string of lights

for the first time in the history of myron/angie dunn,
there are christmas lights up on our house.

took us 3 days and

i didn't have enough in my stash to do above the garage,
but i'm okay with it.

between our festive single string of lights,
and the brrrrrr {for arizona} weather,

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas.


onehm said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I *heart* those lights big time!! <3

The Wizzle said...

They look perfect! It doesn't have to be much to be festive - if everyone did just one string of lights, how awesome would that be??

granny said...

I love them. Sooo perfect.

Lori said...

What matters the most is not how it looks and feels on the outside, but in the inside! Inside your little ones can feel the real meaning of Christmas because of their wonderful mom & dad!!