home again, home again

the bow & i just arrived back from a {lovely} weekend excursion to ut, usa. we flew up for my cousin stephen/his cute new wife heather's wedding o' salt lake city temple. it was a fun time {had by all}, no doubt. it was {beyond} great to see my redd cousins, who us dixons consider our brothas from anotha motha, if you will. we spent saturday chillin' with them & the dixons, and sunday hangin' out w/ the dents {my mom's side}. and let me tell you, it was such a treat {with a big fat cherry on top} to see BOTH sets of grandparents, and TONS of cousins who i rarely get the pleasure of visiting with.
the highlights of the trip included:

-flying with chloe for the first time {slept both ways...what a gem}
-busting up about every other minute {my fam is hilarious!}
-visiting the innards of the slc temp for the first time {amazing!}
-witnessing the awesome sealing [point of the trip]
-laughing at my uncle shortie's jokes (can't get enough of that guy)
-chilling in the garden of eden with my family!
-realizing, yet again, that i have the best family ever (so blessed!)
-sleeping in the comfy marriot king sized bed with the air down to 68 (bliss)
-having brunch @ little america (sorry steve, we didn't know that's where you were staying!)
-showing off my darling child
-reading the page turner of the century
-going to "up-chuckarama" with the dent side & chatting with kate/em (love those girls!)
-sunday/birthday dinner @ the bunkers (happy 50th jo!)
-not stressing out about frappin' scrapbooking (best part)
-enjoying the comedy of my little sibs & parents (every step of the way)

that being said: it is great to be home.
i missed the redhead.


Jenn said...

Can Chloe be any cuter??? And isn't sleeping on a huge comfy bed with the air turned down so low and not worrying about the electric bill- that is sheer bliss!

Unknown said...

So, I should be asleep, but of course, I'm blogging instead! ha ha! But, it sounds like you had a really fun trip! Tell Ryan I say hello... I love him!

Unknown said...

oh yeah... the new pictures (fam & chloe) are SOOO cute!

Unknown said...

oh yeah... i'm digging chloe's shades! they're way cute! :)

The Kewpie Klan said...

Okay, so carson has some competition because Rome has his eyes on "the babe"...seriously, so cute...

The Kewpie Klan said...

did you read the vampire book...oh angie...you have crossed over to the dark side... :) okay, maybe i'll read it, but don;t tell lynsey:)

The*Evans*Family said...

I am eagerly awaiting the blog about the "page turner of the century"!! It better be what I think it is. :) Glad you had a fun trip!

angiedunn said...

kewpie's mom...yes, i read it...hence my long post about it's divinity. you should read it...i promise i won't tell lynsey!!

angiedunn said...

lyns...is that the kinda post you had in mind? i loved the book, thanks for the recommendation, girl. can't wait for new moon!! (: