. You are an inspiration. I almost wish I had little kids again to have one!

OurHappyFamily said...

Darling idea! Will you be selling these on esty? I want some!!

Middlingmom said...

Yes, this is so adorable! Esty please!

Tanya Leigh said...

Way to go! I will definitely be putting a "make velcro chore charts" board on my to-do list... of course, it will be lacking the Angieinpink-cuteness factor ;) LOVE IT! *I am with ya on the half-way-ish system*

Our Family said...

Etsy, Etsy, Etsy! Oh and how about a baby book?? I think your little girl needs one - I would need a boy kit though - please please make this easy for me!

Coree Adams said...

What an amazing idea!!

Sassy said...

SERIOUSLY GIRL......You never cease to amaze!!!!!