weekend update

worked on simplicity {my scrapbook class i teach}
did laundry
worked on simplicity
did laundry
worked on simplicity
fake cleaned the house
had friends over for the ufc fight
{friends= fun, ufc=not so much}

went to church
had sharing time
did a celebratory dance when sharing time was over
suns win!
miami loses!
myron's in a great mood!
enjoyed our family

chloe got her first year shots (single tear)
picked up my finished simplicity kits from tammy (happy tears)
went shopping with granny all day {so fun, btw}
fake cleaned again
had friends over for pizza & jack (24) night
watched black donneley's online

{all in all} we had a great-too busy to blog-weekend!


ribbon fever

the babe is cutting her 9th tooth, {yep, i said nine = she is somewhat of a shark-child} and consequently running a mild fever. she is sad & subdued. poor thing's just chillin' in her diaper to keep herself cool. in an effort to make her smile, i busted on some of our favorite itunes {jack j., snow patrol, johnny cash, & our new obsession: robin thicke} & handed her an enormous pile of colorful ribbon. it has been record breaking on the attention span charts! nothin' like the simple pleasures in life!



today i am missing this kid. aka my little bro eric. or elder dixon i should say. thursday's are the day i get to give him a little shout out via email. as i was writing him about the details of my life {like how big chloe's getting, how sanjaya FINALLY got booted off american idol last night, about my new house/ward, etc.} i was thinking i would really like him to be here, just for the evening...so we could go to q. tizzle, buy candy {gummy worms, skittles, nerds, or something of that nature}, and watch antique roadshow or junkyard wars to our hearts content. that would be fun. nevertheless, we both know he's up to much more important & amazing things. ie: spreading the word to the cute little mongols in the far east, riding camels, eating unforgettable food, meeting awesome people,and sharing testimony. cheers to my mini-me brother of whom i am supa proud.


morning ritual

almost every morning, post myron gettin' off to work & pre shower, chlo-bow & i take a little stroll around the neighborhood. sometimes we walk to the post office or the store, but usually we just {wander aimlessly}. arizona weather is blessedly perf right now. i really need to put the primary song "my heavenly father loves me" on my ipod because that tune runs through my head every time i meander in the divine 80-degree am hours with my special babe. our semi-new tradition of walking is definitely for keeps. of course, until late may when temperatures rise above my comfort level.


ode to the nectar of the gods

dearest pepsi,
oh, how i miss you.
it has been nearly {three weeks} since i last
enjoyed your lovely bubbliness.
you'd be surprised to know that me and {water}
are becoming better friends.
i hate to say it, but you are slowly being replaced by
drinks that are kinder to my body.
i'll see you in heaven, where i am certain you will be.
{happy tuesday}
best regards & warm wishes,


snip snip

today i feel more like myself. i had audrey chop off all my hair. it is short. and it is more me. it makes me feel confident in my angie-ness. about once a year i forget how great this feels, and try to grow my hair out...only to inevitably be reminded that i'm just a short hair kinda gal. perhaps in another life i'll have long hair flowing down my back. but until then, here's to bed head hair products & a two and a half minute blow-dry!!



in between myron's insurance appointments today, we took a brief, yet rather enjoyable, dip in the pool. tender family activities such as this, make me a very happy mama. and let me tell you, our little girl is quite the aqua-maniac! she's {obsessed} with splashing/kicking/getting {super wet}. time to sign up for swimming lessons!



the girl & i gave each other pedi's this morning. {well, actually that's a lie.} i did all the work while she sat in her high chair & ate goldfishies. {lol} chloe just needed a touch up because myron & i gave her a special {birthday pedicure} a few days ago, but i needed the whole works. bring on summer, yo.


gettin' my blog on

what up folks & welcome to my brand new blog o' random angie-ish pics & fun. here i plan to share my {daily adventures}, happy snaps, memorable moments, other angie-thoughts, and exciting {or not so exciting} details of my existence! visit often to see what me, myron, and our favorite baby girl chloe are up to @ any given moment.