weekend update

worked on simplicity {my scrapbook class i teach}
did laundry
worked on simplicity
did laundry
worked on simplicity
fake cleaned the house
had friends over for the ufc fight
{friends= fun, ufc=not so much}

went to church
had sharing time
did a celebratory dance when sharing time was over
suns win!
miami loses!
myron's in a great mood!
enjoyed our family

chloe got her first year shots (single tear)
picked up my finished simplicity kits from tammy (happy tears)
went shopping with granny all day {so fun, btw}
fake cleaned again
had friends over for pizza & jack (24) night
watched black donneley's online

{all in all} we had a great-too busy to blog-weekend!


Unknown said...

I...hate UFC
...love 24
...love granny's
...have sharing time next month
...and I'm scared to do it!

Unknown said...

great minds think alike. i know, i don't really enjoy giving sharing time too much...it makes me mega-nervous. too bad you teach the midgets/sunbeams, or i'd totally let you rip off my rockin' prophet matching game!! (:

angiedunn said...

hahahahaha!!! becky...i accidentally was signed on as myron there for a second!! lol no, my husband isn't trying to chat it up with you via my blog!! lol

Unknown said...

ha ha! I was like... Wow Myron gave a good, long response to that, & it had to do with the conversation Agnie & I had yesterday! I was a little confused for a second! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you yesterday! It's been so long since we have been able to chat...loved it!

angiedunn said...

Right back at you dawg!! I don't fully realize how much I freakin' miss you, until I see you in real life. I just love ya girl!! We so need to go out to dinner with Jenn & Becky...so we can talk...and not have to use code names!! LOL

Jenn said...

Girls- Friday nights are good for me, so pick one that will work for all of you. I am usually home by 6. Do you want to do BJ's like we did last time or some place else?

angiedunn said...

i'm down with any friday night. I'm home all frappin' day...so after six is of course, fine and dandy. BJ's? What's that? Apparently I wasn't invited last time! LOL jk.

Sparks Fam said...

Sorry to be a stalker but I have been hearing about this cute baby girl with the most adorable dimples from my sisters and they were right! What a doll baby.

angiedunn said...

thanks holly...and no worries...i stalk your blog, so this is a non-embarrassment zone. lol. um, gabby & carter are freakin' adorable too...and from what i read about on becky's blog...quite humorous & knowledgeable about the best shows on television! have a great day!!