book report

k, so last week my cute friend lynsey gave me strict instructions to "run-not walk" to my local bookstore & purchase the beloved new york times bestseller, twilight.

she then proceeds to tell me that it's a love story about vampires. {okay...}

i have recently made the resolution to begin reading more because, well,
i fear i'm losing my mind.
{ie: cell phone found in refrigerator two weeks ago}

so, i went to deseret book in slc & spent $8.50 on it's paperback goodness.

i can't say that my house is clean.
i can't say that my laundry is done.
i can't say that i showered before four today.
heck, i can't even say that i've unpacked from utah yet.

but, i {safely} CAN say that i thoroughly enjoyed all 498 pages of this book.
{& that i am blissfully in love with a vampire called edward.}

but you can't take my word for it!!
{jk, i just wanted to say that = old-school reading rainbow style}


Unknown said...

i love that book too! i can't wait to read new moon(the sequel) and a third book is coming out soon too! i lent my book to lesli to read while she was in utah & she loved it too! who doesn't love edward?!!!

Unknown said...

i don't like that i used the word lent.. is that even a word besides when cathloic(right religion?) people give something up for 40 days before easter. pretend that i used loaned! i'm a spaz...

angiedunn said...

geez, i don't know! he's so hot!! lol i too, can't wait to read new moon. i promised myron that i'd start showering, do the laundry, and cook dinner before i read that one though! lol, jk.

angiedunn said...

you crack me up!!! i gave gossiping up for lent once. even though i'm not catholic & that might be kinda sac-relig to do something that's not my religion. it didn't last long, 'cause i'm basically the devil.

chris+amber said...

Hi, Angie! It's Amber from Scrapbooks, Etc. Am I allowed to say that even though I haven't worked there for almost 5 years? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know two things... number one...Chloe is so incredibly stinkin' cute. She's such a doll! Number two...your blog cracks me up! Totally Ang. Great to see you're doing good!!

angiedunn said...

Hey Amber!!
SBetc. for life!! It doesn't matter that you don't work there anymore...once a sb-girl, always a sb-girl!! {lol} thanks for thinking my girl is cute {'cause she so is} & thanks for visiting my blog!! that means a lot, considering your blog is one of my favorites to stalk!! Have a happy day!! (:

Unknown said...

i really like that you gave up gossiping for lent! if it is sac-relig, just say you set it as a YW personal progress goal! ...no, i'm the devil! ha ha! jk

Jenn said...

Ok first- I don't know this Edward but I heart another one! ha- As for reading I might find time for leisure reading again someday. If anyone is up for reading some chapters for me for school and giving me a summary, I am up for that!
I have to say the best part about SBEtc is the friendships/family we gained! We're so blessed!

The*Evans*Family said...

Yeah! I am so happy you loved it. I'm not crazy. Did you run (not walk) to go get the second one?? I think I'll make a paper chain for the new book in August. Do you think that is too over the top? How can you not be in love with Edward?!

angiedunn said...

LOL...of course i loved it...i knew i would...it's a love story about vampires for cryin' out loud. i like your paper chain idea!! any excuse to make a paper chain!! i am going to get the second one, after i take care of some adult responsiblities, such as: taking care of my laundry pile that is the size of lake tahoe, grooming myself & my child, and finishing up my scrappin' sampler (it's saturday!!) can't wait though. gotta love that bella & edward. {lol}

Suzy Cummard said...

I have totally heard of this book. I was at a shower & some girls were saying that they could not put the book down & that even though they were not the type to read, they would find themselves brushing their teeth & reading, (or cooking, or feeding their kids, etc!!!) It cracked me up, cause one said that their husband was jealous of "Edward" because she would dream about him!! Sounds like a good book. If I ever read, I'll try it out. For now, I am trying to be better at scripture reading.

BTW- You & Becky's comments were cracking me up. My husband finally asked "What is so funny?"!!!