nothing but love

these girls,
i tell ya:

i've got nothin' but love for 'em.

little livy in the front.
she's just the most delightful 23-pound chunk of sweetness.
she's a four teether now, you know.
the little lady is just so happy.
SO happy, that when you hear even a peep out of her,
you know something's terribly wrong.
her big beautiful blue eyes speak to me.
they remind me of what's important.
they tell me of goodness & grace.
liv will forever be my miracle babe.
my baby that heavenly father sent me at just the right season.
and i'm her favorite.
i love that.
she dies laughing when i walk into a room.
she falls asleep in my arms.
my babe.
i've got nothin' but love.

and then there's chlo'.
the sweet girl who comes into my room in the morning & exclaims,
"wake up mommy! we going to china to see the baby pandas!"
she has the best imagination ev-er.
she's sweet, sassy, hilarious, and strong.
she's drama just like her mama.
in fact: i see so much of me in her.
she sings, she shows her "dance moobs"
she loves unconditionally.
she is my pride and joy.
my purpose.
my chloe.
i've got nothin' but love.


Beth Curtis said...

this post makes my heart happy. Babies are the best. I love your gorgeous girls!

mademoisellechitchat said...

May I please borrow your children? ;)

23 lbs?!?!?! How do you manage to carry her?

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

you are a great mother. and your girls are so cute.


granny said...

Just like their mama. Love from Granny.

Kristen said...

Yeah, they're pretty adorable. And Olivia weighs more than Leo. :) Gotta love little chunks!

runningfan said...

What sweet girls you have!

The Roberts Family said...

everyone loves the girls! the 2 cutest girls ever!!! you did a good job Ang

Kate said...

Nothing but love from me, too. I love those girls, and YOU!

kacee said...

Adorable x2!

Coree Adams said...

I love all three of you girls!!!