just another day in paradise...

welp, i'm back, and boy have i missed the world of blogging the past 36 hours!
{such withdrawls are not good for an addict.}
i've been redic-busy with my scrapbook class, bazzill projects, and all the other crazy and equally dramatic adventures that life: as me entails.

so yesterday, i was feeling a tad bit...okay, okay, a lot bit overwelmed. while drivin' to my class @ sbetc i was doing the opposite of counting my blessings, and rather just thinking about all my unfinished/overdue assignments, my house that looks like hurricane katrina, and my eyelids that were having the hardest time remaining in the open position.

then, i heard one of my fave country songs of ALL time on the radio & it made me
{really} happy:

aka just another day in paradise by phil vasser

here's my favorite verse:

the kids screaming, phone ringing
dog barking at the mailman bringing
that stack of bills - overdue
good morning baby, how are you?
got a half hour, quick shower
take a drink of milk but the milk's gone sour
my funny face makes you laugh
twist the top on and i put it back
there goes the washing machine
baby, don't kick it.
i promise i'll fix it
long about a million other things

well, it's ok. it's so nice
it's just another day in paradise
well, there's no place that
i'd rather be
well, it's two hearts
and one dream
i wouldn't trade it for anything
and I ask the Lord every night
for just another day in paradise

nothin' like tender mercies o' the heavens above slash reminders that life rocks, i have so much to be grateful for, and that:

we may not have it all together, but together we
certainly have it all.


break from cardstock

hi guys. my name is chloe. i'm otherwise known on this blog as the girl, the bow, or the babe.

i am really {really} REALLY cute. And sometimes my mom wishes that she could ignore all other responsibilities in her life & just play with me every single second of the days.

she wanted me to tell y'all to stay tuned o' our biggity-blog 'cause in the near future {probably after simplicity} she will be posting:

a. a requested list of her top twenty favorite fonts of all time.
b. pics of our newly installed & {beyond} heavenly tile.
c. happy snaps of the sweetest tiniest waa waa you've ever beheld!
{aka ashlee, aka coree gave birth}
d. most likely really boring things that you probably won't give a hang about.

she promises to keep in touch as soon as her life decides to not be the definition of stress.

k? k.

love always,


one reason

the better part of this lovely monday consisted of me working hard on simplicity to the point of sweating. {oh wait, just kidding, i'm always sweating.}

grandma dunn watched the girl while i took care of my work bi'ness. {thanks debra!} on our way home, me & the blue-eyed-bombshell picked up the agi-nator from his highly anticipated hair appointment.

the following photo shoot accurately illustrates the one reason that i think it might be okay for me to own a pet.
the owning-a-dog-mental-venn-diagram o' my brain is still rather unevenly distributed {con side is winning}...but i hafta say that the following images definitely help the cause of me one day crossing over & becoming k9 tolerant.

chloe plus mr. miyagi definitely equaled therapy for the soul on this wonderful summer afternoon!



being trapped in the upper regions of my home has presented me with two opportunities...

1. to go freakin' crazy! our upstairs is the opposite of baby proof.

2. catch up on some work & scrapbooking projects...

{sorry about another scrapbooking post...it's kinda my life.}

i finally finished all my stuff last night around midnight!

our ward is doing a monthly scrapbook night & i am heading it up with a super sweet girl, whos name is also angie. here's the poster that i made:
{it's the same as ryan's grad book...didn't feel like re-inventing the wheel.}

every month we are having a featured project. this month is a "highlights of 2006" layout...

and here are this month's simplicity pages. class is this week!!

oh, and this is a picture of the funniest thing that has happened today thus far. I whined to myron to go & get me a tall glass of water. he came back with this, being a very large vase. boys rule.

i'm outy.


que pasa?

phase uno begins!
and let me tell ya...excitement levels are running high around our casa!
we are so excited for our flooring makeover!
tile, here we come.

{i just hafta say though, knowing me some spanish-like besides the words uno & casa-may have come in handy as i will have 6 large, and very kind foreign men chillin' in my home with me & the girl for a week, but i digress...}

this is before...as we are moving all our stuff into the g-rage:

and this is after 4 hours of rippin', movin', & tearin'...
{yeah dawg!!}


photo scavenger hunt

cori tagged slash challenged me to a picture scavenger hunt! i had to find a photo for each of these categories...

"something blue"


"something round"

{my to-die-for-cute nephew, ty.}

"something funny"

{myron as kipland ronald dynamite/halloween 2005}

"something sad"

{i miss you gilmore girls...may you rest in peace.}


{my world.}


the definition of random

here are a few observations/discoveries/exciting things o' my week thus far:

#1 i love ribbon. it makes my angie-heart so amazingly happy. i store my ribbon stash in random jars {sans lids} because i use it like crazy on nearly every layout. hence the reason why on my workshop evaluation cards in last month's simplicity 9 people kindly suggested, "please use something other than ribbon, bows with ribbon, or tying ribbon on ribbon." {lol} what can i say? it's colorful goodness is just irresistible to me!

#2. there are very few things in this world that i love MORE than chloe's bedhead in the morning. the picture says it all...fauxhawk/curly mullet!

#3 so, this granola is {beyond} divine! i am truly passionate about it's delectable, mouth-watering delicious-ness. and a double box is only sixish bucks @ costco. hit it up...you won't be sorry.

#4 this picture = not so appetizing. it is proof that PPS {pet protective services} should be called on the dunn family, stat. seriously, it should be illegal how long it's been since mr. miyagi has been{professionally} groomed. i plan to give a shout out to my friends @ puppy love pet grooming post-posting this novel o' my thoughts. i actually kinda fancy our dog RIGHT after he's been groomed...next day...not so much.

#5 people honk more in higley. it's like the farther east, the crankier the driver! i mean, i know i'm slightly "cautious" behind the wheel...but c'mon, can't we all just get along? {ps: do you like this picture? google road rage...there's some goodies!}
#6 i was reminded yesterday evening upon viewing this flick, that it's gotta be the most charming movie ever. i'll probably watch it again tonight...'cause i do that. i especially appreciate the scene in kathleen's apartment, when joe brings her daisies. aw, does my heart good.

#7 this heavy piece of machinery is typically my nemesis. but me & the tread had a brief reunion early this morning. {it's been a while} and boy did it feel good.

#8 i am gonna be home between 8-12 tomorrow! wanna know why? our tile guy is coming!! that's right...we have a tile guy! yes folks, the time has come. 1300 square feet of this beloved ceramic goodness is expected to arrive sometime next week! {woot, no...woot squared.}

#9 k, so i know that these large holes in my wall & ceiling are scheduled to be patched & what not. honestly, my brain knows this...but my overpowering & somewhat uncontrollable o.c.d. tendencies just cannot handle the eye sore! i might resort to pulling a tim the toolman taylor & doing it myself.

#10 precisely 10 pairs of slacks, one dress, two blouses {hate that word}, and a suit have been chillin' in my trunk for 17.2 days now. do you think it's time to make a trip to the cleaners instead of blogging my life away?

#11 i'm finding that when you only have
ONE show to be obsessed with, instead of approximately 2/night...you can get a lot more accomplished in life. that being said, I miss you jack bauer, tommy donnelley, olivia benson, simon cowell, micheal scott, jim halpert, earl, dr. cox, and other fictional characters that i know & love. can't wait for re-run season to be behind us!

#12...hafta end on an
even number...blogging is fun, and sometimes {okay, usually} i get carried away!!

thanks for being my e-friends!


sat & sun

it pretty much weirds me out that it's like tuesday already! for reals, this weekend went by so fast!

here's what us crazy dunns have been up to the past couple of days...

i have been a scrapbooking fool, trying with all my might to finish some bazzill assignments. and i must say, i heart my job. i love to create things. i have a great boss who has been very good to me for the past {almost} seven years. and i get to hang out with the girl all day in the process.
me=lucky duck in that department.

early saturday afternoon, we had the pleasure of hanging out with this couple, aka anja & will jarman. plus...their adorable little opal mae, who is just a few days younger than our chloe mae. {i forgot to take a picture, so this lovely wedding shot of them will hafta suffice} anyhoo, william so graciously helped us re-wire a few things, so we could install a much needed:

ceiling fan! yay for ceiling fans when you live in the hottest state invented! our house came with zilch ceiling fans, so we've been randomly installing them. this is the last one! three cheers for handymen!

chloe's been sportin' no bangs for a while, but it isn't really workin' out. they are a little too short still...so we'll just hafta deal with an awkwardly long swoop bang for a few more weeks! {'cause i know you were just dying to know that!}

i made this poster to announce an upcoming enrichment. but i of course forgot about this assignment until 9:00 saturday evening. as much as i hate to admit it...procrastination is my middle name. seriously. angela michelle procrastination dixon dunn.

sunday was a fun day. we got to celebrate this adorable man & his life as the father o' our home. i even made him breakfast for the first time in our married life. aka...waffles, butter, syrup & pepsi. {baby steps people, baby steps}

we love our dad, and really like to buy him presents.

we purchased him this shirt because for some strange reason:

myron thinks that mustaches are really REALLY funny. he likes to grow them & make people think he's serious. {let's just say i'm really happy that his job requires him to shave on the weekdays...} honey, you're adorable.

we also celebrated this day with:

myron's dad/my rockin' father-in-law/grandpa dunn!
{love ya ron!}


my amazing pop, otherwise known as mark g. or gramps.
{you're the bomb dad}

i made some carrot cupcakes for my daddy 'cause he likes 'em lots. {with raisins...barf} i decided while i made these that i really like to cook/bake. and maybe i should start making dinner or something. perhaps in the near future i'll post about that.