can't wait to do it again next year!

the first annual dixon family reunion was this week, in greer, arizona. 
everyone got to come!
here's the whole group with our marshmallow guns [crafted by garry].

we had a fabulous time laughing, playing games and making memories together all week long. 
i ♥ my family.

i also really ♥ the beautiful mountains of arizona. 
this trip only increased my yearning for a simpler life, in a smaller town, away from the heat [& the cactus.] :)
i didn't want to come home! 
{though i love home too...}

i'm so glad we went. 

what a happy week. ♥ 


Leslie said...

We usually vacation in a greener and/or wetter place (duh, who would vacation in another desert?!) When the vacation ends and we drive closer to our (brown, dry) home, I always have the feeling of "I am SO glad we're home." I just about *never* have the feeling that "I am SO glad we live here."

I wish we lived where we could put seeds in the ground and they'd just grow, where it cools off at night all year round, and where the homes have some character.

That said, I am SO grateful to live so close to so much family and for my neighbors. It's worth everything (even living with cactus). :D

granny said...

So glad you loved it. I am pretty sure I would hate Greer in the winter. Loved it in the summer though. I'm happy to be home. Wherever that is. Haha.

Jenny Johnson said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like a blast. And little miss Livy is growing up so fast! Holy moly