can't wait to do it again next year!

the first annual dixon family reunion was this week, in greer, arizona. 
everyone got to come!
here's the whole group with our marshmallow guns [crafted by garry].

we had a fabulous time laughing, playing games and making memories together all week long. 
i ♥ my family.

i also really ♥ the beautiful mountains of arizona. 
this trip only increased my yearning for a simpler life, in a smaller town, away from the heat [& the cactus.] :)
i didn't want to come home! 
{though i love home too...}

i'm so glad we went. 

what a happy week. ♥ 


right now

i don't even know what to blog anymore.

i'm feeling a little bit more reserved and private lately. 

it's a good thing, i think. 
i'm slipping into a mode, where i feel more comfortable in my own skin 
& happy out doing more things. 

life is sweet and hard and crazy and challenging and wonderful. 



chloe randomly decided she'd really like to get her ears pierced. 

she's been shy of the idea for quite sometime, 
is what changed her mind. :) 

she chose pink studs & was as brave as could be. 



the bugman called my dog an ewok today.

it made me laugh. 


name them one by one

back to blogging, with pictures instead of words. 
my heart is to a level of fullness i can't quite articulate today.
grateful for my many blessings & god's unwavering love. ♥ 


girls camp ♥

girls camp 2012 has come & gone. 
it was completely wonderful.
and *such* a blast.

spending the week with our ward's charming young women 
& awesome leaders was so fun &  very rewarding. 

i'll have to share pictures later
{when i find the cord to my other camera}...
in the meantime i'll be kicking off 
[the best summer ever]
with two little girls & a husband
that i missed much.