break from cardstock

hi guys. my name is chloe. i'm otherwise known on this blog as the girl, the bow, or the babe.

i am really {really} REALLY cute. And sometimes my mom wishes that she could ignore all other responsibilities in her life & just play with me every single second of the days.

she wanted me to tell y'all to stay tuned o' our biggity-blog 'cause in the near future {probably after simplicity} she will be posting:

a. a requested list of her top twenty favorite fonts of all time.
b. pics of our newly installed & {beyond} heavenly tile.
c. happy snaps of the sweetest tiniest waa waa you've ever beheld!
{aka ashlee, aka coree gave birth}
d. most likely really boring things that you probably won't give a hang about.

she promises to keep in touch as soon as her life decides to not be the definition of stress.

k? k.

love always,


MeL said...

I want dimples...that aren't in unfortunate places. Your kiddo is cute, as usual!

Megan said...

I love your blog AND I can't wait for your most favorite fonts. YAY!! The girl is just as cute as can be! How is Coree and Ashlee? Have you seen her yet?

Unknown said...

i'm excited!!! and i'll see you on thursday when i work the back register for simplicity! woo hoo! :)

cori said...

ok ok i feel a little left out of your scrapbooking agendas. but can someone please tell me what simplicity is and can i come too?

cutie, bowie, so perfect.

The Fletchies said...

I was going to comment on this earlier but never did. it gives me great pleasure that you refer to her as the girl. Devin's dad still calls him the boy to this day and Daniel was referred to as the boy at our house. I love it.

Holl Doll said...

Hey Bowie! umm... you're cute. I was so happy when i found out i was going to see you today! It was great!

The Wizzle said...

Dang, Bow, you are the CUTEST baby I've ever seen! Well, maybe not ever, since I do have 2 of my own babies...I think you might be the cutest baby that isn't mine that I've ever seen though. Take care of your mom, ok?

Kylie said...

She is definately a cutie and I will give Powell full permission to take her out in the future. (Isn't it wierd to think all our kids can date each other)!? Can't wait for the fonts and tile posts! Good luck with simplicity...AMEN on wishing we didn't have to be responsible adults and wishing we could just play with our kids EVERY second! Wishing and hoping and dreaming...

Becky said...

completely, certainly, absolutely SQUEEZABLE! :)