artwork via the amazing rhonna farrer

my OLW {one little word} for 2012 is focus.

[focus] on the things that matter most.

i can be {very} easily distracted,
and i want this to be the year of [consciously choosing]
to make
my home life & my physical health
top priority, no matter what it takes.

i've got some important things i'd like to see happen this year.
things i know are out there-meant for me to accomplish.

i've gotta do my part &
i know the lord will bless me with the strength & ability
& miracles necessary to get where i want to be.

it's going to take work,
and dedication,
and follow through.

focus, angie, focus.

random highlights :: 2011

january :: mike paints my kitchen cabinets & changes my life forever.

february :: we craft lots & celebrate love.

march :: the baby turns 2. [waa]

april :: myron welcomes some feathered friends into the fam.

may :: big-girl chloe graduates from preschool.

june :: i pretend i know how to be ward camp director.

july :: livy decides she's too cool for the crib.

august :: big-girl chloe gets even bigger.

september :: i win & enroll in an online class that enriches my life in the happiest way.

october :: we experience a memorable & happy trip to disneyland!

november :: blessings are bestowed.

december :: we chill & enjoy time at home.
{probably my favorite photo of the whole year. haha}

*2011 was good to us.

i owe it all to the man upstairs
& acknowledge his hand in all of my
randomly-random blessings & happy times.

i gained lots of peace and perspective this year
& my goal is to continue uphill on that path in 2012. ♥


benson love

these photos from our recent benson trip make me happy.
can you tell myron's heart belongs in the country?



christmas was all kinds of absolutely wonderful.

my kids make 99 cent coloring books from the dollar store seem completely magical.

watching their eyes light up on christmas morning
is on my top ten favorite things ever in this whole wide world. :)

i tried to make this season simple & happy,
and i'm delighted to report, it was one of my most relaxing & stree-free christmases ever.

we didn't have any cookies, so we left santa peanut butter cups instead,
with a thoughtful chloe-note, explaing the situation.
{santa didn't seem to mind.}

he left a special note for the girls too!

it was a perfect day,
and i feel so blessed to have a knowledge my Savior,
& to have my little family to celebrate Him with.

thank you to all our friends and family for making this season special. ♥


merry christmas 2011

dear loved ones,

our traditional christmas card this year
comes to you e-style, on the blog.

we want you {all} to know how much we love you
and sincerely appreciate your friendship.

wishing you every happiness that this season can bring...

may the spirit of christ fill your hearts & homes this christmas.

with love,
myron, angie, chloe & olivia


the white stocking

a few years ago, my mom gave me a special white stocking
with the following christmas message inside.

i copied her & sewed some up for my church girlies,
because i love it's reminder that christ is the reason for the season. ♥

for i was hungred, and ye gave me meat;
i was thirsty and ye gave me drink:
i was a stranger & ye took me in:
naked & ye clothed me:
i was sick and ye visited me:
i was in prison & ye came to me.

then shall the righteous answer him,
saying, lord, when saw we thee
an hungred, and fed thee?
or thirsty & gave thee drink?

or when saw we thee sick,
or in prison, and came unto thee?

and the king shall answer and say unto them,
verily i say unto you,
inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me.

{matthew 25:35-40}

just think...what gifts can i give the savior this year?

i was alone, and you sat by me.
i was discouraged, and you cheered me up.
i was feeling lost, and you showed me the way.
i was sad, and you cried with me.
i was overwhelmed, and you helped me.
i was grieving and you stayed with me.
i didn't understand, and you tutored me.
i was different and you didn't judge me.

have the merriest christmas & remember:
the true joy of christmas is the blessing we receive when we serve his children.


string of lights

for the first time in the history of myron/angie dunn,
there are christmas lights up on our house.

took us 3 days and

i didn't have enough in my stash to do above the garage,
but i'm okay with it.

between our festive single string of lights,
and the brrrrrr {for arizona} weather,

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas.